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I have MORE random webspace! ridiculous. I apologize for the stupid search thing and all the popups this site has. Use the google toolbar. Anyway, I'm going to do something useful with this sometime. Right now, I think the website I put up in 7th grade is still up. It's crap, but I liked it back then. There's the small amount of junk I've written on Vandy space. It's at least more up to date. Since I can't edit my VU Space from here, I've uploaded what I have to Angelfire: this is what my VU webpage will look like eventually (minus the stupid popups and sidebar). The table below indexes my old webspace.

Lyrics Index:

Some of the links are probably dead, but I'm pretty sure I actually went through and wrote out all of the lyrics to Pink Floyd's THE WALL. Some of them are probably wrong, but I'm sure that link's up at least. And I did a good job with the frames on that page. I'm proud. The Zeppelin lyrics are also good, though I just copied those from someone else. ...for educational/academic purposes only. yay i'm legal.

Led Zeppelin

Dude, check these pictures out. I must have been bored as hell that summer. Oh yeah, the wavy one links to my old Led Zeppelin site. If the shiny moving objects distract you too much, just press "stop" at the top of your browser (or ESC for internet explorer) and they will stop. Or should stop.

ooh shiny I could stare at this for hours.....image editors are fun
if I'd ever actually done anything with the Zeppelin page, I would've used this to advertise it.  It's not bad for homemade.

Bass page

This is kind of fun. I haven't looked at this in ages. The mp3 link doesn't work because Geocities killed my account when it realized I hadn't edited for 3 years or something. too bad, they were good mp3s. Anyway, this bass page has little pages about Christian McBride, Les Claypool, Flea, and maybe Victor Wooten and Geddy Lee. The point is, I once again put it in frames and it looks kinda fancy.

Favorite Bands

This is a "music review" or something. If you happen to read it, just remember... I wrote it a loooong time ago. In fact that applies to everything here.

JavaScript Help

Javascript help links and a cut/paste page. Though much of it is probably obsolete, at least the "change background color" trick still works.

My old bass résumé

The most obvious evidence of how ancient this page is. Apparently written later than everything else on the website, this high-school "self-advertisement" is a relic of the past.

NEW résumé

I will build this page soon. I haven't decided whether to write it on this page or to be serious about it and write it on my Vandy webspace. All in good time.


a set of pictures from back in the day. Pretty good scan. worth a look