Charlene Chandonia's Resume
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Charlene Chandonia

Charlene's Oracle Resume

HQ Location
500 Oracle Parkway
MS 3op5
Redwood Shores, CA 94065
(650) 506-1956


Present Position:

Senior Product Analyst
Oracle Order Entry
(650) 506-1956


Recent Professional Accomplishments:

Since January of 1998, she has been working with the OE Product Management team in preparing for the release of the R11 version of Order Entry and with design activities for Release 12. She supported the second Beta test of R11 OE, prepared and delivered collateral for the R11 Functional Transfer of Information videotape, and has reviewed education courseware updates for R11 as well as AIM setup documents for R11 OE. She was a presenter at the San Diego OAUG meeting at the OE Q&A session. She has been working with two OAUG customer Focus Groups gathering requirements for Drop Ship and Back-to-Back Orders and for Over/Under Shipments, and is working with the OE developers to provide requirements and review R12 High Level Designs for the next release of OE. She has authored a marketing collateral presentation entitled 'Flexible Order Management and Fulfillment'.

Prior to joining development, Charlene worked with various customers, helping them to implement Oracle's Order Entry product. She worked with a large team on a multi-national ERP project, in the Solution Design phase of their Order Entry project. She has worked with Sales on a pre-Sales assignment for another large prospect. She worked on the Operations Analysis phase of an Order Entry implementation for the US Chamber of Commerce. She then spent 10 months with a manufacturing customer in central Florida, where she headed up a team implementing Order Entry, Inventory, Purchasing and Sales and Marketing.

Career Highlights:

Application Tools

Oracle Order Entry, Shipping, Configurator, BOM, WIP, Inventory, Release 11.
Oracle EDI Gateway and Oracle Workflow, Release 10SC.
Oracle Sales and Marketing and Purchasing, Release 10SC.
Oracle Systems Administration and Flexbuilder, Release 10SC.
American Software Order Processing, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Release 20
Distribution Science Inc. Pre-Shipment Planning, Base Rate, Match Pay.
Sterling Software Gentran.
Vertex and AVP tax packages
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), WordPerfect, Lotus 123, Lotus Notes, Shapeware Visio, AmiPro, Freelance Graphics.

Hardware and Development Systems

Oracle RDBMS, SQL, IBM Series/1, IBM Mainframes (MVS/ESA/TSO-