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Double-Time Cadences

These are just some of the cadences that the Henry County High School N.J.R.O.T.C. Warhawk Battalion does during P.T.. Cadences are designed to not only keep a group of cadets in step, but are also used to motivate and inspire cadets, giving them a sense of teamwork and pride in their unit, their job, and in themselves. This web page is for those of you who are nervous about being on the spot when the leader of the run calls you, of all people, out to lead the platoon in the run.


C-130 rolling down the strip
Navy Seals on a one way trip
Mission top secret, destination unknown
We don't even know if we're ever going home
Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door
Jump right out and count to four
It my main don't open wide
I've gotta reserve by my side
If that one should fail me too
Look out ground cause I'm a comin' through
If I die on that old drop zone
Box me up and ship me home
Pin my metals upon my chest
Bury me in the leaning rest


Up in the morning, before day
I don't like it, no way
Eat my breakfast too darn soon
Hungry as a bear by noon
Went to the mess sergeant on my knees
Said "mess SGT., mess SGT. feed me please"
Mess SGT. said with a big wide grin
Said, "If you wanna be Marine Corps, you gotta be thin"
Gotta be
Lean and mean

Everywhere We Go

Everywhere we go-o
People wanna know-o
Who we are
So we tell them
We're not the Army
The backpackin' Army
We're not the Air Force
The low flyin' Air Force
We're not the Mo-rines
They don't even look mean
We're not the Coast Guard
They don't even work hard
We are the Navy
The world's greastest Navy
The mighty-mighty Navy

I heard that in the Navy

(special thanx to C/PO2 Johnson from T.L. Hanna High School
& C/CPO Samantha Wright from Charlotte High School NJROTC)

I heard that in the Navy
the food was mighty fine
a chicken jumped off the table
and started marking time.

I heard that in the Navy
the coffee was mighty fine
it looks like muddy water,
it tastes like turpantine.

I heard that in the Navy
the women were mighty fine,
they look like Godzilla,
they kiss like Frankenstein.

I heard that in the Navy
the toilets are mighty fine,
you flush them down at seven
they come back up at nine.

I heard that in the Navy
the pay is mighty fine,
they give 100 dollars
and take back 99.

Little Bird

(special thanx to C/CPO Samantha Wright from Charlotte High School NJROTC)

A little bird
with a little beak
landed on
my toilet seat.
I pushed him in
and flushed him down
and then I watched
him swirl around.

Mama & Papa

Mama & Papa were lyin' in bed
Mama rolled over and this is what she said
Uh-Give me some
Good for you
Good for me
Umm good
Tastes good
Smells good
Is good


(special thanx to C/PO2 Johnson from T.L. Hanna High School NJROTC
& C/CPO Samantha Wright from Charlotte High School NJROTC)

Superman was the man of steel,
but he aint no match for a Navy Seal.
Chief and Supe got in a fight;
Chief hit Supe with cryptoninte.
Supe fell to his knees in pain.
Now Chief's dating Louis Lane

Well Chief and Batman had one too,
Chief hit him in the head with his shoe.
Hit him in the temple with his left heel,
Now Chief's driving the Batmobile.

When I Get to Heaven

When I get to heaven
St. Peter's gonna say
"How'd you earn your living"
"How'd you earn your pay"
I will reply with a bit of anger
I earned my living as an Airborne Ranger
Lived a life of guts and danger
Nothin' too tough for an Airborne Ranger

Yellow Bird

A Yellow Bird
With a Yellow Bill
Was sitting on
My window seal
I lured him in
with a piece of bread
Then I smashed
his little head
The moral of
The Story is
If you want some Bread

Back in 1775
My Marine Corps came alive
First there came the color gold
To show the world that we are bold
Then there came the color red
To show the world the blood we shed
Then there came the color green
To show the world that we are mean
Then there came the color blue
To show the world that we are true
Oh yeah
Marine Corps
Your Corps
My Corps

Birdy, birdy, in the sky
Dropped a whitewash in my eyes
I'm no wimp, I won't cry
I'm just glad that cows don't fly

Mad Dog
Mad Dog
Mad Dog
Oh Yeah
Mad Dog
Thats a me
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah
My Grand mama was 92
She used to PT like me and you.
My grand mama was 96,
She did PT just for kicks.
My grand mama was 107,
Well the poor girl died and went to heaven.
My grand mama was 98,
She went side straddle hoppin through the pearly gates.
My grand mama was 109,
She had St. Peter doubling time.

Oh theres a place where Marines are made,
Yellin and a runnin day to day.
Mean DI's makin fighting machines,
They take boys and make them mean.
Get up in the mornin in the drizzle and rain,
Run all day till you feel the pain.
This is the place that God forgot,
Sand is deep and the sun is hot.
It's as fierce your Drill Instructors face,
Parris Island is the name of this place
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah
Parris Island
Marine Corps
Here we go
Here we go

Ah Ha
Heavy on the left foot
Motivated Left foot
Oh Yeah
Aint no use in lookin down
There aint no discharge on the ground.
There aint no use in lookin back,
A jodys got your Cadillac.
There aint no use in feelin blue,
A jodies got your lady too.
Oh yeah
Ah Ha
Not for long
Not for long
Feelin Good
Feelin Bad
Ah Ha
Ah Ha
Here we Go
Here we Go
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah
One mile
No sweat
Two miles
Better yet
Three miles
Gotta run
Four miles
To the sun

Suzie said to me one day long ago,
Honey please dont join the Corps.
They like to do nothing but fuss and fight,
They look at women like they're high and tight.
They got poor table manners and they are so crude,
They got a board's sense of humor and they are so rude.
I said Suzie let me tell you what I'll do,
I'll join the Corps just for a year or two.
So I packed my trash and I headed for the plane,
I went to the place where they made Marines.
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah
Parris Island was the name of the place,
The first thing I saw was a Drill Instructors face.
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah
He had razor creases and a Smoky Bear,
Mountain climbing privates everywhere
Suzie said it's me or the Corps,
I cant take this life anymore.
I looked at her with a big ole grin,
I haven't seen Suzie since I dont know when.
Oh Yeah

Tarzan and Jane was swinging on a vine,
Sippin from a bottle of Vodka double wine.
Jane lost her grip and down she fell,
When she hit the ground she let out a yell.
Ayyyyy Yiiiiii
Uh Uh
Feels Good
Tarzan and Cheetah was swinging on a vine,
Sippin from a bottle of Vodka double wine.
Cheetah lost his grip and down he fell,
When he hit the ground he let out a yell.
Ayyyyy Yiiiiii
Uh Uh
Feels Good

Through the desert and across the plains
Steaming jungles and tropic rains
No mortal foe can stop me now
This is gonna be my solemn vow
I have honor and I have pride
Winning serves me as my guide
This Corps shocks our enemies
Brings them crashing to their knees
Basic Training is plenty rough
To make it through you must be tough
Hey, Squad Leader, don't be blue
They're gonna make you a soldier, too

Up in the middle of the drizzle and the rain,
I packed my chute and I ran to the plane.
Mission top secret there's a mission unknown,
We dont know if we're ever comin home.
Stand up, buckled up, shuffled to the door,
Jumped right out and shout MARINE CORPS!
If my chute dont open wide.
I've got another one by my side.
If that chute dont open round.
I'll be the first one on the ground.


Tell my mama not to cry
In the Marine Corps you will do or die.
Pin my wings upon my chest
Tell my girl I've done my best.
Place a Kabar in my hand.
I'll fight my way to the promised land.
Lean and mean
U.S. Marine

Up in the morning at the break of day
Working so hard we never play
Running through the jungle where the sun don't shine
All I do is double time
Up in the morning and out of the rack
Grab my clothes and put them on my back
Running cross the desert in the shifting sand
Drill Sergeant, look, I'll give you a helping hand
Up in the morning with a whistle and a yell
I know that voice and I know it well
Drill Sergeant says you better hit the floor
And don't be walking going out the door
I like women and I like wine
But all I do is double time
Double time here and double time there
Man this life, it's the best anywhere

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