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Ready to go to their homes at 9 1/2 weeks

Ambermark Play It Again (Sam) owned by Larralyn McKay & Sheryl Law

Ambermark The Sequel (Petrone) owned by Jill Bada

Ambermark Encore Encore (Atia) owned by Maylissa Raines & Larralyn McKay

Ambermark Texas Trooper (Caeser) owned by Shelley Mulligan

Ambermark One Last Dance (Sophie) owned by Alida Kindree

Ambermark Chances Are (Shelby) owned by Peter Marks

Ambermark Mariah Von Keopsel (Tory) owned by Lucy Stubbs & Tina Marshall & Mike Penny

Ambermark Never Say Never (Chance) owned by Judy Manherz

Ambermark Texas Tornado (Kate) owned by Steve McGuire

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