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Welcome to my den!!!

About Me

Hey guys and gals!!! Welcome to my very own territory on the net!! I have always been a pretty shy person...i dont have loads and loads of friends ..... just a few i guess but they are all very close!!!!! I have a group of diversified friends each one of them unique in his/her own way. I love music and am a great fan of Richard Marx!!! I'm into my post-graduation and generally spend a lot of time either listening to music or surfing the net.......

My Hobbies

I'm a music freak!!!!!!!! I generally listen to blues,ballads,rock,pop. As i said before i'm a great great fan of Richard Marx!!!!! Angelia is one of my most favourite songs!!!!!! I am a great fan of MLTR,Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams as well. I surf the net a lot!!!!! i mean three years ago i didnt know what internet was and now i cant imagine my life without the net!!!!! I have been into a lot of chatting!!!! made a lot of friends all over india ...... I'm into outdoor sports as well ... cricket and soccer name a few ...... and i hate american sports ....

What I look for in other people

Though i have not been a very outgoing person but i do look out for certain attributes in other people!!!!!! I hate back-biting for starters....... i would not want to make friends with someone who keeps grudges. Showing off and hypocrisy turns me off. A down to earth person would definitely get along very well with me!!!!!!! And while i'm writing all this .... someone called me dumb the other day!!!!! Seriously do i look like a dumbo!!!!!!!!!!
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