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To Become A Member
of the
Native American Education Ring


Membership is a FREE service provided by A. Crystal Bell -- Web Design.

To become a member:

Step One: Make sure your site meets the Qualifications of the ring.

Step Two: Determine which Category best describes your site. (You can add as many URL's as needed. If one page of your site is dedicated to Education, submit that URL under that category. If another page is dedicated to Powwows, submit that URL under the Powwow category, etc.)

Step Three: Submit your site. The "title" should be descriptive. (Remember, each URL requires a separate submission form.)

Step Four: Check your e-mail for confirmation. (This should happen instantly. If not, E-mail us.)

Step Five: Cut and paste the HTML Code from your confirmation e-mail to your homepage. (Your personal information is already included so, don't change any of the code.)

Step Six: Notify the Ringmaster that Step Five has been completed.

Step Seven: Upon review and approval, the Ringmaster will add your site to the ring.

That's it! It's really easy :-)