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Parallel Afternoon Productions 10th Anniversary
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Mule Thieves music video

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12.06.07 - We are getting ready for next years festival season to begin. Shane has a new documentary and John has his new music video.
12.05.07 - YouTube is the stable for the Mule Thieves music video 'Farther'. For those who don't know John is the co-founder of the band. He also directed the video as well as performing and starring in it. So enjoy!
12.01.07 - Shane and John are in the process of doing a video for John's band the Mule Thieves. Check them out at
8.11.07 - YouTube is now home to Marc's short 'Everybody, stop'. Hope you check it out and enjoy all the rest of our shorts. Be sure to leave us a comment and rate them all as well. Thanks!
7.22.07 - Ronald C.M. directed by John Stanek and Marc's Ideas for project 8 are now on YouTube!..
7.16.07 - Wicket: My Life Long Friend, What Did You Say ...., and Special Agent Slow-Mo are now on YouTube!..
7.15.07 - Check out John Staneck Celebrity Stalker the sequel on YouTube!..
7.14.07 - Editing has begun on Celebrity Stalker 2.
7.05.07 - John Staneck maybe stalking another famous celebrity. Who will it be? Written and directed by John Stanek
7.04.07 - Sequel? Yes, one is coming but for what? Stay tuned for updates.
6.13.07 - Finally on YouTube! John Staneck Celebrity Stalker. Check it out, watch it twice. Be sure to rate it!
6.06.07 - Remote Viewing has been accepted in the 2007 Sprockets Music Video Festival in Athens, Georgia. The festival is June 21st.
5.21.07 - YouTube is now hosting No Alarms and No Suprises.
5.20.07 - YouTube is now home to Radio Edit directed by John and The Years are Gone directed by Marc.
5.05.07 - YouTube now is home to I Found My Thrill, Aliens Are Good and Well-Respected Man.

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