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Hello, my name is Daryl Grange the Grange Family crest above dates from circa 1322 and I am of the 5th generation Granges in the U.S. If you have any information on the surnames GRANGE, RHAMES, ASHENHURST, PENNING and GRAVES please contact me through the E-mail link mentioned below. My mothers maiden name was Helen Mae Penning and my fathers name is Elmo Martin Grange. If you have any information to share or you are looking to gain info on the Granges in the U.S.A. you can contact me through my E-mail link at the bottom of this page. The link titled "The Granges of Ireland" is the best site to gather information on the Granges in Ireland.

I have also submitted information about Robert Grange (Birth.1819, Death.11/04/1903) and Alica Rhames (Birth.1830, Death.11/14/1904) who married in Ireland, date unknown to Family Tree Maker. They are belived to be the first generation of Granges to immigrate to the United States from Ireland probably between 1848-53 and are my Great, Great Grandparents. You can view the information at two of the links I have provided below "Family Archives" and "National Genealogy Records".

    Robert Grange married Alicia Rhames and they had five children.

  1. Robert A. Grange married 1st wife Ella Rachel Stuart, 2nd wife Anna Anderson
  2. Richard Nixon Grange married Flora May Bricker
  3. Mary Alicia Grange married James A. Hilton
  4. Sara Grange (Died as a young woman)
  5. Janey Grange (Died as an infant)

L-R: David & Douglas are twins, Duane has a head-lock on Darwin
and me Daryl sitting in front.
My two sisters are not pictured their names are Mary and Myrna.

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National Genealogy Records
The Granges of Ireland by R.T. Grange