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     Welcome to what will become a study of Noah's Flood. This study will look at the historical, archaelogical, and spiritual aspects of the Biblical story of Noah's Flood. As of now, I have only done a little research into it so you will discover the science behind the Flood as I do. Together, we will see where it leads us. is what I have found so far.  Eventually, there will be multiple pages detailing the information fully. For now however, is the brief overview.

The Story According to the Bible

     Starting in Genesis 6:1, the Bible tells us a story which has been both thought of as Divine Miracle and neat fairy tale. If you want an exact word for word full telling and don't have a Bible, feel free pick up a Bible in your local hotel room or bookstore and read it since it is a rather long story to type out.

     It starts out with Mankind falling into evil. Day by day their evil deeds grew until their very soul became dark. God's heart grew sorrowful at seeing his creation making all the wrong desicions and more and more going down the path of self-destruction. His sorroww soon turned to anger and dispair and he decided to wipe the slate clean and start again. Yet there was one man who stayed true to the ways of God. A man the Bible names, Noah.  God tells Noah of his intent to destroy Mankind by a massive flood, and of His plan to save Noah and his family.
     He tells Noah to build an ark (or boat) for himself, his family, and all living things.  He tells hims to build it to the deminsions of 450x75x45, with three decks, a long window around the top, and a large door in the side.
     Noah has 120 years to build the Ark and make the preparations needed for all the animals to survive. Once it is built, Noah loads the Ark with all the animals, food, and his family. Then after a week, the flood rains came and the springs poured out and flood waters covered the whole Earth.
     For the next 40 days and nights, the rains poured down. Then for 150 days, the waters rolled over the Earth.  The Ark came to rest upon the mountains of Ararat in modern Turkey. After three months, the first mountain peaks appear. After 40 more days, Noah released a raven but it just flew around until the land was dry. Meanwhile, Noah released a dove but it came back. A week later, he released it again and this time,  the dove carried a newly plucked olive tree stem. Another week passed and he released the dove again and this time, the dove did not return so he knew the waters had fully receeded.  Yet he waited 29 more days before opening the main door of the Ark.  Finally....eight more weeks passed before the land was completely dry and God told Noah it was time to leave the Ark.
     Once they disembarked, Noah built an alter and made a sacrifice to God and then God pledged to never destroy the Earth because of Mankind's evil deeds.

Now time for the Evidence of Noah's Ark.


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