In the Garden of His Presence
(Seek Him and You Will Find Him)

Entrance to Garden The garden of His presence is a place where God intended for man to dwell with Him, to spend time with Him and commune with Him. It is a place where a man can spend time with His Creator and share his heart with Him, and He with him. I believe that God made man so that man could spend time with Him in this special place which is overflowing with peace, love, and life.

When God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden it was a perfect place, a place where God wanted man to be.  It was a garden filled with the very presence of God.

Imagine a garden, where it is forever springtime, where nothing ever dies - a place that is always growing, and alive with the fresh green smell of new life. This is where God longs to bring us, even today, so that He can teach us, share His Heart with us, and give us fresh manna from heaven -fresh new spiritual food which will sustain us.  It is a place that is always new, never old - where we can pour out our hearts to Him, worship Him, spend special time with Him in prayer and praise. Here we can be at peace.

The Garden In this garden there is no death - only eternal life, love, and growth. It is a place so awesome that once we have been there we wonder why we never went before.

Our Father God, the creator of all life, made this place, and still dwells there - waiting for us to come and spend some special time with Him.

I hope that when you visit this Garden, tired and weary, you will leave more refreshed than when you came, that God's Peace will fill you to overflowing, and that you will be renewed in the Spirit by His words.

Come and dwell with Him for a time. Be refreshed in the living waters - in that wellspring which flows forth out of a hard place in the desert wilderness. Come to that Rock and be with Jesus. Drink of His living waters. Be refreshed as you listen to the music. Let His peace fill your soul as you and rest for a while. That is my prayer for all who stop here.

Hopefully, all who come here can meet the One who waits for them each moment of every day, in good times or bad.

So stop for a moment and follow me as I take you through the Garden of His Presence.

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