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About Galkom - Galkacayo long distance communications company, providing superior quality commercial and residential communication solutions and personalized customer service.

GALKOM, a privately-held corporation founded in 1997, distinguishes itself by being the largest Galkacayo-based communications company. Our primary goal is to provide a superior quality service at a competitive rate. We achieve this goal by emphasizing personalized customer service and by providing the quality Service and best long distance rate in the country. Our goal is to meet the special communications needs of both businesses and individuals.

We have built a reputation of integrity and quality as we continuously work to meet the needs of our customers. Our reputation of stability, hard working, dedication and effort has earned GALKOM to attract more and more customers. At GALKOM, we are truly Committed to satisfied to our customers.

Qorsheyaasha Shirkada

Shaqooyinka ay shirkadu Qabato

Waxaad Shirkada Kala soo Xiriiri kartaa

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If you have any question, need more information, or comments please contact with us or call 011-252-543-4501 

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