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The Gauntlet Trials IV are scheduled for October 12th 2002 in the Taylor Street Middle School in Griffin Georgia. Winners in the five weight classes ( 150-under, 170-under, 190-under, 210-under , and heavyweights 211-over) will earn spots in the 2002 National Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Championships in IOWA promoted by MONTE COX , scheduled for November 2002 . The winners in the Nationals event will earn Professional Contracts in the EXTREME CHALLENGE, SUPERBRAWL or the U.S.W.F. The event will take place in a boxing ring . Fighters will be provided gloves if needed but must supply their own mouthpieces and groin cups. Wrestling shoes are allowed but a fighter gives up the right to kick when wearing them. Fighters will recieve a pass for ONE (1) cornerman. All striking is allowed while standing (except headbutting), but strikes are limited to only open hand to the head , closed fist to the body and knees to the body when on the ground - THIS MEANS NO ELBOWS, FOREARMS, or KICKS. Bouts will last 10 mins, the tourney finals will have a 5 - minute overtime period. If there is no submission or stoppage, the winner will be decided by three judges and their decision is final. Fighter brackets will be filled first come first serve and the matches will be set by a public drawing the morning of the event. At least four fighters are needed to form a weight class. Entry fee is $25.00 in advance up to one week before the event, and $30.00 the week of the event . This entry fee is forward to MONTE COX and goes to pay for the airfair for the winners of the Nationals. Make checks or money orders payable to Matthew Waller. For more information, contact Matthew Waller at 1-478-475-1092 or you can email

Mail applications to:
Matthew Waller
143 windermere circle
Macon, GA 31210