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Ditto's World DITTO'S WORLD

Hello. Here is a little bit about me. My name is Charles. I am a 29 male from Georgia, USA. Lets see the best way to describe what I look like is. I have brown hair, Hazel eyes, I wiegh about 145 lbs., and I am 6'2" tall. The things I like to do is go camping, hangout with friends, watch movies, and find ways to stay out of trouble. If there is anything else you would like to know. You can email me. Please sign the guestbook at the bottom.

My chat friends

vicki, Luna, MsSmartyPants, caryn, 440dodgegirl, genniloo, SwanPrincess, Goodfellow, Tane, Morgiane, LOVELLY, Lovely27, Carly, . I know I have forgot some, just let me know and I will add you.

Here is a couple of pics to look at

Where I chat.

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