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Sailor Moon

You are Scout #

Sailor Moon is a funny and dramatical TV Serie, it's about a group of heroeins, that have the power of the solar system. The main character is Serena, the kind of blonde girl, that is smart enough, just to have a boyfriend and a very difficult school life. She has the power of the Moon and of the Princess Sereniti. Her school friends protect her agaisnt evil, they are the Inner Scouts, with the help of the Outer Scouts, they protect the Princess and the Prince, so peace will be keep forever. Serena gets more power as the enemies get rougher. Past, present and future lie inside the head of Darien, Serena's boyfriend and herself. The pics are great and this are the greatest I have found, so take a look at them. Some Links for the Sailors. Here are the RINGS I'm in.

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