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Ranma 1/2

You are Freak #

Ranma 1/2 is a Japanese TV Series about the life of a boy (Ranma) and a girl (Akane), that are obligated to be married. The only problem lies in the transformation, that the boy suffers when he touches cold water, he turns into a girl and when hot water back to normal. The story has fun, drama and action, cuase it is not only him, although Ryoga, he turns into a black pig, Shampoo into cat, Ranma's father into a Panda and so on. The problem of the hole story is, that Ranma as a boy or as a girl, they are some of the most wanted persons in the school, cause they are pretty for the opposite sex. Akane hates it, as a boy and is jealous of him as a, because he is more beuatiful than her. Here are the RINGS I'm in

And so goes life for them, fighting for love, crying for loneliness and laughing at stupid things. There are a few pics you can see, I only look for girls, but there are some funny pics of boys too.

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