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Magic Knight Rayearth

You are Cefirian #

The Magic Knight Rayearth is a TV Series, where heart and power work together, in order to destroy evil. Cefiro is a Magical Kingdom, where your most precious dreams come truth. Lucy, Marina and Anahi fight against the demon inside the heart of Cefirians, cause they are the Legendary Magic Knight Rayearth. They have a God Machine each one and it can only be used by them. Sagato loves the Princess, but it is impossible to do that, cause she must pray for the others. Love is the base of this Comic. They go once more to Cefiro in order to change what they have done to its citizens and to rescue it from interplanetary invasion. Latiz, Sagato's brother falls in love with Lucy. They make Cefiro become a wonderfull land again. The pics I have are great specially the ones of Lucy.
Here are the RINGS I'm in.

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