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Ghost in the Shell

You are Police #

Ghost in the Shell is an action movie in the future, where a robots are created in order to preserve peace. Makoto is the newest robot in the department 9, she has the hability to vanish and attack. Their orders are to stop some ghosts from cracking on the net of the Police, during this, they find a robot, where the program Poppet Master lies, he is a program that navegates the net, destroying and asimilating information and systems. He was bound inside a robot, in order to stop him, but Makoto hear about him and wanted to dive inside the robot's brain. Poppet Master is kidnapped and Makoto search for him. At the end she dives in the robot and a special chopper team from Department 6 destroys the robots brain, not before Makoto fushes with him. The result of the fushion of both is a new reborn child with a huge capacity, she is free to explore the net.

There are a few pics, but I will continue my search on the net to find them for you. Here are the RINGS I'm in.

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