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Battle Angel Alita

You are Cyborg #

Battle Angel Alita, or Gunnm or Gun Dream, it's a movie, about a cyborg that has been destroyed 400 years in the past; Ido, a cyborg's doctor, finds and rebuilds it. The robot doesn't remember anything and was named Alita. Ido is a Hunter Warrior, he chases criminals and gets rewards for their heads. Ido is an ex-citizen of Salem, a city that floats over the Yunkyard City, her ex-girlfriend builds fighting robots. Alita discovers her power as she first saves Ido from death and then becomes a Hunter Warrior too. She falls in love with Yago, a boy that repairs things for the Doc. His beloved Yago is killed, cause he is a spine rober. Yago wants to go to Salem, but at the end he admits that his life is a total lie and dies a second time.

I got some pics (very great pics indeed) from the movie and from the comic book, they are a few now, cause I just uploaded the best of them, next time i will upload all of them.

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