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You are Runner #

Akira is a very exciting movie, driving bikes, crashing bats against heads and destroying an entire city. Akira is a boy, who can manage his energy, he could get out of his body and leave it there. The scientists riped him off, cause they wanted to know why could he do that, but couldn't find nothing.Kaneda's best friend got Akira, the power of the boy, he could control his energy. All lies in the way Kaneda want's to rescue him and meets a girl. Both try to rescue him, but he want not to be rescued. Tatzumi uses the power to search Akira and when he finds the parts, goes angry. 3 projects like Akira could their friend back and Akira comes back to take the boy with him. So ends it, Kaneda with his bike and the girl. I got some really huge pics, but very interesting at all, look at them. Here are the RINGS I'm in.