THE TIMES - 1815

Valuable Freehold Property, either together or in lots, as may be agreed upon at the time of sale, on 

Monday, March 20 (unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given),

at the House of W.Yeoman, the Angel Inn, Whitby, between the hours of 2 and 4, subject to the

conditions to be then and there produced. THE FEE-SIMPLE and INHERITANCE of and in all that valuable and extensive SHIP YARD, situate on the

banks of the harbour of Whitby, and now in the occupation of Messrs. W.S.Chapman and Co. under a

lease for a term of which 18 years or thereabouts is unexpired. Also of and in all those commodious and

extensive Warehouses, erections, buildings, and conveniences for the laying up of Greenland Fishery

stores, and boiling of blubber, situate on the banks of the harbour of Whitby, and now in the several

occupations of Messrs. J.Piper and Co. and Messrs. Agar and Co. Also of and in all those 5 several

closes or parcels of meadow and pasture land, situate in the township of Hawsker, in the parish of

Whitby, containing in the whole, 16 acres, or thereabouts, with the cowhouse and barn in one of the

said fields, all now in the possession of Thomas Warton and Peter Cato, as tenants from year to year.

And also of and in that piece or parcel of ground, covered with timber trees and underwood, of many

years' growth, situate in the township of Hawsker aforesaid, containing five and a half acres, or

thereabouts. The above premises are in the immediate vicinity of the populous commercial town of

Whitby, and they are bounded on the northerly side to a considerable extent by the harbour of Whitby,

which is here even to the extremity of the land, navigable for light ships of the burthen of 150 tons and

upwards, and on the southerly side by a good road leading direct to the town, they constitute a very

eligible property for persons desirous of embarking in extensive commercial speculations, either in

shipbuilding, the Greenland Fishery, or otherwise. Persons desirous of viewing the property, or

obtaining further information, are requested to apply to Clarke and Belcher, Whitby, or Mr.R.Charlton,

the auctioneer.

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