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6 November 1885
On the 3rd  November at the parish church, Whitby, by the Rev.G.Austen, 
M.A., Rector and B.D., the Rev. Benj. Burgon, Vicar of Purston-cum-South, 
Featherstone, Pontefract, Yorkshire, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the 
Late Robert and Margaret Clark Kirby, of Whitby

1 December 1885
On the 18th Nov., at Holy Trinity Church, New Beckenham, by the Rev. S 
Whitfield Dawkes, M.A., John Henry, son of Robert Harrowing Esq., of 
Aislaby Hall, Whitby, Yorkshire, to Ada, third daughter of the late John 
Vincent Potter, of The Grove, Debdon-green, Loughton

8 July 1886
On the 6th inst., at St.Mary's, Bathwick, by the Rev.J.T.Barker, Reector
Of Rushden, Hon. Canon of Peterborough, assisted by the Rev. George
Tugwell, Rector of the parish, John, tird son of Joseph Barker Richardson,
Esq., of Sneaton, Whitby, to Rosa Guendoline, elder daughter of the late
Evan T.Williams, of Duffryn Ffrwd, Glamorganshire

5 February 1887
On the 31st Jan., at the parish church of Sneaton, Whitby, by the Rev.
Thomas Walker, Vicar of Sleights, Arthur English, of Lowdale, Sleights,
Third son of A.W.English Esq., J.P., Aislaby Lodge, Yorks., N.R., to Mary,
Elder daughter of the Rev. J.R.Brodrick, M.A., Rector of Sneaton.  

11 June 1887
On Tuesday, the 7th inst., at St.Mary's Church, Whitby, by the Rev. George
Austen, Rector, Arthur, youngest surviving son of Robert Harrowing Esq., of 
Aislaby Hall,  near Whitby, to Annie, third daughter of James Gray, Esq., of  
The Shrubberies, Whitby. Continental papers please copy.

11 August 1887
On the 9th inst., at St.Paul's Church, Edinburgh, by the Rev. J.W.Harper, M.A.,
John Ross Home Ross, M.B., C.M., to Julia, Caroline, eldest daughter of 
C.F.White Esq., Whitby, and widow of Charles F.Anderson Esq.

14 September 1887
On the 13th inst., at St.Mary's Church, Whitby, by the Rev. G.Austin, Rector,
Herbert Wm., the eldest son of Edward Archibald Ramsden, to Helen, daughter 
Of James N.Clarkson, St.Hilda's-terrace, Whitby

27 July 1888
On the 24th July, at the parish church, Whitby, by the Rev. Canon Austen,
M.A., rector of Whitby, assisted by the Rev. R.F.McCausland, M.A., Vicar
Of Hawsker, the Rev. Edward James Douglas Simpson, M.A.,Vicar of Carlton
Minlott, and of Sand Hutton, only son of the late Colonel Edward James
Simpson, H.E.I.C.S., to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Charles Saunders
Esq., of Airy Hill, Whitby, Yorkshire. Foreign and Indian papers please copy.
(Also listed on 28th and 30th July)

30 May 1889
On the 28th May, at Darley-Dale, by the Rev. F.Atkinson, Vicar, assisted
By the Rev. W. Fyldea and the Rev. J.Warrington Strong, (brother of the
Bridegroom), and curate of the Abbey, Sherborne, Francis Warrington, elder
Son of the Rev. Francis Strong, Rector of Itampton, Cambs., to Elsie, only
Daughter of the late Levi Preston Mead, of Whitby, Yorks.

25 July 1889
On the 23rd inst., at St'John's Church, Alton, Staffordshire, Wilfred 
Oswald Turnbull, youngest son of Thomas Turnbull, J.P., of the Mount,
Whitby, Yorkshire, to Helen Mary, eldest daughter of the late Thomas
Robinson, M.R.C.S., etc, of Alton, Staffs.

10 August 1889
On the 8th Aug. at the parish church, Whitby, by the Rev. Noel Storrs
Fox, the Rev. Charles Bailey Goodacre, Vicar of Thornton Curtis, to
Edith, daughter of the late John Ferraby, Esq., Wootton Hall, Ulceby

18 January 1890
On the 16th inst., at Dt.John's Church, Sleights, Yorkshire, by the Rev.
Thos, Walker, M.A., Vicar, assisted by the Rev. A.G.Austen, of St.Michael's,
Whitby, William T. Price, son of the late John Hodges Price, of Brixton, 
Surrey, to Florence, third daughter of David G.Pinkney, of Sleights and

14 August 1890
On the 13th inst., at South Hackney Church, George Harwood Johnston, of
Snaresbrook, son of the late George Johnston, of Whitby, to Lavinia Teresa
(Lilla), youngest daughter of the late Joseph Bailey Pizzey, of Cawley-road.

27 May 1891
On the 16th April, at Rawal Pindi, India, by the Rev. A.Spens, Capt. F.W.Becher,
Son of the late Sullivan Becher, B.C.S., to Frances, third daughter of 
P.G.Rayne, of Whitby, Yorkshire.

26 March 1892
On the 21st March, at St.Mark's, Surbiton, by the Ven. The Archdeacon Burney,
John Francis Wilson, son of Dr.Wilson, of Whitby, Yorkshire, to Evelyn Fanny 
Wyse, fifth daughter of the late Captain Rainier, of the 14th Regt. West Yorks.

15 June 1892
On the 27th April 1892, at St.John's, Invercargill, New Zealand, by the Rev. 
Venerable Archdeacon Stocker, B.A., John Brodrick, of  Melbourne, son of the
Rev. J.B.Brodrick, M.A., Sneaton, Whitby, Yorkshire, to Florence Bottomley, 
Of Winton, New Zealand, youngest daughter of the late E.Bottomley Esq., of
Bradford, Yorkshire.

22 June 1892
On the 18th inst., at St.Peter's, Cranley-gardens, by the Rev. Sir Frederick
Robinson, Bart., Eustace William, third son of the late Charles Bagnall, of
Whitby, to Alice, second surviving daughter of Mrs. Humphrey, of 63, Pronces-
gate, London 

6 February 1897
Tinley: Lea - On the 3rd Feb., at Christ Church, Bridlington Quay, by the Revd.
S.W.Darwin Fox, M.A., William Edwyn Falkingbridge Tinley, M.B., M.R.C.S., elder
Son of Thomas Tinley, M.D., J.P., of Hildegard House, Whitby, to Ada, younger
Daughter of Thomas Lea, of Abbey-terrace, Whitby. No cards.
(repeated on 8 February)

23 June 1897
Horsfall: Stansfield - On the 19th inst., at St.Hilda's Church, Whitby, by the
Revd. Canon Austen, Rector of Whitby, assisted by the Revd. B.Wilton, the Revd.
H.F.Fisher, and the Revd. H.G.Metcalfe, the Revd. Michael Alfred, second son of
Michael H. Horsfall, Esq., of Westthorpe, Northallerton, to Mabel Katherine,
Fourth daughter of the late Thomas Wolryche Stansfield, Esq., Westwood Grove,
Near Leeds, and Mrs. Stansfield

1 January 1898
Delves: Breckon - On the 29th Dec., at St.Mary's Church, Whitby, by the Revd. 
Canon Austen, assisted by the Revd. B.Wilton, Lieut. Percy J.Delves, R.N., 
H.M.S. Australia, to Evelyn, youngest daughter of Mr.Breckon, Hillvrest,
Whitby. Austalian papers please copy.

19 March 1898
Ward: Keighley - On the 17th March, at the church of St.Hilda, Whitby, by the 
Revd. Canon Austen, assisted by the Revd. H.F.Fisher, George Ward, of
St.Petersburgh, third son of George Ernest Ward, M.A., of 92, Banbury-road,
Oxford, late Bengal Civil Service, to Margaret Maud, eldest daughter of 
James Henry Keighley, of Spring Hill House, Whitby.

29 June 1898
Tinley: Bourdas - On the 28th inst., at the Church of the Ascension, Balham-
hill, by the Rev. G.B.Thurston, M.A., Rector of Lyme (?), cousin of the bride,
assisted by the Rev. H.Curtis, M.A., Vicar, Tom Tinley Tinley, younger son of
Thomas Tinley, M.D., J.P., of Whitby, Yorkshire, to Lilian Ellis, eldes daughter
Of Isaiah Bourdas, of Dunoon House, Clapham-common.

15 October 1900
Tinley: Lea - On the 12th Oct., at St.Oswald's, Lythe, Yorks., by the Rev. the 
Marquis of Normanby, Canon of Windsor, Thomas Tinley, M.D., J.P., of Hildegard
House, Whitby, and The Bungalow, Sandsend, to Annie Mary, elder daughter of
Thomas Lea, Abbey-terrace, Whitby. At home, The Bungalow, Nov.7th, 8th, and 9th.

25 July 1901
Joyce: Tattersfield - On the 20th inst, at St.Hilda'a Church, Whitby, by the Rev. 
Canon Austin,  Victor E.Joyce, of Wandsworth, S.W., to Alice, daughter of The 
late Henry Tattersfield, of Heckmondwike, and Whitby, Yorks.

22 October 1901
Robinson: Gorham - On the 9th Oct. 1901, at Trinity Church, Boston, U.S.A., 
By the Rev. H.C.Cunningham, Henry third son of the late Henry Robinson, of
Whitby, Yorkshire, to Grace Elsie, only daughter of the late William Barlow
Gorham, of Boston, Mass. U.S.A.

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