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5 June 1885
Wills and Bequests
Mr.James Cooper Hall. Late of Whitby - over 15,000

10 December 1885
On the 8th inst., at his residence, 25, Bryanston-square, Thomas Chapman, Esq.,
F.R.S., F.S.A., of Whitby, Yorkshire, aged 87

28 January 1886
On the 24th Dec. 1885, at 24, St.Hilda's-terrace, Whitby, Sidney Reynolds Martin,
Second son of John Howe Martin, formerly of Oak Lodge, Sutton, Surrey, aged 17

17 January 1887
On the 13th Jan., at Esk Hall, near Whitby, Edward Corner, in his 64th year. No cards.

7 February 1887
On the 2nd Feb., at 30, Baronsmere-road, East Finchley, N (late of No. 503, Commercial-
road east, London, Eliza, only surviving daughter of Michael and Jane Teasdale, late of
Whitby, aged 82 years. Friends will kindly accept this intimation.

18 February 1887
On the 15th inst., at High Stakesby, Whitby, Henry Chapman Walker, Commander R.N., 
Aged 43.

25 March 1887
On the 23rd inst., at Thordisa House, near Whitby, Florence Marie, daughter of John 
Henry and Louise Corner, aged 11 months.

14 June 1887
On the 11th June, Eliza (Lillie) the dearly-loved wife of Alfred E.Cooke, and youngest
Daughter of the late Thomas Watson, of Whitby, aged 32.

31 August 1887
On the 11th inst., at Woodbine Cottage, Lythe, Whitby, Yorkshire, Mary Denison, aged 68;
For nearly 40 years head nurse and devoted servant in the family of the Marquis of

17 November 1887
On the 12th Nov., at Airy-hill, Whitby, Charles Saunders, Esq., aged 84 years.

9 December 1887
On the 5th inst., at Airy-hill, Whitby, Hannah Willis, the wife of the late Charles Saunders
Esq., aged 69

25 April 1887
On the 22nd April, at Bagdale, Whitby, aged 81 years, Ann Cooke, only daughter of the
Late Thomas English, of Hull.

7 July 1888
On the 5th inst., at 59, Castle-street, Edinburgh, Mrs. Isabella Marwood Hall, second 
Daughter of the late Francis Pickernell, C.E., Whitby, Yorkshire

14 August 1888
On the 12th Aug., at Carr Hall, Whitby, Elizabeth Eden, wife of E.H.Chapman, Esq.

29 September 1888
On the 26th Sept., at Thornton Heath, Surrey, Emily, widow of Gideon Smales, junior,
Of Whitby, Yorkshire, aged 63.

29 September 1888
On the 26th inst., at 13, Abbey-terrace, Whitby, John Brewster, formerly of Middlesbrough,
Solicitor, in his 85th year.

24 October 1888
On the 22nd inst., at Guildford, Jane, widow of William Addison, formerly of Whitby, in
Her 84th year.

15 March 1889
On the 7th inst., very suddenly, at his residence, South View, Basingstoke, Hants. 
Edmund, youngest son of the late Francis and Christiana Watkins, of Aislaby
Hall, Whitby, aged 58 years.

8 June 1889
On the 29th May, at Brighton, Isabella Rose Wilkinson, widow of the late Mr. James
Wilkinson, of Whitby, and third daughter of the late Mr.William Hurst, of Doncaster.
Architect, aged 57. Interred at Whitby Cemetery.

20 July 1889
On the 11th inst., at Castle Connell, Limerick, Marcus William Allatson Keane,
L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Edin. , youngest son of the late Rev. W.Keane, Rector
Of Whitby, Yorks., aged 28.

17 August 1889
On the 14th inst., suddenly,  at Whitby, Caroline, widow of Thomas Oliver, of
4, Gloucester-terrace, Regent's-park,  aged 77

5 September 1889
On the 2nd Sept., at Calverley Park-crescent, Tunbridge Wells, Susan, third
Daughter of the late D-Oyly Saunders, of Cotebank, near Whitby, in her 83rd

11 September 1889
On the 29th Aug., in London, Jane Elizabeth Andrew, daughter of the late Rev. James
Andrew, of Whitby

2 October 1889
On the 25th Sept., at No.11, St. Hilda's-terrace, Whitby, Harriet, eldest surviving daughter
Of the late George Langborne.

13 January 1890
On the 6th Jan. 1890,  at Stoke Newington, Henry Lister Thornhill, born at Whitby, April 2nd
1807. Yorkshire and Colonial papers please copy.

25 February 1890
On the 23rd February at 7, Blenheim-terrace, Leeds, Francis Henry Potter, Atlas Insurance
Manager, Leeds, aged 47. Funeral at Whitby, on Wednesday. Friends will kindly accept this 
(the only) intimation.

27 March 1890
On the 21st, at Whitby, Isabella Mary (nee Maughan), the beloved wife of Canon Andrew, of
Paston, Peterborough.

8 April 1890
On the 3rd inst., at Brighton, the Marquis of Normanby, G.C.H., G.C.M.G., in his 71st year.
Funeral ay Lythe Church, Whitby, on Thursday at noon.

23 May 1890
On the 20th inst., at Meadowfield, Whitby, Arthur Donovan, infant son of John Chapman 
Simpson, aged eight months.

21 August 1890
On the 13th inst., at Whitby, Percy Beatson, younger son of Canon F.B.Blenkin, Vicar
of St.Nicholas and St.John, Lincoln, aged nine years.

2 September 1890
On the 30th Aug., at Park-terrace, Whitby, aged 79 years, George Weatherill, Artist

3 October 1890
On the 30th Sept., at Whitby, Charlotte Moorsom, of 8, Onslow-crescent, S.W., widow
of the late Rev. Richard Moorsom, Vicar of Old Seaham, County Durham, dearly loved
and deeply regretted.

29 December 1890
On SAturday, the 27th Dec., at Bagdale House, Whitby, Mr.Walter Grimshaw, aged 88 
years. Interment will take place at Whitby Cemetery on Tuesday morning: funeral 
leaving the house at 10.30. Friends will please accept this (the only) intimation.

29 December 1891
On the 26th inst., suddenly, at 31, South-park-road, Wimbledon, Alfred Mills, youngest
son of Arthur William English, Esq., of Aislaby Lodge, Whitby, aged 2 (?).

15 January 1892
On the 13th Jan., at Beech Holme, West-hill-road, Southfields, S.W., at the residence of
her son-in-law, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the late John Corner, of London, and
Whitby, aged 65. Funeral at West Hampstead Cemetery on Saturday, 16th, at 12 o'clock noon.

11 February 1892
On the 4th inst., Commander W.Farr, R.N., of Whitby and Monkspath Hall, Warwickshire,
aged 43, only son of the late William Farr, C.B., F.R.S., of Somerset House.

3 December 1892
On the 30th Nov., at Aislaby Lodge, Whitby, Yorkshire, Gertrude, youngest daughter of
A.W.English, J.P., in her 31st year.

15 December 1892
On the 13th Dec., at Whitby, Yorkshire, Charles Fisher, in his 86th year.

25 February 1893
On the 22nd Feb., 1893. at Prospect Hill, Whitby, Yorkshire, Eleazor Sherwood, M.D.;
born May 9, 1825

13 June 1893
On the 10th June, at Meadowfield, Whitby, Yorks., Henry Simpson, aged 77.

14 January 1895
Saunders - On the 9th inst., at 17, Calverley-crescent, Tunbridge Wells, Amelia, fourth
daughter of the late D'Oyly Saunders of Cotebank, near Whitby, aged 87

23 April 1895
Hayes - On the 19th April, at Lorne-villas, Whitby, Henry Hayes, in his 77th year.

18 January 1896
Waddington - On the 14th Jan. 1896, aged 38, George Philip Waddington, late of Leeds,
Solicitor, and only son of G.W.Waddington, Grosmont, near Whitby.

27 May 1897
Corner - On the 24th May, at 3, St.Thomas's-square, Hackney, after many years suffering,
Amelia, wife of William Elgie Corner, Shipowner, of Hackney, formerly of Leadenhall-street,
and of Whitby, Yorkshire, aged 78 years.

27 May 1897

Mummery - On the 24th May, at Whitby, of acute pneumonia, Mary Lily, the dearly beloved
wife of J.Howard Mummery, of The Manor House, Southall, and 10, Cavendish-place , W, 
eldest daughter of the late William Lockhart, F.R.C.S., aged 48.

31 July 1897
Owen - On the 28th July, after a long and painful illness, at Hollymount, Audten-road,
Guildford, Louisa, widow of Revd. John Owen, of Whitby.

6 October 1897
Drummond - On the 30th Sept., at 13, Belgrave-place, Brighton, Mary, the dearly-loved
wife of Julian Drummond, Esqr., and daughter of the late John Dowson, M.D., of Whitby,
in her 63rd year.

17 January 1898
Taylor - On the 14th Jan., at Harrogate, Mary E.Taylor, of Ingleside, Whitby, eldest
daughter of the late John Taylor, of Whitby.

19 April 1898
Midworth - On the 15th inst., at 2, Church-square, Whitby, Miss Sarah Midworth, formerly
of Gilcroft House, Mansfield, aged 80.

13 June 1898
Short - On the 9th inst., at Aislaby Lodge, Whitby, the Rev. Hugh Martin Short, M.A., 
formerly Vicar of Kirkstall, Leeds, and Thornthwaite, Cumberland

16 July 1898
Chapman - On the 13th inst., at Cairo, Percy, Lieut., 21st Lancers, second son of 
J.J.Chapman of Whitby, aged 23.

21 July 1898
Richardson - On the 17th July, 1898, Christopher Richardson, of Field House, Whitby,
Yorks., J.P., and also of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, in the 91st year of his age.

2 August 1898
Power and Cooper - On the 20th July, accidentally drowned at Whitby, Yorkshire, Lucy
Beatrice, third daughter of Henry and Ann Power, of Bagdale Hall, Whitby, and of 37a,
Great Cumberland-place, London, W., in the 32nd year of her age; and at the same time
and place, Isabel Lucie, eldest daughter of the late Francis Cooper, and of Ada, his
wife, of 20, Westbourne-gardens, London, W., and granddaughter of the above Henry
Power, in the 18th year of her age.

6 April 1899
Greenwell - On the 30th March, at Carr Mount, Whitby, the Revd. William Greenwell, B.A.,
in his 80th year.

6 April 1899
Vasey - On the 4th April, at Loughton, Essex, Alice, widow of the late Samuel Vasey,
both of Whitby, Yorks, in her 67th year.

27 April 1899
Wright - At Flowergate, Whitby, William Wright, aged 69

28 April 1898
Corner - On the 26th April 1898, at 3, St.Thomas's-square, Hackney, William Elgie Corner, 
formerly of Whitby, in his 83rd year.

2 October 1899
Chapman - On the 29th Sept., at her residence , The Stone House, Whitby, within 
a month of her 90th birthday, Mary, widow of John Chapman. No flowers, by 

17 January 1900
Bagnall - On the 14th inst., at Stone House, Whitby, Harriet Curtis, wife of the
late Charles Bagnall, Esqr., and second daughter of the late John Chapman, Esqr.
of Whitby.
28 February 1900
Chapman - On the 5th Feb., at Calcutta, from dysentery, Eden Walker Chapman, 
(Midshipman, R.N.R.) second son of E.H.Chapman, of Carr Hall, Whitby.

16 June 1900 - In Memoriam
Jones - On 16 June, 1899, Margaret, wife of T.H.Jones, J.P., Aberystwyth, elder
daughter of the late Capt. Riddell, niece of the late Mrs. Robert Kirby, (nee
Riddell), and cousin of the late Mrs. Constable Dunning, Whitby, Yorks.

17 September 1900
Harrowing - On the 14th Sept., 1900, at his residence, Aislaby Hall, Whitby, 
Robert Harrowing, aged 74 years.

4 December 1900
Vaughan - On the 30th Nov., at Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Thomas Vaughan, J.P., D.L.,
late of Gunnergate Hall, Middlesbrough, and Ugthorpe Lodge, Whitby, aged 66.

13 February 1901
Yeoman - On the 10th Feb., at Whitby, Thomas Lawrence Yeoman, of Woodlands,
Whitby, in his 82nd year.

1 May 1901
Taylor - On the 29th April, at Penarth, William Henry Taylor, of Whitby and
Cardiff, aged 60. Interment in the Cemetery, Whitby, Friday afternoon, May 3rd
Will friends kindly accept this, the only intimation.

13 November 1902
Peirson - On the 9th Nov., at Park Hall, Aislaby, Whitby, Thomas Peirson, Esqr.,
in his 96th year.

16 May 1903
Langborne - On the 14th May 1903, at 4, Newbold-terrace, Leamington, Georgiana,
Youngest daughter of the late George Langborne, of Whitby.

9 June 1903
Watkins - On the 2nd June, at 10, Wellswood-park, Torquay, Mary, daughter of the
Late Francis Watkins, of Aislaby Hall, Whitby, aged 83 years.

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