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14 January 1822
On the 5th instant, in the 96th year of his age, John Chapman, Esq., of Whitby,

27 December 1822
On the 4th inst., at Ruswarp-hall, near Whitby, Mr. Michael Jones Gowland, aged 33,
eldest son of Mr. Benjamin Gowland, ship-owner, of Whitby.

3 July1832
On their passage to Quebec, Rebecca, Eleanor-Margaret, and Arthur, the three infant
Children of Mr.John Mewburn, late of Whitby, who has recently emigrated with his
Family to Upper Canada.

26 January1836
On Friday, the 22nd inst., at Whitby, Yorkshire, aged 66, deeply and universally
regretted, Edward Chapman, Esq., one of His Majesty's Deputy Lieutenants for
the North Riding.

1 February 1837
On the 26th ult., at Whitby, Yorkshire, John Barry, Esq., in his 78th year.

2 March 1838
On the 18th ult., Harrison Chilton, Esq., Whitby, Yorkshire, in his 81st year; also,
on the same day, his nephew, John Potter, Esq., Anwell-street, Claremont-square, 
Pentonville, in his 50th year.

5 January 1841
On the 5th inst., at Mr. Blake's 13 City-road, Robert Hunter, Esq., of Paddock-house,
Whitby, Yorkshire, aged 57.

6 April 1841
On his passage from Norfolk to Barbadoes, on the 29th of January, Captain Thomas
William Pearson, of Whitby, Yorkshire. 

2 January 1844
On the 19th ult., at Whitby, John Newton Barker, the only surviving son of
Mr.William Barker, of London, aged 21.

20 October 1846
On the 17th inst., at the residence of Edmund Turton, Esq., Larpool, Whitby,
Jane Bell Livesey, relict of the late Robert Bell Livesey, Esq., Kildale, Yorkshire.

16 June 1847
On Sunday, the 13th inst, at Whitby, in her 92nd year, Mrs. Elizabeth Ellerby, relict
of John Ellerby, Esq., of that place.

3 October 1848
On the 19th ult., at Whitby Parsonage, aged 11 years, Leonora Susan, the beloved
and only daughter  of the Rev. F.W. Trevanion, incumbent of that place.

21 June 1849
On Thursday, the 14th inst., at Airy-hill, near Whitby, aged 33, Elizabeth, the wife
of James Walker, Esq., of that place, and eldest daughter of W.S. Chapman, Esq., 
of High Stakesby, near Whitby.

30th November 1849
On the 18th inst., at Whitby, Robert Middleton, Esq., aged 63.

15 March 1851
On the 13th inst., aged 73, Miss Mary Cholmley, of Oxford-terrace, London, (and late
of Leamington), second daughter of the late Henry Cholmley, Esq., of Whitby
Abbey, and Howsham, Yorkshire.

11 September 1851
On the 8th inst., at Whitby, Montague Percival Trevanion, aged two years.

24 March 1853
On the 19th inst., at Whitby, after a long and severe affliction, borne with Christian
patience and resignation, Arabella, the beloved and last surviving daughter of Thomas
Jackson, Esq., surveyor to Lloyd's at that place.

 5 September 1854
On the 22nd ult., suddenly, at Whitby, Mr. P. Heselton, of Great Ayton, Yorkshire,
aged 63, much esteemed.

17 February 1855
On the 14th inst., at Highbury-park, in the 84th year of her age, Elizabeth, relict 
of the late Aaron Chapman, Esq., formerly M.P. for Whitby.

30 January 1856
On the 24th inst., at Jersey, H. Chilton, Esq., late of Whitby, Yorkshire, aged 60.

26 August 1856
On the 23rd inst., at Whitby, the infant son of Philip Saltmarshe, Esq., of Saltmarshe.

19 September 1856
On Sunday, the 10th inst., at Wandsworth, in her 96th year, Ann, widow of the late
Mr. John Milestone, of Whitby, Yorkshire, and mother of Mr. Robert Milestone, 
of Swallow-place, Hanover-square, London, by whom she is deeply regretted.

22 July 1857
On the 17th inst., at Whitby, Francis Bennoch, infant son of Mr.Thos. S. Reed, 

21 December 1857
On the 17th inst., at St.Hilda's-terrace, Whitby, suddenly, of bronchitis, Susan, 
wife of Peter Barker, Esq., of that place, aged 72.

17 February 1858
On Sunday, the 14th inst., at Fern-hill, near Whitby, Yorkshire, William Frankland,
Esq., aged 41.

15 April 1858
On the 12th inst., at Godmanchester, after a short illness, in the 45th year of his age,
John Chapman, Esq., late of Whitby, a Magistrate for the North Riding of the county
of York.

16 July 1860
On the 10th inst., at Whitby, William Usherwood, Esq., aged 93.

17 July 1860
On the 21st of May, of dysentery, at Old Calabar, West Coast of Africa, John Steane
Morgan, Esq., late of Whitby, Yorkshire, second son of the late William Hoskyns
Morgan, Surgeon R.N., of Hereford, aged 37.

1 August 1860
On the 26th July, at Whitby, Yorkshire, Charles Cesby Maitland, Esq., aged 30.

9 November 1861
On the 6th inst., Martha, relict of the late Edward Chapman, Esq., of Whitby, in the
87th year of her age.

20 November 1861
On the 17th inst., at Hastings, of apoplexy, in his 64th year, James Walker, Esq., of
Airy-hill, Whitby, Yorkshire.

28 March 1862
On the 25th inst., at Southampton, aged 23, Mr. Thomas Hall, officer in the 
Peninsular and Oriental Company's Service, second son of the late Mr. William
Hall, and grandson of the late Captain Stephenson Lawson, of Whitby.

16 February 1863
On the 12th inst., Wakefield Simpson Chapman, of High Stakesby, Whitby, Esq., 
In the 73rd year of his age.

4 January 1864
On the 2nd inst., at Richmond, Yorkshire, Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late
H.W.Yeoman, of Woodlands, Whitby, in her 78th year.

4 April 1864
On the 30th March, in London, Mr. Isaac Richardson, of Whitby, aged 68.

13 July 1864
On the 8th inst., at Littlemore, near Oxford, Eliza, the beloved wife of William
Jameson, of Whitby, Yorkshire, aged 59.

9 January 1866
On the 30th Dec., at his residence, 14 Downing-terrace, Islington, London, aged 52,
Robert Hunter, Esq., formerly of Whitby, Yorkshire. Friends will please to accept this 

3 November1866
On the 30th Oct., at his residence, Field House, Whitby, in the 57th year of his age,
Christopher Richardson, Esq., a Deputy-Lieutenant, and one of H.M.'s Justices of
the Peace for the North Riding of the county of York.

13 August 1867
On the 5th inst., at the residence of her son, Thomas Percival, Esq., Whitby, Mary Ann
Harvey, relict of the late Rev. Jno, Harvey, L.L.B., rector of Finningley, Yorkshire.

6 December 1867
On the 3rd inst., at Whitby, Ann Ellerby, sister to the late Mr. Stephenson Ellerby, 
Elder Brother of the Trinity House, London, aged 76.

1 September 1868
On the 23rd Aug., at Ripon, Yorks., John Waddington, Esq., aged 77, lately of Whitby,
And formerly of Wither, near Leeds.

18 June 1869
On the 14th June, at midnight, John Anderson, B.A., of No.34, Grosvenor-park, 
Camberwell, formerly of Whitby, aged 68.

17 August 1869
On the 12th Aug., at Ruswarp, near Whitby, Donald, youngest son of the late William
Barker Coulson, Esq., of Scarborough, solicitor.

1 December 1870
On the 28th Nov., at 68, Holgate-road, York, in her 80th year, Margaret, widow of 
John Langbourne, late of Whitby. Friends will kindly accept this intimation.    

19 September 1871
On the 16th Sept., at 5, Normanby-terrace, Whitby, Francis Pickernell, C.E., aged 74.

30 January 1872
On the 10th Jan., at Wandsworth, Surrey, aged 53 years, Mrs. Ann Cartwright
Langstaffe, formerly of Sandsend, near Whitby, Yorkshire.

8 March 1872
On the 6th March, at Lower Stakesby, Whitby, John Chapman, Esq., in the 79th
year of his age.

26 March 1872
On Sunday, the 24th inst., at Guildford, William Addison, Esq., formerly of Whitby, 
In his 68th year.

10 June 1872
On the 6th June, at Airy Hill, Whitby, Joseph Barker Chapman, Esq., aged 74.

20 January 1874
On the 16th Jan., at 22, Stockwell-park-road, Mrs. Caroline Watson, widow of the 
late Thomas Watson, Solicitor, Whitby, in her 51st year.

11 January 1875
On the 5th inst., at St.Hilda's, Whitby, William Fenwick Stow, Esq., in the 72nd year
of his age.

13 March 1875
On Wednesday, the 10th March, at 24, Bagdale, Whitby, Henry Simpson, aged 73.

15 February 1876
On Sunday, the 13th Feb., at 22, Argyll-road, Kensington, Mary, widow of Robert 
Usherwood, of Whitby, Yorkshire, aged 79 years.

15 September 1876
On the 27th Aug., at Danby House, Stamford, Canada, in the 91st year of her age, 
Henrietta, widow of the late Dr.Mewburn, of Danby House, Stamford, formerly of
Whitby, Yorkshire, and eldest daughter of the late Harrison Chilton, of Whitby.

9 November 1876
On the 4th inst., at Meadowfield, Whitby, Henry, the beloved son of Henry Simpson, 
Esq., aged 27.

24 February 1877
on the 20th Feb., at Cliff House, Whitby, Eleanor, relict of Thomas Burnett, aged 76.

3 April 1877
On the 28th March, at 9, Bellevue-terrace, Dorothy Ann, relict of the late John
Richardson, Esq., of Whitby, aged 62.

8 August 1877
On the 3rd Aug.,  at Cliff House, Whitby, aged 72 years, Amelia, widow of William
Brown, Esq.

12 December 1877
On Friday, the 7th Dec., at his residence, The Bury, Arlsey, Beds., Thomas Percival, 
Esq., formerly of Whitby, aged 57.

4 January 1878
On the 29th Dec., at Marske-by-the-Sea, Mary Jane Smith, widow of the Rev. William Henry 
Smith, late rector of Hinderwell, near Whitby, aged 55.

31 January 1878
On the 20th inst., Mrs. Clara Gardner, of Beaumont Cottage, Beaumont-square, 
Mile-end, in her 76th year, granddaughter of the late John Jackson, Esq., by his first
wife, Jane Jackson, late of Stepney-green, and St. George's-place, Middlesex. 
Whitby papers please copy.

25 September 1878
On the 20th Sept., at 24, Bagdale, Whitby, aged 81 years, Isabella, widow of the late
Charles Hotham Wells, Captain 2nd European Regiment.

4 January 1879
On New Year's Day, at Westwood, Scarborough, Katherine, daughter of the late
William Holt, esq., of Whitby,aged 80 years.

30 July 1879
On the 24th inst., at 2, Wellclose-square, Whitby, Yorks, Anna Maria, daughter of
the late Thomas Hunter, Esq. 

23 September 1879
On the 22nd inst., at 303, Clapham-road, in her 80th year, Sarah, widow of the late 
Robert Braithwaite, Esq., formerly of Ruswarp, near Whitby, Yorkshire.

11 October 1879
On the 8th Oct., at West Humble, near Dorking, Edward Dowson, M.D., of 117, 
Park-street, Grosvenor-square, and West Humble, aged 47, only son of J.Dowson,
M.D., of Whitby, Yorkshire.

17 November 1879
On the 14th inst., at 8, East-terrace, Whitby, Margaret, widow of the Rev. Charles
Kipling, Vicar of Gilsland, Cumberland, and daughter of the late Rev. Canon
Lixon, of Helmsley, Yorkshire, aged 51.

20 February 1880
On the 18th Feb., Ann, widow of the late Rev. John Cass Potter, Congregational
Minister, Whitby, aged73 (?75).

19 March 1880
On the 14th March, at Whitby, Marcelina, wife of A.B.Knox.

15 April 1880
On the 12th inst., at the Old Rectory, Whitby, the residence of her son, Milborough 
Lucas, widow of the late John Lucas, Portrait Painter, of St.John's-wood-road, in
her 68th year.

15 September 1880
On the 13th inst., at his residence, the Old Rectory, Whitby, John Templeton Lucas,
Artist, late of St.John's-wood, eldest son of the late John Lucas, Portrait Painter, 
of London, of cancer, in his 44th year.

23 December 1880
On the 21st Dec., at 16, Calthorpe-street, W.C., John Wm. Webbe, eldest son of the
late John Webbe, of Newcastle-on-Tyne and Whitby, aged 27.

22 March 1881
On the 15th March, suddenly, at 12, Abbey-terrace, Whitby, Yorkshire, Margaret, the 
beloved wife of John J. Rigg.

11 February 1882
On the 8th inst., at the residence of her eldest surviving son, Charles Hall, C.E., of 18,
Oakhurst-grove, East Dulwich, Mrs. Alice Hall, aged 75, widow of William Moore
Hall, of Southampton, and daughter of the late Capt. Lawson, of Whitby. Hants. And
Yorkshire papers please copy.

1 April 1882
On the 29th March, at Clifton, Isabella Mary, eldest daughter of the late T. Percival,
Esq., formerlyof Whitby and Arlsey Bury, Beds.

18 September 1882
On the 8th inst., at Whitby, Yorkshire, Walter Augustus Lewis, M.D., Chief Medical
Officer of H.M.Post Office, 2, Gordon-square, London.

23 March 1883
On the 18th inst., at St.Hilda's-terrace, Whitby, Ann, wife of the late Christopher
Richardson, Esq., J.P., aged 78.

28 March 1883
On the 20th inst., at 3, Royal-crescent, Whitby, aged 93, Miss Martha Richardson, 
only daughter of Christopher Richardson, J.P., of Field House, Whitby, deceased 
(who died April 26, 1825).

8 June 1883
On Thursday, the 31st May, at Whitby Abbey, Hannah, widow of Colonel George
Cholmley, late 7th Hussars, of Whitby Abbey, and Howsham Hall, Yorkshire, and
daughter of John Robinson Poulis, Esq., of Buckton Manor and Heslerton Hall, in
the same county. 

27 November 1883
On the 23rd inst., at The Heys, Lydgate, near Huddersfield, the Rev. John Owen, late
of Whitby, in the 84th year of his age. Friends are requested to kindly accept this

30 November 1883
On the 23rd Oct., at Jonesboro', Tennessee, U.S. America, Jessie Harriett, the beloved
wife of Thomas Watson, of Whitby, Yorks., and Jonesboro', Tennessee, Esq., and
eldest daughter of the late Edmund Pinnock Denniss, Esq., aged 31 years.

4 December 1883
On Sunday morning, the 25th Nov. 1883, at Tunbridge Wells, (late of Southborough),
of bronchitis, Sarah, youngest daughter of the late D'Oyly Saunders, of Cotebank, 
near Whitby, in her 71st year.

20 August 1884
On the 8th inst., at the Old Rectory, Whitby, Frances Alicia, widow of the late George
Jeffrey Moorhead, A.G.S., Rector of the parish of Easington-cum-Liverton, deeply

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