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The Times - 30 September 1835
Melancholy death by Drowning

Mr. Smales Jackson and his wife, who resided in a small cottage near the village of
Ruswarp, about two miles from Whitby, on the York road, were both unfortunately
drowned on Saturday last under very mysterious circumstances. The inquest, which
was held the following morning, could get no evidence which threw any light on the
cause of this melancholy event. It appears that one of Jackson's own little children
was playing on the chain-bridge across the Esk (which is a very short distance from
his cottage), and seeing its father and mother in the water, ran and told Mrs. Wray,
the bridge toll-keeper, who went immediately to the spot, but could see nothing 
except a slight bubbling on the water. An alarm was given, and a search ciommenced
for the bodies, which were both found about half-an-hour after, but all animation was
forever gone. Another little child, which was in the house, said her mother was
ironing, but she laid down her work and went out, and her father soon after followed;
and the child saw them no more. Of course the coroner's jury returned a verdict of 
Found drowned" The parties had only been married a fortnight or three weeks. The
children, of whom several are left destitute, were Jackson's by a former wife - 
Chester Chronicle  

The Times - 7 October 1835
Another account:-

A most melancholy catastrophe took place at Ruswarp, in the neighbourhood of
Whtby, on Saturday week. A man of the name of Smales Jackson, a roper by trade,
lived in a little cottage on the dam side, near Ruswarp Mill. He had been thrice
married, his third wedding having taken place about three weeks since. He had
several living children by his former wives. On Saturday week some altercation arose
between him and his wife, and she, under great excitement, left the house and threw
herself into the river. Her husband, being a most excellent swimmer, plunged into the
stream, and was drowned also. The  bodies were buried in the same graves of 
Jackson's  two former wives, on Tuesday week. - Sunderland Herald.

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