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Hey! Glad to see you found me... or just stumbled across me by total accident. In any case I hope you plunder through the site and enjoy what you see. This particular site is geared toward a 1973 CJ5 and it's mods. I intend to share all the info I have.

If you're familiar with the way my site WAS you will notice it has gone under the knife. I was forced to cut back the size of the site and have lost a great deal of information. I have tried my best to leave all of the TECH stuff on the CJ up, but if you run into dead links, please forgive me. This site was very detailed at one time and I am trying to go through and restructure it accordingly.

My Pages:

My favorite toy... '73 CJ 5. There is a bunch of stuff on the CJ. I will hopefully have all of the mods linked directly off of the TECH PAGE

To try and make things easier I am trying something new:


June 2003

Since the 33's were shot and I have spent alot of $$$on the ZJ getting it built up, we took the 31" Pro Comp M/Ts off of the ZJ and put them on the CJs original (to us) white wagon wheels. Looks sweet.

May 2003:
Removed the Warn winch from the CJ so it could have a new home on the ZJ.

Decmber 13, 2001
Page done on the recent functional install of the York OBA conversion.

October 20, 2001
MINI-SPOOL install/write-up in the CJ's Dana 44.

WARN H/D Axle shafts installed

The following guest book is contained on most of my primary pages, for easy access for you. Please sign in when you visit!! Thanks!!

As you visit my pages, please be patient, 'cause I like to show off my junk, and there's a bunch of pictures.

There is always an influence in our lives that drives us to where we go. For me, my Dad was the light. He was the endless and reliable source of information. He taught me about cars in general and made me self-sufficient. Anything mechanical was his drive. He had his license for the CB!! "FIX-IT-MAN" was his handle. If it broke... he'd try and fix it. If he couldn't fix it, it was time for a new one. Always made me laugh.

So, what kind of page would this be if the spark that lit the flame weren't mentioned? A sorry on ein my view.

This is a photo of my dad (rip) removing his ministock racer from the fence... a long, long time ago...