4. End Sequence

After Bob uses his tenth roll and plays out any appropriate actions, Nancy rushes to Bob (wherever he is in the building), tears through his wrist, pulls him to the ground and bites his thigh, puncturing the artery. Imelda shoots the dog with the .38 Taurus from her bottom desk drawer. But it's too late.

As Bob dies, he says, "I love you." Imelda's response depends on how many "Sparks" Bob earned or lost. During the game, Bob & Imelda don't see whether Sparks are gained or lost. After Gorm calculates all the reactions on the Spark chart and gives the verdict to Imelda, then Bob should say, "I love you."

Imelda reads the verdict:

No Sparks = "You'll be all right."
1 Spark = "I'm so sorry."
2 Sparks = "I know."
3 or more = "Don't go."

Gorm waits a moment, then reads the reactions. For example, "Imelda was trying to work when you told a joke, so it annoyed her. She was too busy surfing and answering emails to notice when you asked about the President's plan to make a pre-emptive strike on Luxembourg. Then it seemed like she distracted when she was daydreaming, but she noticed you staring at her (admire) and it made her blush." All players are allowed to see the calculations and chart at the end.

That's All
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