1. Intro

The object of My Love For You Is Way Out Of Line depends on which character you play. For Bob, your goal is to say the right things at the right time to Imelda. She may reward you with kind words in the end. (Yes, you'll still die either way.) For the players of Imelda and Gorm, the only goal is to stay in character. Amaze your friends and neighbors with the eerily accurate way you can portray a 57 year old secretary who collects angels, or the talkative ghost of a sea sponge.

Besides the paper or digital copy of these rules, you'll need:
1. one Chess or Checker board.
2. one dark rook (Bob)
3. one light queen (Imelda)
4. a bit of sponge or lint representing Gorm
5. one six-sided die
OPTIONAL: A toy dog to represent Nancy the bullmastiff, preferably something larger than the rook, but not larger than two squares. If you have to substitute some other toy animal, use something threatening. Better to have a vicious-looking shark than a harmless poodle.

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