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This one is really simple. I did a search for rings about the Green Tortoise, and all I could find was an anti-Green Tortoise ring!!! Not disputing that the guy has a right to his opinion, or even that he maybe got a raw deal from his driver. It could happen. The Green Tortoise is left hiring human beings, like any other business, and some human beings will, you know, pull in air really strongly (four letter word starting with s, think about it). But does that tell the whole story?

If you think otherwise and you have a story about your trip with the Green Tortoise that you'd like to tell, this is the ring to join. Two rules: 1. Keep it clean, this ring is rated PG. 2. Your site has to be basically pro-reptile. If you want to bash the Tortoise, rightly or wrongly, go take it over to that other ring.

If you follow those two rules, and you put at least a little effort into your writing, this should be an easy ring to join. Nothing more to say, time to visit the hubpage for the Alt-Webring or Red Oak Tree edition of Fans of the Green Tortoise, or click on one of the navbars below and see where you end up.

Fans of the Green Tortoise
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This is a Red Oak Tree Fans of the Green Tortoise site.

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