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about 3 years ago, the Poke`mon Craze hit the world and became the most popular Anime show(actually, the most popular animated show)on earth. The cards, video games, TV series, and movies were all very popular. However, sometime last year, it died out and people liked Yu-gi-oh! and Dragon Ball Z more. however, on March, 2003, the Pokemon frenzy was resurrected when Poke`mon Ruby/Sapphire came out. This page will explain lots and lots about pokemon. It's not completed yet, so please bear with me! Also, I'd lke to mention that the 'Shining Tyranitar card is Brittany's(my sister). Her site is the angelfire one that i listed above. in case u dont see it, the site is: "www.angelfire.com/moon/moonmagicwa" MORE TO COME!

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