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My favorite Love Hina Characters(and why)

Love Hina is a humorous anime story that everyone may love. The story is about a loser and so called, "pervert" said by the girls of the Love Hinata Girls Dorm. His name is keitaro, and he accidentally stumbled apon the Love Hinata Inn one day thinking it was a hotel still owned by his grandma. Well, actually, his grandma still owns the dorm, but she just happens to be away at the time. Now, on to the story! The reason he stopped by the dorm(or, as he thought, the hotel) was because he wanted to study for an entrance exam to get into Tokyo U, the best college in Japan. Anyway, after the little *accidental* crovaple in the spa, all of the girls in exception of the sweet but quiet girl, shinobu, gave him total torture for a long time. Maybe this is because he unintentionally lied about him being a Tokyo U student and everyone belived him, especially 13 year-old shinobu, who developed a crush on him. When they find out that he is not telling the truth, well, like i said, they give him total torture. Although he is not indeed an intentionally bad guy, he always gets caught at the wrong places at the wrong times. Like when he returned Shinobu's panties to her on her birthday or when Naru caught him lying on Kaolla trying to get his dirty magazine back(kaolla's hyper, so she's ALWAYS causing mischief). Despite some of keitaro's bad luck(i take it back, horrible luck!!!), most of the girls treat him good some of the time and will most likely be there for him if he needs them. Read the comic books or watch the anime(on DVD and VHS), and I am sure you'll grow to love the series!

Every Love Hina Character:


    Kaolla Su




    Tsurko Aoyama








    Ova Su

    Aoyama Su


    Tama Chan

    Mecha Tama 1

    Mecha Tama 2

    Mecha Tama 3

    Mecha Tamago 4


    Mutsumi's Mother & Siblings

    Kanako Urashima

    Shinobu's Friend

    Emma (manga only)

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