Here's a page full of Fanart by the staff members of this site. You may use them on your own site, and if you wanna send in your own work. e-mail it to me! I'll happily post it!

"POKE`DUDE" By Poke'Dude(Jay). Me, Chibi-Style! 8-5-2003

"NARU DRESSING" By Scottie2Hottie(Scott).Sorry bout' the arm outlines. I had a paint shop error trying to fix it. 8-5-2003

"MISTY IN A BRA" By Chibibabe. HOT!!!!! 7-28-2003

"THE PIKANATOR" By Poke'Dude(Jay). Hausta La Vista, Pika!!!!!! 7-24-2003

"THE ORIGINAL CHIBI POKE`DUDE" By Chibibabe. The first Chibi-Style pic of me, drawn and colored by Chibibabe. Sometime around June.......