Megaman.EXE Rumble - by Megaman Zero

A fun Megaman Zero Game. Betcha can't beat my high score! Raiting: 6.8

AOL Whine - I did not make this, so I don't take credit for it. Please don't sue!

If you think AOL sucks, then yo've gotta check this out. It's HILARIOUS! Raiting: 8.2

Zelda2, Unrealeased Remix MIDI - By McwizardX

An awesome remix! You've gotta check this out! Raiting: 9

Talking Mouth - By Mike C.

You gotta download this. It's so freakin' addictive! Type anything, and the mouth will say it. However, some things he says incorrectly spelled right, so you may have to make words look wierd for him to say them properly! Rating: 10.0!!!!!