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Welcome to My AAM page! This is a page based on the hidden love life behind the two Poke`mon characters, Ash and Misty. Someday, I hope they`ll reveal their love and be together. Until then, check out this page full of lots of AAM stuff. The Novel based on the Ash and Misty-A love story series by: Poke`dude ---------------------------------------------------- Misty, a girl with beautiful orange hair and was 19 years old and Ash, a boy with black hair and was also 19 years-old, decided to go have a picnic at the park. However, that picnic turned into a nap, a nap they would never forget. Read this story to make you feel better, inspire you, or just so you`ll have something good to read. I`ve worked hard on this story, so I hope you like it!

Chapter 1- It Continues: “ Oh, Ash, that was the best nap ever!” said Misty happily. “ Anything that will make you happy. You are the world to me, and I love you very much. Said ash. “ That`s so sweet, Ash.” Said Misty , turning over to him. “ Pikaaa!” “ Pikachu, what are you doing here?” said Ash surprised. “ Pika Pika Pikachuuu!” ( its time to go to the poke` festival ). “ Oh, I`m so sorry, Pikachu. Its time to go to the poke` festival, isn’t it?” “ Pikaaaa!” Said Pikachu, agreeing with Ash. “ We should go, Ash. Before Pikachu dies of anticipation.” said Misty, smiling. “ Okay, lets go!” “ Pikaaaa!” ( Yeah!!! ) .

Ash sent out his Pidgeot and his Noctowl so they could fly them to the festival. “ I dunno, Ash. I`ve never flown on your Poke`mon before. What if we fall?” “ Pika.” ( I agree ). “ c`mon, guys. There`s nothing to be afraid of. My Poke`mon have had years of experience. I think they can manage you guys.” “ Okay, if you say so.” “ But if I fall...” “ I know, I know. I`ll pay for your injuries.” Misty hopped on pidgeyot`s back and Pikachu jumped on Misty`s lap while Ash mounted Noctowl. “ Off we go to the Poke` festival!” said Ash, watching Misty grasping Pidgeyot`s wings so hard that a few feathers fell out.

After about 10 minutes of flying, the two Poke`mon landed and ash called them back to their poke`balls and they payed their way in. “ Where should we go first?” said Ash. “ I gotta go to the bathroom. I guess that flight scared me a little. I`ll take a little while, so why don’t you and Pikachu go do some stuff, and I`ll catch up when I`m finished?” “ Are you sure, Misty? We can stand to wait for a few minutes.” “ I`ll be fine. It`s not like anything will happen to me while I`m in there.” “ Really Misty, we can wait. But if you insist...I`ll take Pikachu to go get a hotdog or something.” “ That sounds great! By the way, do you have a dime, Ash? I may need it to...” Then ash and Pikachu were gone. “(sigh) They are such boys.”

CHAPTER 2: TROUBLE- Misty went to the bathroom , un buckled her suspenders, and pulled down her pants so she could urinate. A few minutes later she got up and washed her hands quickly so she could go have some fun with Ash and Pikachu. As she headed towards the door, she heard someone say “ So Misty, you havin` fun with Ash?” Misty was startled by what she heard. “ Who are you?” she said, pulling out the pointed nail filer in her purse. “ I am an old friend. Don’t you remember?” I don’t know you, and if I do, I don’t wanna remember you. Just go away. Misty thought to herself. “ Oh come on. You don`t remember.” “ No, I don`t remember you, just leave me alone!” Misty said, almost stuttering. “ Fine then, I`ll reveal myself. But then you better remember.” “Okay.”

A boy with brown hair came out of the shadows. “ Oh my god, Gary! What are you doing here?” “ I`m here because you and Ash ruined my life!” “ What are you talking about, Gary?” “ you know what I`m talkin` about. Quit bein` a ditz!” “ I am not a ditz! Now tell me what you mean by Ash and I ruined your life!”Exclaimed Misty. “ Fine, then! Here it goes: First of all, because Ash defeated me in battle, all my cheer leaders ditched me because I was considered a loser by them! Then, Ash refused to help me when Mewtwo nearly killed me at the time when I found his secret region! He just stood their, watching as Mewtwo threw me into the blistering cold ocean, where I had to rely on my Vaporeon to get me to shore. I had to rest at the poke`mon center for over a week until they had to remove my leg and put a fake plastic one on. Then, all because of him, my sister left me and moved into Ash`s house! All of this caused me to go clinically insane to the point where my mother had to call a Midical Hospital to get me help for a few months. All thanks to him! He did it! It`s all his fault! All his fault! All His fault! He ruined my life! He threw it all in the disposal! He shred it up into millions of pieces! If it was`ent for him, I would still have a family! They moved without telling me, and now I don’t know where they are! I hate him! I hate his guts! I hate his freakin` soul! For all I care, he can just die in a fire and never come back to this foresaken world! I don’t care If he drives off a cliff! I don’t care if he gets shot in the heart! I can care less if he got torn up by a pact of rabid wolves! I hate him! I hate him! I HATE HIM!!!” Gary said, trembling and drooling. “ Don`t you dare blame Ash for your problems, Gary.” Said Misty, scared and trembling. “ Just shut your mouth! See, I have this knife...” He then pulled a swiz army knife out of his back pocket. “ And if you make me mad enough...” “ I`m warning you, Gary, or I`ll call Ash...” “ Ohhh, nooo. Not big bad Ash! He`ll kill me! Oh god, please spare me!” Then Gary howled with laughter. “ I`m getting Ash!” “ No you're not!” Gary then grabbed her shirt and threw her into the wall. Misty screamed as a tear came to her eye. “ You jerk! How dare you? This is harassment! I`m gonna get Ash!" “ And how will you do that? You`re bleeding. You`re so scared that you can hardly talk. I don`t think you`re going anywhere.”

Misty cried as Gary walked slowly across the room. “ You never knew it, but I loved you. You were always candy to my eyes. Gary said as he slowly kneeled down and closed in on her lips. Misty smacked him just before his lips touched hers. “ Pervert! You never , never try that again!” Gary huffed as he wiped the blood from his nose with his arm. “ You just don’t get it, do you?.” Misty looked at him with a puzzled expression. “ We could`ve been together, Misty. But you just had to go with Ash. I`m shocked!” Misty stared at him some more. “ Like in the old movies. If the evil character dos`ent get what he or she wants, they make everyone suffer until they get it. So, if I don’t get what I want, I`ll make you give me what I want.” Said Gary, pacing back and fourth slowly staring at her the whole time. Oh my god, he's crazy. He is so darned crazy. Will he try to kill me, or will he just mess with me? Misty thought to herself. “ So if you wanna live to get married to Ash, I suggest you do whatever I say.” Gary soon rubbed her neck. Without thinking, Misty kicked him in the groin. He yelped and fell to the ground as she quickly got up and bolted toward the door. He ignored the pain and got up. He saw misty struggling to open the door and chuckled. “ Lookin` for these?” Said Gary, shaking the keys to the bathroom. He soon threw them in a toilet then lunged at her, limping as fast as he could. Misty felt a hand on her shoulder grab her shirt. She tried to escape by pulling away until finally a big piece of her shirt got torn off, revealing half of her right breast. She then turned around and shoved her hand into his face, breaking his nose. He yelped and held his severely bleeding nose as she kneed him once more in the groin and shoved him into the mirror which shattered and punctured his face to the point that it was red from blood. She was convinced that he was dead but double checked by slapping his face about 3 times. She let out a sigh of relief as she walked over to the toilet and reached in to retrieve the keys. Gary got upwhen Misty's back was turned, grinning because he got away with playing possum. He then grabbed her and fell to the ground, taking her with him. He punched her a few times until Misty kneed him in the stomach so hard that he passed out. As fast as she could, Misty grabbed the keys and shoved them into the slot and bolted outside, screaming.

“ Ash, Ash, Ash!” She screamed, nearly crying. “ Misty, we were worried sick about you! What took you? Oh my god, what happened to you? You look seriously hurt!”Said Ash, very worried. “ Pika, Pika?” ( How did you get like this ? ). “ G-G-G.......” “ What, Misty?” Said Ash, holding her shoulders. “ Gary was in there! H-H-He raped me! I had to protect myself! It was so, so.....” Then misty started crying. “ Don`t worry, I`ll call Officer Jenny to take care of everything. Rest on this bench until then. I`ll even leave Pikachu here to protect you!” “ Pikaaaaachu ( Sure thing )!" I`m gonna look for a phone. “ Thanks, baby.” said misty, drifting off to sleep.

CHAPTER 3: THE INVESTIGATION- “ Hmmm, this must`ve been some problem. The mirror is shattered, there`s some blood on the wall and floors, and some of the stall doors have cracks and holes in them.” Said officer Jenny, as she carefully inspected the holes, which appeared to have been made by Gary`s fist. “ Take a look at this, Ash. See this hole?” “ I do, Jenny. But what does it mean?” “ It means that Misty locked the door and Gary punched right through it, getting a major cut.” Just then, Ash pictured Gary putting his fist through the door so hard that the green door got stained with red blood. “ I guess that explains the dripping blood around the edges of the hole, huh?” “ Exactly.”

Ash walked across the room towards the mirror and picked up a piece of bloody glass that was in the sink. Gosh, what happened here? Ash thought to himself. Whatever happened, it could'ent have happened to Misty. Ash looked over to Gary, who was just lying there on a stretcher, getting ready to be picked up. Gary most likely ran into the mirror or something and got pretty sliced up. As Ash held the piece of glass, he pictured Gary running to tackle Misty but she moved and he crashed into the mirror. Ash could`ent help but gag when he looked at all the cuts and glass wedged into his face .

“Excuse me, Jenny, I have to go to the bathroom. I`ll be back soon.” “ Okay, Ash. If the site of Gary`s body bothers you, we will remove it right away.” “ Thanks, Jenny.” Ash ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. "He was`ent dead, but his body was so disturbing. Ash puked some more. Oh man, I wonder what exactly happened to Misty?" Ash kept on picturing what could`ve happened in that bathroom. All of a sudden, he pictured what happened to his older brother when he was about 3 years old. He was playing outside with his mom`s Mr. Mime and his brother was practicing his driving skills in a Blue Convertible Corvette down the road to Professor Oak`s Lab and back. After a while of driving back and fourth, Ash heard a crash. Him and his mom ran as fast as they could down the path but saw no car and no Michael, for that matter. After about 5 minutes of searching and screaming, Ash saw what looked like a tire barely rising above a blackberry bush, so he quickly got his mom and they climbed down the walls of the ditch and pulled away the bush, trying not to get cut when they suddenly saw a frightening sight. They saw Michael`s hand hanging out of the door. His mom clasped her hands around her mouth and started crying while Ash went for a closer look. When he looked through the window, he looked at his brother for a few minutes and cried. “ Its all your fault, Ash....You`re the reason why mom ignored me and made me want to go away. Its all your fault!” Ash stopped puking and said “ Its not my fault! It`s your own fault you wanted to move! Don’t even think of blaming me! Besides, You`re dead! You were buried in the Viridian City Cemetery! Quit bugging me already! You`re dead! Dead! Dead!!!” Ash wiped his mouth off with his hand then turned around and hit his head on the banner above the stall door, knocking him unconscious. "Well, that was brilliant. That was the smartest idea you ever had." Ash thought to himself, before he totally drifted off to sleep.

CHAPTER 4: MISTY`S RECOVERY- Ash awoke a few hours later in a Poke`mon center, lying on a couch covered with a white sheet and in sky blue colored pajamas. Ash saw Misty sitting on a chair next to his bed, drinking a glass of green tea while wrapped up in a mink blanket with a picture of Mew on it. “ Where am I ?” Ash said, as he looked around with a puzzled look on his face. “ We`re at the Celadon City Poke`mon Center. You bonked your head on that banner so hard that you were knocked unconcious and you got a doozie of an injury. It`s a good thing that Officer Jenny found you and rushed you here.” Ash then rubbed his head which felt very light and had a bandage wrapped around it. Ash groaned then looked down at his pajamas for a few seconds before he asked Misty how he got undressed himself and put a pair of pajamas on. Misty giggled then said, “ You`re so silly, Ash... Nurse Joy changed your clothes.” Ash had an embarrassed expression on his face while taking a sip of the apple juice which was sitting on a short stool beside him. “ Misty, I am so sorry for everything that Gary did to you. Are you gonna be okay?” “ Of coarse, Ash. Gary is behind bars now and I have realized my true strength. I will just have to see a counselor for a little while. As long as I have my big, tough man with me, I think I`ll be just fine.” Misty said, as she winked at Ash. Ash blushed then noticed his old friend, Brock, walking through the automatic - opening door. “ Hi, Brock. Is there anything you need on this day?” Said Nurse Joy. “ Nope, not really. I just wanted to see how beautiful you were today.” “ Uhhh, beautiful? I don`t know about that...” “ You are very beautiful today.” “ Brock, is there something in particular you want?” “ Will you..........” “ What, Brock?” “ WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Brock blurted out as Misty spit tea out of her mouth and Ash dropped the magazine he was reading. Brock just stood there with a very serious face while Nurse Joy stood there, holding her hand over her mouth. “ It sounds weird, but I have loved you since I was twelve.” Brock said as Nurse Joy slowly removed her hand from her mouth. “ You are 22 years-old and I am 18 years-old. We are only separated by 4 years. What do you say?” Brock then rubbed Nurse Joy`s hand, which was sitting on a clipboard with a piece of paper on it. “ Brock, I can understand that you love me, but maybe you should find someone your own age to marry.” Nurse Joy saw Brock`s smile turn into a frown and his head slowly lowering down to the palms of hands. “ Brock, please don’t feel sad. I just think I`m a little too old for you.” Brock then turned around and headed for the door with a slumped back. “ I`ll make a deal with you, Brock. I`ll go out to dinner with you if you pay for it.” Said Nurse Joy as she crossed out a couple of things on her schedule list. “ Of coarse! That would be great! Where should we go?” “ How about the seafood restaurant in Vermillion City? I`ve always wanted to try it...” Said Nurse Joy. “ Sure! How about tonight at 7:30?” “Okay.” “Great! Now off I go to get fancy!” Said Brock as he bolted out the door and ran straight to the Pewter City gym (which was about 3 miles away). He then rushed into his room, grabbed his black suit (which he had`ent worn since the Christmas party in Saffron City four years ago), and ran to the bathroom and started a shower. He set his poke`balls (which contained Golem, Onix, Foretress, Crobat,and a Ninetales) down on the lid of the toilet (which had a blue, rugged cloth on it) and threw his sweaty clothes down the laundry pit on the wall near the door. As he lathered up some soap and rubbed it around his body, he remembered the time where Misty was crying because the other Nurse Joy at the Poke`mon center near a water Poke`mon lake hated water-type Poke`mon and would`ent touch Misty`s Poke`mon. He did not know why he began thinking about this, but he figured it was because he was rinsing himself off in cold water that he did not like (brock`s dad could not afford hot water). After he was finished, he dried himself off with a towel, put some Calvin Cleign English Leather cologne on his neck, and put his suit on. Having about 4 hours of spare time before he would drive to the Celadon City poke`mon center and pick up Nurse Joy, He decided to finish the Poke`mon league match he recorded on a video that morning. He watched as a trainer sent out a Charizard and the other, sending out a Nidoking. The trainer that wore the black shorts and the grey T-shirt commanded his Charizard to use the Flamethrower attack. A straight line of burning fire shot towards Nidoking. Nidoking blocked it by covering his face. The crowd roared as the fire shot in nine different directions as it hit Nidoking`s muscular arms. The other trainer in the came pants and the white muscle shirt then commanded his Nidoking to use the Take Down attack. The two-legged Rhino like Poke`mon dashed towards the winged dragon type Poke`mon with a burning tail with it`s head lowered and it`s arms in front of him. Nidoking hit Charizard so hard that it went flying towards the wall. Before it hit the wall, it put it`s legs down and stopped itself, just in time. The trainer that owned the Charizard commanded it to use the Fire Spin technique. The Poke`mon shot fire straight up to the sky, creating a fire tornado, which moved towards Nidoking. Just before the burning twister hit Nidoking, it dug under the ground. A few minutes later, the trainer commanded it to use the Dig attack. Nidoking then jumped out of the ground, grabbed Charizard, and threw it straight up in the air. It came falling back down at about 60 yards up in the air, and came crashing down to Earth. When the dust cleared, Charizard was half-way under ground, unconscious. The trainer withdrew Charizard, and the other won the battle. Brock then turned off the TV and decided to take a short nap.

That nap lasted so long that when he awoke, he only had 5 minutes to get Nurse Joy. “Holy crap! How long have I been sleeping?” Said Brock, putting his shoes on in a hurry. After this, he ran outside, jumped in his car, and rushed to the Poke`mon Center in Celadon City. He got there right on time. Waiting outside was Nurse Joy. She was wearing a beautiful black dress and her hair let down. Instead of Brock drooling and shaking over this, He contained himself and simply told her she looked great. “ Aw, thats so sweet. I thought this made me look fat. After all, I bought this a year ago...” Said nurse Joy, as she blushed. “Nonsense, Nurse Joy. You look great! Now, off to the restaurant!” Said Brock, speeding off as Nurse Joy held her hand across her dress, trying to keep it from blowing up, revealing her blue panties.

-Chapter 5: Brock and Nurse Joy`s wish- When they arrived at the restaurant, a waiter seated them and brought them two glasses of water. “ Would you two like something to drink?” Asked the waiter. “ Sure, I`ll have some sweetened iced tea.” Said Brock. “ And I`ll have a glass of beer.” Said Nurse Joy, smiling. “ Beer? You drink beer? I thought you did`ent like it?” “ You`d be surprised at what I like. Who told you I did`ent like beer?” “ The Nurse Joy at Lavender Town.” “ Oh, that Nurse Joy is my third cousin. Im the only Nurse Joy that likes beer.” Said Nurse Joy as a drop of sweat formed on Brock`s head. “ So, tell me a little something about you.” Said Nurse Joy, smiling. “ Well, I love rock-type Poke`mon. Im the leader of the Pewter City gym.” When Brock said this, Nurse Joy jumped up, almost spilling her beer. “ I love rock-type Poke`mon! They are so neat! I especially love Onix! I used to ride them for miles when I was just a little girl! I used to go into the valley, find an Onix, and capture it! By the time I was 16, I had over 33 of `em! I loved them so much that I used them for trail rides to make money! Five bucks a ride! I had hundreds of dollars in a week of doing that! I love them! I love them! I LOVE THEM!” After Joy was done talking, she jumped across the table and started making out with Brock as the waiter came. “ Uhhh, may I take your order?” As soon as Joy heard the waiter, she jumped up into her seat, and Brock did, too. People were staring, mothers were keeping their children from seeing what was happening, teens were gossiping, and an old man`s heart gave out. “ Yes, I`ll have the lobster pasta, please.” Said Joy, pretty embarrassed. “ And for you, sir?” “ I`ll have a chicken breast. I mean, snow crab, please.” As Brock said the chicken breast part, a mother grabbed her children`s hands and marched out. A few minutes later, the waiter ran into the kitchen. “ I`m sorry, Nurse Joy. I know it`s kinda messed up to start making out with someone much older than me.....” Said Brock, almost stuttering. “ I`m the one that should apologize. I kinda lied to you, Brock.” “ What do you mean, Joy?” “ I`m not 22 years old. Im actually 18 years old. Only 1 month older than you. I was trying to avoid you at the Poke`mon Center. Please forgive me....” As soon as Joy stopped talking, She started crying. “ Nurse Joy, don`t blame yourself. I understand.” Then Brock went over and rubbed her hair and kissed her lips. As they did this, the crowd of people cheered and clapped. “ I love you, Brock. You are so special to me.” She said this as they hugged each other and Brock started crying tears of happiness. Everyone cheered and clapped again. But this time, Brock heard two familiar voices calling, “That`s the way!” and “ Go get her!” He looked back to see Misty cuffing her hands over her mouth and Ash clapping. “ Guys! How`d you know we were here?” said Brock, both excited and surprised. “ You told us, remember?” Said Misty. Brock then fell over.

Chapter 6- Dana When Brock and Nurse Joy were done eating and were driving back to Brocks house, they talked for a little while and stopped for ice-cream. “Hmmm, which flavor should I get?” Said Nurse Joy, looking at all the delicious flavors of ice cream. “Rocky road, cookie dough, peanut butter cup, German chocolate, they all look so good.” Said Nurse Joy. “I think I`ll get Rocky road `cause I train rock-type Poke`mon.” Said Brock, making Nurse Joy laugh. About five minutes later they got their ice cream and continued driving. When they got to the Pewter City gym, Brock got out and opened the door for Nurse Joy. “Um, Brock?” “Yes, my dear?” “Can I spend the night here, tonight? I`m kinda tired from dancing at the restaurant for two hours.” Brock looked at her for a second then said, “Sure, I`ll pull down the futon in my room so you`ll be nice and comfy.” “Brock, I`d rather sleep with you tonight. I`ll feel more safe, and maybe more comfy, too.” Brock agreed and they walked into the gym. When the walked in, they entered a hallway(kinda like a highschool swimming pool hallway) with bright yellow wallpaper and slate tiles. “Where does this door lead to?” Asked Nurse Joy, pointing to a blue, steel door that opened when you clapped. “Oh, that leads to the gym. Wanna go in?” “Sure, Brock. But only if we battle.” brock agreed and he clapped his hands and entered the big room with gray slate tiling and brick walls. “Kinda boring, but at least it’s a gym.” “Hold on, It gets better.” Brock then clapped his hands and the floor turned upside down and the other side came up. It now had a hard, concrete floor with standing stones as tall as 10-feet tall. Nurse Joy complemented his gym then pulled out a Poke`ball from her pocket and got into a throwing position. “Wait!!!!!!” Brock and Nurse Joy turned their heads and saw a girl about 18 years-old with red hair down to her shoulders and wearing a pink T-shirt standing in front of the door holding a Poke`ball. “I wanna battle! I forgot this gym on my adventure, but I`ll get my badge now!” The girl shouted, pointing at Brock. “Uhhh, who are you?” Asked Brock, kinda disturbed. “I`m Dana! The master Poke`mon artist and trainer! And someday, I`ll be a Poke`mon master.” She said in a powerful tone. “Look at all my badges!” She then pulled out a roll of silk and let it naturally unravel all the way down to her feet. There were so many badges, that you could hardly see the yellow material. There was one vacant spot, right between a badge that looked like a star and a badge shaped like a moon with a small diamond in the middle. “See this little spot? This is where the next badge will go.” Brock was amazed by all the battles, then began the battle with her. “We will battle with two Poke`mon, no time limit, no time-outs. Lets go!” Shouted Brock (He had to shout for her to hear him across the gym. “Go Kadabra!” Screamed Dana, throwing a Poke`ball in the middle of the gym. In a flash of light, a fairy-tale looking Poke`mon with a spoon emerged. “Go Ursaring!” Brock threw a Poke`ball and a Bear-type Poke`mon emerged and let out a loud roar. “Ursaring, use Faint Attack!” Ursaring then turned invisible and ran at full speed towards Kadabra. Kadabra then teleported and re-appeared on top of one of the tallest rocks with a flat top. “Kadabra, use Psychic attack!” Screamed Dana. The Poke`mon`s spoon and eyes glowed and several colorful waves headed towards Ursaring. They were hitting Ursaring, but they were not affecting him. “Don’t you know? Psychic-type attacks don’t effect dark-types!” Said Brock. “Your just lucky....Rock or not, you wont be able to beat this one...” Brock looked at her with a puzzled expression. She then took anoter Poke`ball out of her pocket and threw it. “Houndoom, Go!” And in a flash of light, a Doberman type poke`mon came out. “Houndour, Fire blast attack!” Dana shouted across the room. Houndour heard her and fired a blast of fire and fried Ursaring. Brock was then scared, very, very scared. “You`re pretty good, but you`re no match for this one.” Brock then threw a Poke`ball and a giant rock snake emerged. “Onix, rock throw attack!” Onix then shot a huge boulder out of its mouth and hit Houndoom, bulls-eye. Houndoom staggered around for a little bit then fell over. Brock was pretty sure that Houndoom fainted so he held Onix`s Poke`ball out in front of him and said, “Onix, retu” “Wait! Did you really think that Houndoom would give up that easily? This is all part of my trap.” Said Dana, in a convincing tone. Brock and Nurse Joy turned around and saw that Houndoom was gone. “Where is he?” Nurse Joy started to say just as she saw Houndoom re-appear on top of a rock. “Houndoom, unleash all the energy you`ve saved up at Onix!” Houndoom then shot out a huge flash of light straight at Onix. The huge flash of energy hit Onix with the exact same power as Onix attacked Houndoom. Onix then started thrashing about, crushing some of the rocks and cracking the walls (The walls were made for incidents like this, so they were hardly damaged). Eventually It thrashed so hard that It fainted. Brock saw Onix sprawled out on the floor, knocked out cold then shivered, wondering if Dana Might actually be a Poke`mon master. “Onix, return.” Onix retreated to It`s Poke`ball and Brock had to fork over the badge to Dana. ‘At last, the Boulder Badge.” Dana said as she held up the silver octagon-shaped badge in the light as it sparkled and shined. “Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it.” Dana said as she put her new badge on the strip of silk, rolled it up, and walked out the door. They just watched until Dana disappeared into the night. “Hey Joy, wanna continue our battle?” “No thanks, Brock. I`m pretty tired. Lets just go straight to bed.” Brock agreed and they walked into the hall, rode the elevator to the top floor, and headed to Brock`s room.

CHAPTER 7- THE BEAUTIFUL NIGHT- Brock gargled mouthwash and spit it out his window, where it splashed on the limestone sidewalk. “Ready for bed, Joy?” Brock asked Joy, who was brushing her teeth in the bathroom. “Almost, just let me get into something a little more comfy.” Nurse joy reached for her zipper in the back of her dress, but she just could`ent get it. She then called Brock. “Brock can you come help me?” “Okay, honey. I`ll come.” Brock walked into the bathroom and asked Joy what she needed. “I cant reach my zipper. Can you help me?” Brock touched her zipper and sweated. Okay, this is the day where I really become a man. I`ve gotta contain myself, or she`ll just walk out on me. Brock slowly unzipped her zipper and saw a bra strap and some skin. Brock then got really excited inside as he unzipped her zipper all the way down. Now the dress just seemed to fall down to the ground. Joy got up and pulled her legs out of her dress. She turned around and was wearing a blue bra and blue underwear with a white cross on the front and one on her bra. They both got into bed and started making out. Joy then took off Brock`s shirt and threw it out the window. As she did this, Brock kissed her neck and she gasped `cause it felt good. She then did the same and he said, “I like that.” She smiled and continued. He then pulled her down and he started kissing her chest. She gasped some more (Remember, `cause it felt good). She then grabbed him and started kissing him again. They got so into it that they eventually rolled off the bed and fell to the floor. They looked at each other and started laughing at each other`s face expressions. Brock looked like he broke something and Joy looked like she saw a ghost. They laughed so hard that Brock`s 12 year-old sister awoke(This was the only one of his other brothers and sisters. Brock`s dad left again and the others followed him). After they were done, they got back up on the bed and continued what they were doing. Just as Brock was unbuckling Joy`s bra, Brock`s little sister walked into the room. “Brock! What are you guys doing?!” Because Brock`s little sister`s 13th birthday was coming in a few weeks, she knew exactly what they were doing. After weeks of learning about sex and puberty in her health class in middle school, she knew everything from hair in different places to girls having their periods every month. She was not scared to see Brock and Joy doing this, because she knew she was eventually gonna see a loved one doing this. When Brock heard his sister, he turned around and Joy got under the covers. “Uh, hi sis. What`s up?” Brock said embarrassed and blushing. “What are you guys doing?” Now Brock`s sister was playing stupid, and he knew it. She`s done it since she was only 5 years-old and she never stopped, and probably never will. “We were just, uh...” Brock wanted to tel her, but she said it just before he could even open his mouth. “You guys were doing it, huh?” Brock`s sister always did`ent like saying the actual word, so she just referred to it by saying, “Doing it”. Brock knew he could not hide it, so he just told her. “We were, Samantha. When boys and girls hit their late teenage years, they`ll wanna do it. For all I know, you might be doing this when you turn 13 years-old.” Samantha smiled(Samantha was Brock`s little sister, by the way) and headed back to her bedroom. Brock tucked her in , put her beautiful red hair in a ponytail, and turned on her nightlight. “Now go to sleep, you`ve gotta go to girl scouts tomorrow.” She smiled again and went to sleep. Brock softly closed the door behind him and went back to his room. When he got there, he closed the door and apologized to Joy. “It`s ok. I love the fact that you treat your sister like she`s your own daughter. For that, I think you deserve to go a little further than what I`m wearing.” Joy sat up and Brock wrapped his hands around her and slipped off her bra. They kissed again in the darkness.

CHAPTER 8- The Next Morning- Brock and Joy awoke the next morning, sweaty and half naked. Outside the birds were chirping and children were playing. Brock looked at the clock on the night stand next to his bed and noticed it was 7 `o clock. He figured he had enough time to take a shower before he had to drive Samantha to her girl scouts meeting. Him and Joy got up and headed to the bathroom. Without even knowing Joy was behind him, He started a shower and turned around to get undressed. As he took off his shirt, he noticed Joy was standing there in a sky blue top and in the same pair of underwear she was wearing when they had sex. “What are you doing here?” Brock said, kinda startled. “I want to take a shower with you.” She said as she took off her panties. What Brock saw got him very excited and he decided he should not be scared to take off his boxers in front of her. He took them off and Joy started giggling. “Why are you laughing?” Said Brock. “Look down.” Without even knowing it, Brock got a little too excited. Excited to the point that it was “Saying hi to the world” as Brock referred it to. She laughed some more and she took off her shirt. He got all googly eyed as he saw it all hang out. “Well, ready to get into the shower?” Said Brock. “Yeppers.” And they both got into the shower. Brock turned on the water and Nurse Joy got in. She jumped out and screamed. “What`s wrong, Joy?” Said Brock as He stepped into the shower. “Yaaaaar! This stupid water is too friggin` cold!” He then turned the knob and made the water a little hotter. They both got into the shower, lathered up some soap, and rubbed it on each other. “Its getting hot in here.” They popped there heads out and saw Nelly singing. “How the frick did you get in here?” Said Brock, kinda angry. “I dunno dawg. I just kinda found my way up in here. I`ll get out.” Then He jumped out the window and ran away. They continued what they were doing. Brock rubbed soap around here face and Joy rubbed soap around his chest. He thought it felt pretty good so He washed Her chest. She started breathing deeply and Brock said, “Oh, what the heck.” And they both fell down and they did`nt just make out, they, uh, I think you know.......

They got dressed an hour later and they rushed Samantha to the girl scouts meeting. They dropped Her off and headed back to Brock`s gym. On the way there, Nurse Joy felt kinda nervous. Brock looked over and saw that she looked kind scared and nervous. “What`s wrong?” Asked Brock with affection as he rubbed her shoulder. “What we did this morning in the shower was great but, was it totally safe? I mean, do you think that you should`ve, um, worn more protection?” Brock looked at Joy before He started explaining that everything was gonna be alright. She smiled and they continued driving back to Brock`s place.

When they got home, the were pretty bored. There was only Saturday crap on TV and Brock`s old DVD`s were getting kinda old. They eventually agreed that they would go see a movie, go out to lunch, see another movie, go out to dinner, and come home. This was the perfect plan `cause it would use up the whole day. They headed out to see a movie. There were about 15 movies playing at the movies and there were over 9 different movies they were dying to see. They carefully looked at the selection and agreed they would see Bridget Jones` Diary. Brock bought tickets and snacks and they walked to the theater. They picked out two seats at the very top of all the rows and they sat down to watch the movie.

About 2 hours later the movie ended and Joy was crying while Brock was sleeping. They got up and headed for the local Red Robin restaurant. Brock ordered a burger and Joy ordered a chicken salad. After they were done eating, it was about 1:30 p.m. and they were going back to the movie theater. Since Joy saw what she wanted to see last time, it was Brock`s choice to pick what they were going to see. He looked over the list and chose The Shining. They got the tickets and headed to the theater and sat down to watch the movie.

About one hour and thirty minutes into the movie Joy felt uncomfortable when Jack started going crazy and when his wife started reading his papers and saw that it said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” After this, Jack walked in the room and started shouting at his wife and she swung a baseball bat at him. Joy grabbed onto Brock and he told her it was OK. An hour later Jack started saying the Little Pigs line and started chopping the door down with an axe. After he said, “Here`s Johnny!” Joy started screaming and grasping onto Brock to the point that he was having a hard time breathing. Brock could`ent take it anymore so they headed out straight to the Red Robin restaurant and they ate and headed home. It was 7:00 p.m. and they headed home. They watched a movie and went to bed.

CHAPTER 9- The Surprise- When they awoke the next morning Joy felt uncomfortable in her lower stomach and asked Brock to take her to the hospital. He agreed and he quickly got dressed and took her to the hospital to get an exam. As they waited for a doctor in the waiting room Joy read a magazine and Brock watched the TV on the wall. Thirty minutes later a doctor came and took Joy to an area with a gurney and white curtains. She sat on the gurny and the doctor took Joy`s blood pressure and Her heart rate. When She left Joy sat there and held Brock`s hand, patiently waiting for the doctor to come back.

The doctor came back about five minutes later and gave her something that looked like a popsicle stick. “Go in the bathroom and pee on that stick. When you`re done, put it in this cup and bring it to me.” Nurse Joy listened to the doctor and headed to the bathroom with the stick and the cup. When she got there she pulled down her sky blue shorts and sat on the toilet, wandering how she was gonna sit on the toilet and pee on a little stick. She thought for a few seconds and decided she would squat over the toilet and pee on the stick. She got in a squatting position(Like the position when a girl squats in a bush to pee), put the stick under her crotch, and peed, only getting enough on the stick to turn the top half yellow. She put the stick in the cup and finished peeing. She pulled up her shorts and brought the cup to the doctor. The doctor took Nurse Joy and walked to the lab.

They started talking about the baby all the way home. “I think we should name him Chris.” Brock said. “I think we should name her Amber.” They looked at each other and started laughing at the fact that the other thought that the baby was gonna be the opposite sex. Joy wanted to have a daughter to carry on the Poke Center tradition. Brock wanted a son to be a great Poke`mon breeder like him.

-Chapter 9: Ash Cheats- Back at Ash`s house, Ash and Misty were watching TV and snuggling together before they went to bed. After the thirty minute program was over, they headed to bed and started making out. However, when they made out this time, Ash was not as focused as usual. He did'ent know it, but He was getting tired of Misty everyday, but Misty loved Ash even more each day. She was even waiting for the day when Ash would ask her to marry him, and she would say yes. This had always been a wish of Misty's that she would keep forever.

After a while of making out, Misty started to sense that he was not focused in doing so tonight, so they just turned over and went to sleep. Misty started crying. She knew Ash was getting bored of her.

The next morning Misty woke up and noticed Ash was not lying next to her. She got out of bed, put her sky blue robe on, and walked out to the kitchen, where Ash was sitting at the table, sipping a cup of coffee. He was also holding onto a bottle of Aspirin. He had a headache, so Misty knew he was`ent trying to drug himself out. “How are you this morning, honey?” Misty asked, a bit concerned. He looked up at her with blood shot eyes and a beard growing that he had forgot to shave two days ago. “Im......Fine. How are you?” Ash said in a disturbed tone. He snuck out of bed the night before and headed for the bar. Since he was 21 years old, he was able to purchase alcohol, and that was a bad thing. He spent over one hundred dollars on shots of whiskey and vodka, and that made him act a bit short tempered when someone asked him a simple question. “Honey, is something wrong?” Asked Misty. “Is something wrong? No, there is nothing friggin` wrong with Me. Im just fine and dandy.” Misty started to walk towards him, with a worried look on still remaining on her face. “Honey, are you sure you`re okay?” Ash was starting to get even more angry and frusterated. “I thought I answered that question. I am fine and dandy. Why don’t you just go away and do whatever you women do.” Now Misty was getting angry. In a stern voice, she told Ash what she felt. “Ash, Its not my fault if you`re in a bad attitude today. Why don’t you apologize to me and we can both be fine.” “Why don’t you apologize to me for walking in her and opening your stupid little mouth and disturbing me?” Misty was now starting to back away. “Ash, all I did is asked if you were OK. Don’t blame me for concerning about you.” Ash started chuckling then threw his cup of coffee against the wall, which shattered the glass. A few minutes later Ash started crying before he moved in on Misty. “Im so sorry, Misty. I did`ent mean to act like such a monster. Can you forgive me?” Misty looked at him and told him she forgave him and Ash explained to her that he snuck out of bed to drink. She under stood but took away all alcohol privileges away from him. Ash took a few pills to conquer the alcohol and he headed to his car and drove away. - TO BE CONTINUED-