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Once again, I will clearly state.. for all of you still going to this crappy Angelfire domain, or linking the site through tsrightdominion.tk, the news is..


Why not go to my new site address? It's a lot better, and you won't have to look at old, out of date pages anymore! So, just do that if you want the full new and improved TSRD. Or, just stay here and be mesmerized by the above marquee. Now that I mention it.. it does look pretty sweet.... Weee!

Anyways, this page is not going to be updated anymore, but if you still wanna check out the sidebar links.. feel free.


As of next week, I will have moved the contents of my site to a Blogspot account, seeing as how Angelfire has gotten suckier and suckier each time I try to use it. So, when looking for this site next week, some of the same old content will be here, but there will be no more new items. If you want those, please go to TS RIGHT DOMINION at the Blogspot address. So, change your bookmarks, and get ready for more angry and real conservatism that can only be the "in your face" style that I can provide. Thanks.

What? It's an Iraqi Ice Cream truck! Trust me! - Baghdad Bob

10/07/2004 - Saddam and his nonexistant WMD Nope.. there were no WMD in Iraq.. ever.

Those people up above?? No.. they just all had collective heart attacks and died.

Yeah, right now the Left is creaming in their panties over the new report by Charles Duelfer came out that says Iraq had no WMD since 1991. Since 1991?? What? Saddam used all his WMD up on killing the Shi'ites and other Iraqi civilians after the '91 Gulf War?? But wait... read PAST the headlines. They still had idle programs going, which broke a couple of the UN sanctions against him, and even the CIA agent who reported this said he would still back the war.

So would half the Americans that were for the invasion to begin with. Yeah, maybe we can't find any WMD around (I'm still betting they were moved to Syria), but where is Saddam? In jail! The Iraqi people are free, we're cleaning up the terrorists that have been, and have moved in to Iraq, and soon they're going to have elections. If it were up to the Left, Saddam would still be killing and torturing people and plotting with the terrorists against us and our overseas interests and also reinitiating his weapons programs. It helps to keep things in perspective.

But a few unanswerd questions. So, if Saddam had no WMD.. what was the big deal about in 1998 when Clinton and the rest of the Democrats were pumping their chests and declaring Iraq a threat? Why were the UN inspectors turned away time after time? Why did we find 3,000 chemical suits in Iraq at the start of the war? I'm not sure what to think about all this folks. I'm sure we'll find out in due time. Hell, let the Left have their little party right now. We all know when it comes to history, they have been dead wrong for the last 50 years.

10/06/2004 - Edwards got bitchslapped

Well, I knew it. Cheney owned Neckbrace's ass all over the debate floor yesterday, and kicked his ass while sitting down. Sure, the liberal media is trying to say that Cheney had to play "mop up" after last Thursday when "Kerry won", but this is just their way of saying "Oh shit!" without letting you sheeple who take Dan Blather and Tom Brokejaw seriously, know who really won.

Sure, Cheney pulled a few zingers the president missed last week, but Edwards should've suspected that, but he clearly didn't. In the first 30 minutes, Cheney was like a rabid pitbull with his jaw locked around the record of Kerry and Edwards, and little Breck Girl had no idea how to throw him off. And no, using Michael Moore talking points about Halliburton DOESN'T WORK, but somehow, I knew he'd mention Dick Cheney's old company as many times as Kerry mentions Vietnam in a campaign speech. The only part that Cheney messed up on is one of the 5 moments Edwards brought up Halliburton and ties with Dick Cheney, and during the 30 second rebuttal (which was too short to explain) he said "Go to factcheck.com to see the truth." Big mistake considering the ultimate Mastercard Marxist out there, George "Fuck America!" Soros got his hands on it and made a backdoor for the URL to go to his site. People, it's Factcheck.org, if ya wanna know.

Even though Dick Cheney knocked it out of the park on several occasions, do I think it'll change the polls? Probably not. I think more people were watching the Yankees game (way to lose, by the way!) than the vice-presidential debates last night. Seems like Joe Torre should've used Dick at the plate a couple times. But the main event will be on Friday, and I'm expecting Bush to do better than he did last time. Even if he doesn't, a debate win doth not a president make.

Also, one of my favorite comedians of all-time passed away yesterday.. Rodney Dangerfield.

This guy was the best at one-liners of self-depreciation. He's gonna be missed, and won't lose any respect, especially from me. Here are some of my favorite one-liners from him.

"It's not easy being me. I mean, when I was born the doctor told my mother, 'I did all I could, but he pulled through anyway!"

"I was so poor growing up ... if I wasn't a boy ...I'd have nothing to play with."

"I went to see my doctor... Doctor Vidi-boom-ba. Yeah...I told him I wanted a vasectomy. He told me "With a face like yours, you don't need one!"

"Its lonely on the top when there's no one on the bottom."

R.I.P. Rodney.

This one's for you, girlie man

10/05/2004 - The Draft coming?

Well, here it is under a month until the elections and the Dems are at it with the scare tactics of a draft. Like we would want someone liberal whiney douchebag on the frontlines of the War on Terror fighting along the side of the most patriotic Americans out there. Well, Cooper for President has answered that question. "I for one am tired of seeing our best and brightest being killed and injured protecting the ingrates of Iraq. Let's kill two birds with one stone and send the ingrates of America to live up to their full potential." says Micheal Cooper. Here is his 4 point plan for doing that.

1) - Human Shield - There were a lot of you who went to Iraq before the war, but you seemed a bit too eager to get out once the bombs started dropping. It's humiliating that you were used as a propoganda tool for a brutal dictator like Saddam Hussein. You brought shame upon yourself, your family, and your country. Here's your chance to make it up. Go back into the hot zones, and instead of guarding Saddam's military installations, guard ours. There's no need for our fine men and women serving in Iraq to be hit with one more RPG when there are so many worthless people like YOU around.

2) - Roadside Cleanup - Why don't you put your love of nature to work and help the people of Iraq at the same time? The highways and byways are littered with roadside bombs. Get a garbage bag, and do something useful for once in your miserable life.

3) Hostage - Normal Americans are sickened when we see so many Western (or other) hostages being threatened with death (or worse, beheadded on tape). Here's your chance to show that true commitment to "peace" you've been prattling on about endlessly since 9/11. After all, you seem to be such an expert, and you keep telling us that President Bush is killing "innocent, peace-loving Muslims." Here's your chance to show the "right-wingers" how wrong they are. I'm sure the Islamists will truly appreciate your Sesame Street mentality. What's the worst that could happen?

4) Secret Weapon - This is what you were born to be. Use your overpowering body odor to incapacitate America's enemies. Better yet, why not just bore them to the point of suicide like you do here? Drone on endlessly in your boring, monotone NPR voice about "Bush's hegemony" and America's over-reliance on foreign oil. You'll save the rest of us from having to listen to you, and you may just get al Zarqawi to surrender.

Well liberals, if ya like what ya see.. just write in to Democrap Charlie Rangel and tell him that you too think that the military is disproportional and that you want to be drafted, along with your fellow limp-wristed , dredlocked liberal tard friends. Just don't whine and cry when the draft man comes knocking on your door. Better prepare for it if Kerry's elected.

Busted, fucker!

10/04/2004 - Did Kerry cheat?

Uh oh, Spaghettios! Looks like the Dem's boy fucked up at Thursday night's debates! In the picture, you can clearly see Lurch pulling something that looks like paper out of his jacket pocket and laying it on the podium (which is clearly against the rules that both candidates agreed on according to section 5 of the memorandum). If you're still not convinced by the picture.. here's the link to the video.

Now, Bush didn't do great during the debates, and Kerry's a natural born debater, but why would he need notes? Even if it was a card from Tear-AH-Zay saying "Win or get kicked out of my mansion", it's still illegal for a candidate to bring it to the debates, which.. ha.. isn't past a liberal to do. So right now, Kerry is up in the polls by 2 points, or a tie, depending on what polls ya look at. But if this develops any further, the polls will go down a few points for Kerry. You would naturally expect this to kill Kerry's chances at the presidency, but Kerry could go out and fuck a sheep and someone could video tape it and have it go all over the internet like his name was Paris Hilton, and he still wouldn't lose his base. They'll do anything for their "regime change", so expect more dirty tricks from the Dems. I just hope Rove and Hughes have a couple aces up their sleeves before Election Day.

UPDATE: It was a pen. Well, bully for the Dems. They managed to only half-cheat this time.

Kerry said he'd "always keep his eye on the ball"

10/01/2004 - TSRD's Post-Debate Analysis

I watched the whole 90 minutes, even though it was kind of hard not wanting to fall asleep during when Kerry spoke, but here is my complete and honest analysis.

Bush did good. Not great, but good. I thought he came on too strong in the first half-hour about Kerry's flip-flops on the War on Terror in Iraq, but maybe that's because he wanted to pinpoint on that before the audience fell asleep. But Bush was concise, strong, and showed he could possess the leadership we need at this time.

Kerry was good too, but still lacked that leadership quality Americans look for in a president. Kerry showed he could debate. Period.

Now, with the two candidates coming out swinging.. it didn't really have that much of an effect. Both pretty much delivered the same message during the debates.. well, maybe not Kerry, but I guess he's found his stance now... pure anti-war. Great. If he can appeal to the Trustafarians, Mastercard Marxists, and Al-Queda's useful idiots out there, then Bush will grab up the small majority that is still backing the Iraq war.

I knew what Bush was going to say. I mean, he's been consistant in his message the whole damn time the campaign has been going on. Kerry.. well, I'm not sure HOW he plans to win allies when he keeps dumping on them, and he didn't give me any reason at all to think he would. I mean, what PLAN does he have?? He didn't really give on other than saying he'd bow to the U.N., bring allies he's called "bribed and coerced" to Iraq, and somehow stop nuclear proliferation in 4 years instead of 13. What the hell? Does he have some sort of magic "anti-nuclear" wand, or does he think his Frenchman like "charm" will convince the terrorists not to use nuclear weapons?? What about North Korea? Bush is doing his damndest to keep up the talks involving China, South Korea, Russia, and Japan. Kerry wants to go in "bi-laterally", basically meaning us and them. So, unilateralism is a BAD thing when Bush does it.. but a GOOD thing when Kerry does. AND PEOPLE WANT TO SUPPORT THIS GUY!?!?

Ok, so who won? Nobody really. Nobody really fucked up big time, and nobody really outshined the other. So, in my view, it was a draw, although I wish Bush had done a little better about showing how truly idiotic Kerry's "plan" really is. The next debate takes place next week in St. Louis at a town-hall type debate. I'm sure we'll see more of the "pony-tail guy" (for you long time listeners of Rush Limbaugh) trying to swing the debates in favor of Kerry, or in this case, Senator Not Bush.

If you want to watch or re-watch the debates, C-SPAN has it up.

9/30/2004 - What side of Kerry will be at the debates?

With the debates coming up, many people are wondering where Kerry will go on his stand on political issues that are bound to come up during the debates. Well, if Kerry doesn't want to permanently kill his shot at the Oval Office, then he'd better not screw up once. The first debate will be about foreign policy, the War on Terror, and the ongoings in Iraq. Kerry seems to have only now just taken a stand on Iraq, copying his political rival from ten months ago, Howard "Screamin'" Dean and going totally out in left field. But where will he be on other issues like the economy, education, healthcare, etc. We all KNOW where President Bush stands on these issues, but what about Kerry? I'm betting during the week of the debates, we'll see all the faces of John Kerry I have pictured below.

The debates start in Miami tonight, and I will give a full and honest analysis of what I saw. So screw CBS, NBC, the New York Times.. just get your ass to my site to see an objective (yes, I can do that once in a while!) view of the debates.

Kerry getting ready for Halloween

9/28/2004 - Kerry is "Agent Orange"

Okay, I coulda come up with a better title, but "Orange Alert" is being done all over the blogosphere, so I thought I'd pick this one.

Anyways, apparently Kerry was in Wisconsin this morning bring tens of supporters who came to his rally with a really orange face. Hell, he looked like a damn jack-o-latern (hence the picture above)! When questioned why he was "glowing" Kerry said he got it playing touch football in Taxachuessets over the weekend, and he must've caught some sun. Bullshit. It's the spray-on crap they did anyway with in the 80's. I mean, if he got this "base" this weekend, then I guess the lackeys of Kerry's over at Harvard are some damn liars. I'm sure Linus is somewhere following Kerry shouting "It's the Great Pumpkin!!"

Blog debates: I say Kerry looks like a damn pumpkin, and am sticking by it, but the guys over at Blogs For Bush think Kerry is taking on the look of an Oompa Loompa. Oh well.. it's still all good as long as people are poking fun at this orange bastard.

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