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My accutane Journal .. 2nd time around

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Hi my name is kevin, i am 23 from Sydney. I started having mild - moderate acne from the age of 15 to present.

I tried many antibiotics such as minomycin, vibratabs.. and others i cannot even remember.

On March 2002 I started using accutane. I was on 40mg per day for 5 months. My chest and back acne cleared up 100%.

As for my face unfortunatley i was cleared maybe around 80%. Furthermore i thought i was taken off the drug a month too early. Now 3 months later in December my acne has returned, not as bad, but bad enough.

Firstly I would like to say that Accutane is not a drug to be taken lightly. It is a powerful drug, and should be taken with a pescription from dermotologist if at all possible. Also to learn and research all the possible side effects. Especially for females. Having said that....

Now i am tired of the dermotologist, so instead of going to the dermo for my accutane, i buy my accutane online, privately.

I know how i respond to accutane when i was on 40mg, and had no major side effects. So 10mg per day has been recommended by a dermotologist forum.
Alternatively I've read 40mg twice a week is fine.

I am taking 10mg per day. I started this in 13th Dec 2002.

I need to take the equivalent of 120mg per 1kg body weight in total.
I weight 50kgs
so 120x50 = 6000 mgs total (normally spread over 4 months, but i will spread it over 1 year)

It costs me $40 USD for the 30 pills, which is pretty expensive, but its still the cheapest i have found.

For my Dry lips i use "VASALINE LIP BALM SPF30+" it's thick and doesn't wipe off fast, note this is not the same as the spf15+ one.

So here goes my Journal.

I hope to put up pics as soon as i get a digital web cam.

Week 1 (ending 19 Dec 2002)

Not allot of change, my acne may of gotten a little worse. I have two mid size acne on either side of cheeks. One on forehead. and a few on the jawline. I am feeling the effects of the accutane, because my lips are starting to feel dry again.

Week 2 (ending 27 Dec 2002)

20.Dec.02 - New acne on lower side of face(both sides), 1 to 2 new whiteheads. its quite painful.

21.Dec.02 - I think i am starting to breakout from the accutane. I'm getting a few small red pimples coming out - on forehead, and few on cheeks. One painfull whitehead near right jaw/cheek area.

22.Dec.02 - Not much change. During the day was very hot. Made my Acne very painful. Now its at nite time, a few pimples have sort of dried up. I've done my tenth day now, and i think that should be the end of the initial breakout.

23.Dec.02 - My acne seems to have settled down, no new whiteheads, and the existing ones have settled down. They are no longer painfull. Yaaaay!!! Nite time now, and all my active acne are starting to receed. I accidentally took 2 pills today. Forgot i took one earlier in the day

26.Dec.02 - Merry Xmas!!! Ok my face has lots of red marks and, i got one white head, thats about all.

Week 4 (ending 10 Jan 2003)

06.Jan.03 - Wow thats gone fast, OK Happy New year!!! Got a bleeding nose the other day, and also lips is dry, very light skin peel aswell. Just a few whiteheads, but a fair few red acne, mainly around lower face, near jawline.

Week 5 (ending 17 Jan 2003)

11.Jan.03 - My left side of face has pretty much all cleared, no active acne, just waiting for the redness to fade. The right side of face has one red receeding acne on cheek. I did have a small pipmle on left side of moustache area last week.

As for side effects, just dry lips and nose is very dry.

Week 8 (ending 7 February 2003)

03.Feb.03 - My skin is going great( touchwood). No more outbreaks. No whiteheads or cysts. I just got a few red marks but they don't break out.
I got one med size red mark on my left side of cheek and a few red marks around jawline. other than that i'm pretty much pretty clear.
As for side effects, My skin on my upper lip and below the nose area, the skin is peeling, and of course the dry lips.
my dosage per day is 10mg then 20mg then nothing, then 10mg then 20mg then nothing.. etc etc..

Week 9 (ending 14 February 2003)

14.Feb.03 - No more ACNE!!!!! Yay!!!! Few red marks is all i really notice....

Week 18 (ending 3 April 2003)

04.April.03 - taking around 10mg per day.. still zit free... feels great!

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