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The American Bicycle Association, the world’s largest BMX sanctioning body, has created a national marketing program focused on bringing new riders into the sport. Along with many other improvements to encourage local racing, the ABA will run a full-color, two page ad in the official Supercross event program for '04. Supercross and Motocross are certainly the sister sports of BMX, and with 16 events and an average attendance of just under 50,000 per event, the number of potential new BMX participants is huge. The ABA ad will feature a coupon promoting a free 30-day trial membership which will be honored at all ABA tracks upon presenting the coupon or Supercross ticket stub. This free membership offer is the first of its kind in BMX and is expected to bring thousands of new riders to local ABA tracks. To create an even greater presence at both Supercross and Motocross events, the ABA is also a proud sponsor of Ryan Clark (Pro SX/MX rider) and Team Solitaire. Ryan is a top level rider finishing 6th overall in last year’s World Supercross GP Series and he is typically the rider behind the helmet cam during many TV race broadcasts. Ryan is also a contributing writer to a top motocross magazine Racer X. Ryan Clark and Team Solitaire will be distributing ABA BMX Q&A flyers in his pits to fans both young and old featuring ABA tracks in the area. Team Solitaire will be in the pit areas of all AMA SX and AMA outdoor MX nationals throughout the '04 season. The ABA will have a display area within the Team Solitaire pits featuring ABA races on TV and additional ABA literature for the taking. Ryan offers additional exposure and notoriety for the ABA, while at the same time giving ABA an opportunity to distribute local track information directly to thousands of potential customers. “The Team Solitaire/ABA partnership is a unique and exciting opportunity for everyone,” said Ryan Clark, Team Solitaire owner and rider. “Both sports have a strong family appeal and a big crossover between participants and enthusiasts. Team Solitaire’s philosophy to “level the playing the field” crosses all sports boundaries, especially BMX.” ABA’s President Clayton John said, “This is an exciting time for the ABA membership and our family of local tracks. The ABA is working hard to promote BMX by attracting new local participants. Ryan Clark and Team Solitaire’s professionalism both on and off the track will represent the ABA well in our efforts to expose new people to the great sport of BMX.” This is just one of the many new programs the ABA will be unveiling in the near future geared toward improving our sport by increasing participation at the local grassroots level. The ABA is dedicated to expanding the great sport of BMX and a partnership with our sister sports MX and SX will do just that."
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