Jack Off Jill

Sadly, Jack off Jill has called it quits, but they've left behind music that should not be ignored. The usually 4-member band hailed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and were a welcome addition to the more exciting and controversial bands around. Whether its the fine line between melody vs. mayhem in their music, or the haunting melodic Clear Hearts,Grey Flowers--The Jills are not ones to be forgotten. Originally the band was formed between Jessicka Fodera, Robin 'Agent' Moulder, Michelle InHell, and Tenni A-Cha-Cha. Michelle and Tenni departed due to 'artistic differences'. They were replaced with HoHo Spade(Jeff Tucci)on guitar, and Lauracet(Laura Simpson)on the drums. Lauracet and HoHo left around the same time, replaced by SMP(Scott Mitchell Putesky) on the guitar, and Claudia Rossi on drums. Also leaving around the same time, they were replaced with Clint Walsh, Norm Block, and the return of Michelle InHell. The last line-up of Joj was Jessicka, Robin, Hellen(Storer), and Clint.


Official Picture: Jessicka, Robin, Claudia, and SMP
Robin 'Agent' Moulder live
Moulder and Mr.Manson share a drink
HoHo and Jessicka Live
HoHo Spade and his weapon of choice...the guitar
Lauracet Simpson after a live show
Jessicka, Robin, Lauracet, and HoHo
SMP, Jessicka, Robin, and Claudia
Old Line-Up:Tenni, Jessicka, Robin, and Michelle
Hellen and Jessicka