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My Other Side

This is probally more pros, But since it's my site I'll do as I please.

I don't like showing people my insicure side.
The part of me that is run by my heart, that has never been kissed or held or loved, that is shy and says "woe is me" and pines away.
I don't want people to see that side of me.
I hide it away in a top shelf in a back room somewhere where I know nobody will look and let others see the better half of myself.
I would rather them see my other side.
The side of me that is loco and wild and invinceable.
The part run by my mind.
That is intelligent and spunky and funky, outgoing and funny and who's favorite color is neon green.
I display this part of me in a window, with bright lights, on the front page for all eyes to see.
This way I hope nobody will notice when I sneek away to hide my other side.
They will be too mesmorized by the strange girl with the wierd name and hair to want to look for the lesser girl who isn't really wanted around like a cinderalla.