Running With Scissors

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December 28,2003

Ok guys. This is why I had two guys on my horizon. My like best friend Amanda just did me a big favor. She talked to The Poet and did some investigation for me on whether or not he was sweet for me the way I was sweet for him. And turns out he's not. He's got another girl I know on his horizon.
So after all the sappy poetry and wooing and me falling for him, now I'm left with a broken heart.
I usually have this hard shell over my heart because I don't want to get hurt. I think it's actually better to never love. Because then you don't get hurt. But I took off that shell and exposed my small and innocent heart to the cruelties of love and I got what I asked for. so this is my moment to cry into my pillow.
Ok I'm done.
BM you better watch out, cause here I come!!! Audios!

December 25,2003

Well, well! Now everybody is in a turkey induced stupor, and at last, I can't have some free time. Of coarse, the telivision is dominated by football and hunting shows, but the blare of my new CD covers it up. Why do guys feel the need to watch everything they do? They play a sport, so they watch it on the television. They kill things and they watch it on TV, they fish, so they watch it. They build things and they feel the need to watch it on the television!
This is just a guy thing. Women don't feel the need to watch cleaning on TV, or cooking. We don't have a televised show where the anouncer talks quietly and say stuff like, "Look Bill, I think Jane is going to dust that lamp. Oh and look, she dusted that lamp. That is now a clean lamp." That's just stupid.
Sorry about that...
Soebody better send help of the cops because I think I'm going to kill someone! (Just kidding. Please do not call the cops and tell them I am going to kill someone. becuase you don't know who or where I am. They would just laugh at you.)
Merry Christmas!
Guess what I got for Christmas from my grandparents?
A new pair of jeans
A Bart Simpson t-shirt that say Springfield Elementary Summer School XXD (extra extra dumn)
slippers that don't fit
Ugly socks (it's a grandma thing I guess...)
Emory boards.
feeling the love now! Gotta go!

December 23,2003

This is should be a good day. December 23rd. 23 is my favorite number you know.
But it wasn't good. Not at all. First I woke up this morning, and waking up sucks because it means you are no longer sleeping and dreaming. Then I wrote down my dream because The Poet asked me to. And then I went with my mom to visit her aunt and then we went home. And my grandparents are drivng my family batty and everyone wants to gripe about it. Then we went to visit my dads uncle and I was feeling left out so I went to the truck and read. So then my dad decides to tell me I'm not socialable. Well daddy-o, I feel left out because me little brothers have each other to play with and all the grown ups talk amoungst themselves. So he throws at me: what you can't have an adult conversation? Well I can. And I have had to since I was 5! I'm tired of it!
That felt good. I love venting.
So now it's night time and I know it's not going to be eventful because The Poet won't be online tonight. So I guess I'll just go to bed and hope a have a cool dream. Because last night I dreamt that I was getting my flirt on with this hot guy, and then I found out he was married with four kids.
Gad, even my dreams hate me.

December 22,2003

All is well in Zialand! Yes I talked to The Poet last night and, wew!, he didn't mention my sloppy sappiness. (This is where all of ya'll cheer.)
I can not believe how many hot guys are in this town! I'm in a Stephwnville visiting family and in the Wal-Mart alone, there were some-odd 30 hot guys walking around. 'Oh mommy please can I buy that one?' Holy Moly! And in cowboy jeans, or those baggy but tight worn jeans (I am so drooling!). I offically love cowboys. And they're all so polite and have that good Texan heart. What more could you ask for?
You just don't find guys like that where I am. I mean if you lined the hot guys I've seen from Colorado up with the hot guys in just this one town, Colorado guys wouldn't even come close to this Texan hottness. Yum Yum!
Not to offend any of the Colorado guys. I do know some hot Coloridans, and if there are any more, feel free to find me!

Well, I gotta fly. Bye!

December 21,2003

Wow, I havn't seen this in a while. Don't mind me as I blow the dust off of this page. Well, let's see what has happened since I last posted... in March. Summer, for one thing. Me and Chris are no longer a thing, I now fondly refer to his as 'Tater Head'. There are two guys on my horizion now. I know, I know, why have two? Well, because if one doesn't work out, I can always just work on the other one. We'll call them BM and The Poet, just in case one of them decides to check out my abode, or if one of my so many readers wishes to beat them up. and trust me, at one point or another, you will.

Lets talk about BM. He's a friend of mine and I'm good buds with his sister. he's shy and awkward (I just now learned how to spell that word) just like me. He's a couple years older than I am, but no worries! Slowly but surly I'm realing him in.

Now about The Poet. I met the poet while somewhere. I actually thought he was a complete butthead while I was there. But when I got home we started chatting on AIM. I found out he was a superb writer and very funny and had been hurt before by the big bad itself, love. So we talk and flirt and junk. Then I went and screwed it up. (I don't wish to go into detail.) Then there was the awkward pause and I left. But he seems to be talking to me fine now. We both forgot it. Thank the Lord!

This Christmas I don't think ther will be a hotel evitction notice. (see December 29, 2002) But I hope there will a boyfriend, maybe even a first kiss. That's pathetic. Never been kissed, I'm like a bad movie plot.

Well I have to fix the rest of this site. Audios!

March 18,2003

SNOW!!!! Up to my knees!!!! YES! A snow day. This is great. I havn't written in a while.. but I've been "busy". Yeasterday I got my feeling hurt. Shawna. I was wearing this shirt that said Loveable. And she gives me one look and says "bullcrap, you're not lovable." now I know she's just razzing me... but I also feel like she ment it. Which makes Zia quite sad and spinster-like. And Shawna just hooked this guy who she thinks is perfect. And he is perfect for her. and I've been wishing her luck from everything.. and I don't know why everyone else can get a boyfriend and I can't. this makes me sad... But snow.. today! this is great.

January 4,2003

Boys. Are they all as stupid as my ex? ok tell me, if you're dating someone and they don't have any form of communication with you for 4 months, don't you have the safe right to assume that you are no longer a couple? I thought yes. But the ex's mom tells my mom that he still thinks we're together and he's just been "busy" Don't you think he could find 5 friggen minutes to call up his girlfriend and tell her he wouldn't be able to call her as much because he was busy? He's full of crap.