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Jars Of Clay

Jars of Clay

As all of you know, I am a Jars of Clay freak. I just love 'em! I have all of their CDs. I just got Much Afraid to complete my collection and I love all of it.
I've been to 3 of their concerts: Tour on a Stick (El Paso, TX), The Eleventh Hour Tour(Denver, CO), and just a few months ago, The Who We Are Instead Tour(Colorado Springs,CO). I love their concerts and how their not all 'I'm a rock star,yea!'

So This really awesome guy I know from back in the day when I lived in 4-H knows a little (well actually a lot)more than I do about html, and he gave the codes for that little video playing down there.. Isn't that cool? I think so..

Music Video Codes
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"Flood" By Jars Of Clay