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My CD List

I have a butt load of CDs. And I'm going to list every single one of them.

Jars of Clay- 'Jars of Clay'
Jars of Clay- 'Much Afraid'
Jars of Clay- 'If I Left the Zoo'
Jars of Clay- 'The Eleventh hour'
Jars of Clay- 'Furthermore'
Jars of Clay- 'Who We Are Instead'
Jars of Clay- 'Drummer Boy'
Matchbox Twenty- 'More Than You Thing You Are'
Matchbox Twenty- 'Mad Season'
New Found Glory- 'Sticks And Stones'
Nine Days- 'The Madding Crowd'
The All-American Rejects- 'The All-American Rejects'
The Exies- 'Inertia'
Cake- 'Comfort Eagle'
Good Charlotte- 'The Younge and the Hopeless'
Sum 41- 'All Killer No Filler'
Areosmith- 'Just Push Play'
Pink- 'Missundaztood'
No Doubt- 'Tragic Kingdon'
the Moffatts- 'the Moffatts'
Everclear- 'Songs From and American Movie Vol. 1'
Everclear- 'Songs From and American Movie Vol. 2'
AFI- 'Sing the Sorrow'
Plaid- 'Understanding God'
Barenaked Ladies- 'Maroon'
Barenaked Ladies- 'Stunt'
Train- 'Drops of Jupiter'
Smashing Pumkins- 'Rotten Apple'
Tremor Mix CD
Avril Lavigne- 'Let Go'
Eve 6- Eve 6
Shakira- 'Laundry Service'
The Armageddon Soundtract
One Track Mike and Little T- (Don't remeber this one either.)
Our Lady Peace- 'Gravity'
Sugarcult- 'Start Stitic'
P.O.D.- 'Satellite'
33 AD- 'Satan is a Dillweed'
Weezer- 'The green CD'
Smashmouth- (The one with allstar on it)
Unwritten Law- 'Elva'
Creed- 'Weathered'
Creed- 'Human Clay'
3 Doors Down- 'Away From the Sun'
3 Doors Down- 'The Better Life'
B*Witched- (The one with se la vi and all those obnoxiouse songs I can't stand anymore)
Eminem- 'VIC'
NickelBack- 'Silver Side Up'
Dixie Chicks- 'Fly'
The Goo Goo Dolls- 'Dizzy Up the Girl'
Switchfoot- 'The Beautiful Letdown'
Big and Rich- 'Horse of a Diferent Color'
Keith Urban- 'Golden Road'
Clay Aiken- 'Measure of a Man'
Fe Fe Dobson- (I think it might be self titled... I don't know)
Red Hot Chili Peppers- 'Greatest Hits'
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs- 'Fever to Tell'
Caedmen's Call- (I'll have to check)