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Yamaha XVS 1100 Custom


It's May and Phase one of the transformation has finished. Just posting now because I was so busy testing out the new stuff. Just having fun I guess. When I first got the bike I was really impressed as the Triple trees added some good looks due to the rake; gave the appearance of a strectch look. The trees also increase the width of the front, making the bike appear big from the front. Turning radius was certainly decreased but not enough to really noticed unless you lived in small city streeets and made U turns all day. As far as the lowering kit, I asked for the generic dogbones as I wanted the bike lowered. Well after visiting ISRA and reading many threads about PCS adjustable lowering kit, I decided to go with it since I can adjust it if I bottom out. About 100 yds out from the shop, ka-plunk, ouch said my kidneys and my back. I guess I gained a lot of weight since I had the bike in the shop. That lasted for about a week until I adjusted it to 2-UP sitting. I still bottom out but now only on deep crevices and bumps.
The 3 inch dragbars are great. Although when I first saw them I wasn't impressed as I thought that I would be leaning forward all the time. Also since I plan to install a new fender and seat, which will not only lower my seat but also bring me more to the rear, I thought that this will be temporary and probably be purchasing the 5 inch with pullbacks. But as I rode and rode...and rode some more I got to like them a lot. Although I do lean forward a bit, I'm adapting well to combat the wind at 50+mph and up. I remembered leaning forward most of time during high speeds with the stock handlebar. *******As I had posted on my initial note, I originally planed to install Thunderbike's spooky fender but due to incomplete satisfaction with its overwhelming side chrome fender struts, I decided not to install but go with Britts Motorsports' fender. Their fender has no visible fender struts which gives the bike a smoother look. At this time, the fender is being created but once done, it will be shipped to Jason at Coyote Customs for stretched tank and a paint job. So come back soon ... as I will be posting phase 2 on about a month. RD.
come back soon

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