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I have moved! Yesh, the lovely Jennifer at Distorted-Fusion.Org is hosting me! To get there, click the address below, or the 'Enter'. Sorry if this courses any inconvenience.
If you came here from on of the cliques/clubs/rings to the right, please mail me and tell me wich one I forgot to inform of my moving! Thankyou!

I am Easily Amused.
I miss Care Bears
<# I Live Online #>
Real men are 2D!
subbed not dubbed = CCS
typical Æ sagitarious
elementary D
adieu ® BtVS
365 BOO!
# I Squall ?
Straight But Not Narrow
layout addicted
!!--d.O.e. kikAss--!!
? CLAMP Logs #
@-}--- m i x e d // emotions
Muse || Kishuu Arashi
scented // dark grape
*I won't forget Nataku
yum yum! kawaii
yum yum! shounen-ai
yum yum! yaoi
yum yum! lemon

The Nightmare Before Christmas Yoda Rulz!
Look, its my new address!! GO GO POWER wait.....