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Blood Bonds 1-2/?

Author: Stephanie M

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters featured in the story. The Buffy characters are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, WB Network.

Summary: Disaster looms when Xander has to return to Sunnydale.

Rating: NC-17 Overall

Part 1

The graceful dancer purred in Xander’s ear, “Come back to my place?”

“I’ve already got plans. I’m sorry Ryan,” Xander said with an apologetic smile as they walked down the street.

“I don’t think you understand, that was an order not a suggestion,” Ryan hissed his eyes glowing as he pushed Xander into the alley.

“You touch him and I’ll kill you slowly.” A cold, unfeeling voice said from somewhere behind the pair.

Ryan turned to find himself face to face with one of the most attractive men he had ever seen. The man looked like an avenging angel dressed completely in black, the moon glinting off his silver necklace which had the letters A and X intertwined.

Ryan kicked Xander’s stomach with a confident grin, “You and what army, mortal?”

“I never said I was mortal, and that was your last warning.” Angel hissed as he quickly started kicking the dancer, his demon angry that that Xander been hurt.

Xander stood and watched the fight, quickly murmuring an incantation. He smirked as Ryan fell to the ground weakened by the spell. Angel quickly took advantage of the opportunity, slicing the dancer’s throat open with a knife. Catching the sword, Xander threw to him Angel decapitated the dancer whose corpse dissolved into grains of salt.

“What an anti-climax.” Xander commented as walked over to Angel moving to wipe the blood from the vampire’s face.

Angel smiled tiredly, “Sorry (!) You okay, love?”

Xander whined slightly, “Why does Cordy *always* get these visions on our anniversaries?”

Angel pulled Xander to him and captured the man’s lips, licking the man’s lips to beg for entrance. Xander opened his mouth and the two kissed, loosing all track of time until the inevitable interruption.

“What!” Angel snarled into the cell phone, hoping it was important or else he was going to be a little upset.

'To think I was actually worried about the idiots' Cordelia thought to herself as she replied angrily, “Nice to hear you, too (!) Wes said you and Xan should come back as soon as possible, he needs to talk to you.”

“Did he say what it’s about?” Angel questioned, knowing that Cordelia was probably going to dust him when they got back.

Cordelia said thoughtfully, “Something about Nixon…I think.”

“We’ll be there in fifteen.” Angel ended the call and turned to look at Xander who was grinning.

“She’s going to be angry at you all week now.” Xander commented as he took Angel’s hand and the pair walked to the motorbike parked just minutes away.

Angel got on the back at the same time passing Xander a helmet. Xander just rolled his eyes as he put it on. He was used to Angel’s hovering but sometimes it was a little annoying, what part of immortal didn’t Angel get?

As the couple walked into the office Wesley asked, “Oh good, you’re here. How did the plan go?”

“Okay, what’s up?” Xander asked sitting on the desk, grinning at the annoyed glare Angel was shooting at him.

“You have to go to Sunnydale,” Wesley said quickly and sat back waiting for the explosion

He didn’t have to wait long.

“What! Can’t you just call them?” Xander said not liking the thought of going back to his hometown.

Wesley said sighing, “No, you and Angel are needed to defeat a group of Nix who are planning on killing Buffy. She can’t handle all of them at once, so you’ll have to go.”

“When do we have to be there?” Xander questioned, tightly grasping Angel’s hand. The vampire had yet to say anything but was giving Xander all the support and comfort he needed.

Wesley gave them an apologetic smile “Tomorrow but I’ve no idea when the Nix are planning to attack. Cordelia and I will come with you, in case you need us for anything.”

Wesley wanted to be there if Xander needed any help. It was hard enough going home normally, never mind going back to a place where everyone thought you were dead.

“Thanks, Wes.” Xander said with a grin, letting go of Angel’s hand to hug the startled demon hunter.

“That’s quite alright. I’ll inform Cordelia of our upcoming trip.” Wesley walked out of the office, closing the door behind him to give the couple some space.

Looking at the ground Xander said softly, “I don’t want to go back. They think I’m dead and I don’t think they’ll take the news of our relationship well.”

Gently tilting Xander’s head up to look at him Angel said soothingly, “We don’t have much choice. Besides I’ll protect you.”

Angel grinned when Xander laughed, “Hopefully I won’t need protection. Wonder how much Cordy will demand for returning to Sunnyhell?”

Xander took Angel’s hand and the couple walked out of the inner office to find Cordelia busy chattering away.

“I demand a raise if I’ve got to see Buffy again.” Cordelia whispered, she had never really liked the slayer.

“You’ve got it. Ready to wow the gang?” Xander said hoping he sounded a lot more cheerful than he felt.

The following night found Xander tightly holding onto Angel’s waist as they drove through the streets of Sunnyhell. Thankfully, the streets were empty so they didn’t have to worry about banging into Buffy until they were ready.

Angel headed straight for his apartment wanting to take some time to settle in before they had to battle their friends, and he knew it would be a battle. They had knowingly kept the fact that Xander was alive from the Sunnydale gang, something they might never be forgiven for but everyone had agreed it was the best option.

“Would you think any less of me if I stayed here while you met the others?” Xander asked not wanting to see the hate and anger on his friends’ faces.

Gently massaging Xander’s shoulder Angel said, “Never, love. But the sooner we see them, the better. We might even be able to have a late anniversary celebration.”

“I’ll call Wes and then we can go. You going to be okay with seeing Buffy?” Xander couldn’t stand the thought of the Slayer causing his mate pain.

Angel said honestly, “Yeah. She doesn’t have any power over me anymore. I’ve got you, nothing else matters.”

Xander arched his eyebrow, “I bet you say that to all the boys.”

“Only the ones who own my heart,” Angel said bending down to kiss Xander trying to reassure the man.

Breaking the kiss and taking the cell from his pocket Xander said, “Enough of this mushy stuff, I still have to call Wes.”

Ignoring the smirking vampire trailing kisses down his neck Xander said into the phone, “Wes? Angel and I are going to see them. If we need you, we’ll call.”

“Are you sure you won’t need us there?” Wesley said hopefully, he had been trying to get Cordelia to go out with him for years.

Hearing Wesley’s excitement Xander said, “Positive. Take Cordy out for dinner on us.”

“Call if you need us,” Wesley ended the call already making plans for his date with Cordelia.

“Ready to face them?” Angel asked Xander, who was shuffling nervously at his side, holding his hand so tightly that Angel was thankful for supernatural healing abilities.

Xander said with a shaky smile, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Xander took in a deep breath and knocked on the door. He moved to stand behind Angel, not wanting to alert the group to his presence until they were inside. It would draw less attention, something that was definitely needed.

Giles asked in shock as he opened the door, “Angel? What are you doing here? Is Buffy in danger?”

“That’s what I need to talk to you about, can I come in?” Angel said, gently squeezing Xander’s hand before letting go and walking inside, Xander close behind him.

Giles said worried about his Slayer, “Of course, come in Angel.”

“Giles, who was that?” Willow’s perky voice asked as Giles walked into the room.

As Xander moved to stand at his side Angel said, “That would be us.”

“Xander, is that really you? But you died years ago?” Willow quickly tightly hugged her best friend.

Xander returned the hug, relieved that she was taking his resurrection so well. With a lopsided smile he said, “It’s me and yeah I died.”

“You’re alive! Why didn’t you tell us?” Buffy asked in a mixture of confusion and anger as she moved to stand in front of him.

“I figured it was better if everyone thought I was dead,” Xander said calmly not showing the panic he felt. It was always trouble when Buffy got confused and angry, the Slayer had a tendency to inflict a lot of pain on the first target she could find.

Buffy hit Xander in the chest saying, “I’ve been feeling guilty over you. How dare you do that to me!”

“That’s it, Slayer!” Angel snarled as he moved to stand in front of Xander, not reacting when Buffy’s fist connected with his chest.

“What have you done to Angel?” Buffy asked in confusion, Angel hated Xander, didn’t he?

“Hurt Xander and I’ll make you wish I had killed you years ago.” Angel ignored the looks of confusion from the people in the room, only caring about Xander.

“Angelus?” Buffy asked, readying her stake.

Xander said quickly, “Angel not Angelus, but they merged.”

There wasn’t much difference between Angel and Angelus but he wasn’t going to tell Buffy that. The only difference Xander had noticed was that Angelus seemed to have a larger sadistic streak. He knew instinctively that with the right motivation Angel was just as capable of committing the same violent acts as Angelus.

“Peaches, the whelp’s good for you.” Spike commented as he walked over to the couple, ignoring the Slayer.

Xander had missed the annoying vampire, as crazy as it sounded. Rolling his eyes Xander said, “I can’t tell you how much that means to me (!) How’s unlife, Fangless?”

“Same old boring demons. When did you and Peaches hook up?” Spike smirked at the gasp of shock that waved through the room.

Xander smiled fondly remembering their first declarations of love, “Just under 4 years ago a couple of days after I was resurrected.”

“You and Angel?” Willow gaped at the couple, noticing the matching necklaces and rings for the first time.

Xander grinned, it wasn’t exactly how he wanted to announce their relationship. He should have known something would ruin their plan, it always did.

Taking Angel’s hand in his Xander smiled saying, “Yeah, we’re married.”

Looking at his Slayer worriedly who still hadn’t spoken since the discovery of the relationship Giles asked, “What about the curse?”

“The PTB changed the terms of my curse.” Angel said with a gentle smile.

Buffy asked, “The PTB?”

Not bothered by the new relationship Tara said, “The Powers That Be, they are responsible for helping the forces of good.”

“But you hate each other!” Buffy whined not liking the thought that Angel wasn’t pining over her.

Amazed everyone still believed that Xander laughed, “I lusted after Angel from the first time I saw him. I told Willow that he was buff.”

Angel said with a wry grin, “There was always an attraction between us. Why do you think I never killed him when I lost my soul?”

“I figured you weren’t bothered by him because he’s such a loser,” Buffy said with a grin.

“Angelus warned us that Xander was his, and that he was going to claim him as his mate.” Spike interjected, grinning at the shock on the Slayer’s face.

“But what about me?” Buffy pouted, didn’t they realise everything was supposed to be about her?

Angel said apologetically, “I wanted to kill you because Xan had crush on you, I was removing any competition.”

Buffy laughed scornfully, “Yeah right (!) Xander put you up to this, didn’t he? What’s he blackmailing you with?”

Trying not to lose his temper Angel said, “Xander would never do anything like that, just accept it Slayer. I love Xander and he loves me.”

“Leave it, baby. She’s never going to listen.” Xander whispered already knowing that she wasn’t going to listen.

Confused Buffy said, “Xander’s worthless and pathetic. Why would anyone want to be with him? It’s not like he’s special!

His voice echoing in the suddenly silent room Angel snarled, “No one treats my mate with such disrespect without paying for it!”

“`Lus, stop it!” Xander said deadly calm. He could see the situation was going to end in violence if he couldn’t get his mate to calm down.

“I’m going to teach her what happens when someone disrespects something I own!” Angel snarled at Xander, still growling at Buffy.

Xander growled, “Don’t talk to me like that! No one owns me, not even you!”

Giles looked at Xander, unable to believe the young man had just told off one of the most bloodthirsty vampires in history and was still alive. That more than anything else convinced him of the love the pair held for each other.

Spike was waiting for Angelus to tear the mortal to pieces for daring to shout at him. To his amazement Angel simply ducked his head and apologised, obviously the whelp must have something special to treat his sire like that and live.

“Er…sorry? Love, you know what I’m like when someone hurts you.” Angel said, knowing he had really overstepped the mark this time.

Xander grinned widely, “Yeah, but that doesn’t give you the right to snarl at me over something that isn’t my fault. We need the Slayer alive. Anyway, she’s a little shocked, we knew she wouldn’t take it well.”

“That doesn’t give her the right to hurt you,” Angel said softly.

Xander sighed, “I know but she’s angry. Of course she was going to take it out on me, who else could she rant at?”

“Anyone but you.” Angel said seriously, pulling his mate into his arms.

“I figured she would react like this. Can we go back to the apartment?” Xander said ignoring the others he knew were listening to the conversation.

“Want to have that anniversary celebration now?” Angel offered as pulling Xander closer.

Gently kissing Angel’s game face Xander asked nonchalantly, “Gonna let Angelus out tonight? I love it when we get to play!”

Angel gave a bloodthirsty grin, “Yeah, we’re a little angry about what she said.”

“Which means a little fighting followed by some great sex, right?” Xander asked used to his mate’s moods by now.

Angel answered with a smirk, “I was thinking great sex followed by fighting and more great sex.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged, love. You ready to go? I know where there’s a nest of vamps we can kill for starters.”

“Sounds like fun,” Angel said as they left the house with the Scooby Gang staring after them in shock.

Xander smirked at his lover as they approached the nest, with every step he could Angelus coming closer to the surface. He grinned at the bloodthirsty smirk his mate was wearing, he was always amazed at the sheer beauty of the vampire when they hunted.

“Alex?” Angel purred his voice husky with desire.

Xander said with a grin, “Yes Angelus?”

“You sure I can’t kill the Slayer?” Angelus asked with an adorable pout.

Xander said stopping to look at the vampire, “She doesn’t matter. You are the only one for me.”

Angelus just looked at Xander for a couple of seconds before pulling the man into a bruising kiss. He thrust his tongue inside his mate’s mouth, taking and possessing. The brush with Buffy had knocked his confidence as much as he hated to admit it.

Xander broke the embrace panting, “If you don’t stop that we’ll end up fucking right here on the street, and this is a new shirt. I’m not getting it wrecked because of this.”

“I’m not worth losing a shirt over? I’m truly hurt, lover!” Angelus said with a gentle smile.

Xander was about to reply when Angelus quickly dropped to his knees unfastening the man’s pants with an unrepentant grin. He smirked as he realised Xander had gone commando obviously expecting something like this to happen.

Xander started, “`Lus, we really shouldn’t…” The Immortal gasped as Angelus’ mouth enveloped his cock, the vampire’s tongue twisting around the length.

“Fuck it!” Xander snarled as he thrust into the heat, losing himself in the sensations the vampire was causing.

Angelus hummed in agreement, as he started fondling his mate’s balls knowing Xander was going to come soon. There was a small gasp as Xander started to come, shooting into the waiting mouth. Angelus just continued sucking milking the cock completely.

“How come I always give in to you?” Xander asked a minute later when he had caught his breath.

Angelus just smirked not answering even though he knew just what Xander was talking about. The vampire often found himself agreeing with Xander, which was only to be expected considering the deep bond between them. Angelus loved Xander with everything he was, even more surprising to him, Xander loved every part of him - the soul and the demon.

“Feel like hunting or going back to our apartment to fuck for a couple of hours?” Xander whispered into the vampire’s ear, biting the lobe with a smirk.

Angelus gave an exaggerated puzzled frown saying, “Hmm, decisions, decisions. I’d prefer to pound you into the mattress but then you always say I am insatiable.”

“You certainly are, not that I’m complaining.” Xander said with a leer.

Part 2

Xander groaned at the sound of the doorbell, his eyes meeting those of his lover. He was going to kill whomever it was, Xander thought with a snarl. What had the world come to that you couldn’t even enjoy a afterglow without being disturbed.

Xander shouted as he opened the door, “WHAT?”

“Looking good, pet.” Spike commented leering at the naked man.

“I already knew that, Spike.” Xander commented rolling his eyes.

Wrapping a possessive arm around his husband’s waist Angel glared at his childe, “What do you want, Will?”

“Watcher wants you to meet them at the Magic Box.” Spike said with a smirk.

“Can’t they deal with it? We’re in the middle of something.” Xander commented opening the door for Spike to walk in.

“I can smell that.” Spike said inhaling the scent of sex that reeked in the apartment and on the pair.

Angel smiled dangerously, “So you should know not to interrupt us.”

“Sorry Peaches.” Spike said with an unrepentant grin.

“I guess the shower will have to wait.” Xander commented as he picked up his pants from on top of the freezer and put them on. Searching for his shirt he came up empty looking at Angel he asked, “Where is it, babe?”

Angel shrugged, “Its in pieces somewhere.”

“Oh, yeah. Remind me to punish you for that later.” Xander said his eyes shining with desire.

“I will.” Angel said with a leer.

Xander smirked before walking into the bedroom and grabbing a black silk shirt. Walking back to the lounge, he found Angel kissing Spike. He sighed, why they couldn’t have picked a better time? Like when they could spend a couple of hours reaffirming their relationships?

“Guys, we don’t have time for this. We can have sex later.” Xander said as he held the door open.

Breaking the kiss Spike looked at Xander in respect. Few people would accept their mates kissing someone else in their own home. Was the relationship between his Sire and Xander exclusive or not?

“Sorry, love.” Angel said with a smirk as he grabbed Xander’s hand.

The three walked to the Magic Box in silence but it was a companionable silence for a change. In the past the three used to argue whenever they were alone, something they had become known for. Now the relationship between them had changed the way they regarded each other, no longer did they see others as annoyances.

“What’s so important you interrupted us in the middle of sex?” Xander asked with a grin as he walked into the room, Angel at his side as usual.

Buffy exclaimed in shock, “You’ve been locked in your apartment for the last two days!”

Cordelia said arching her eyebrows, “So? They once spent weeks locked in their bedroom at the Hyperion. The sounds from that room gave me nightmares for months.”

“Serves you right for listening. Anyway we did tell you what we were doing.” Xander said with a shrug unconcerned about the fact that their sex life was being discussed in front of their friends.

Wesley said with a smile to show he was joking, “It was more than I ever wanted to know about your sex-life.”

“What did they say?” Spike asked with a smirk, wondering what could have provoked such a reaction from the Prom Queen.

Wesley repeated from memory, “They were going through the karma sutra and we weren’t to panic if we heard any whips or chains.”

Deciding not to comment on the man’s statement Giles said, “There are a group of demons in the woods, we felt you might like to help us get rid of them.”

“What kind?” Xander asked immediately sitting on the table.

Willow answered with a grin, “Heurxals.”

“They are harmless, they live on plants.” Angel said confused as to why the gang were intending to attack.

Wesley commented confused, “I’m surprised you know they are here. Heurxals are extremely Xenophobic.”

“It was a spell of mine. It identifies demons in Sunnydale so we can kill them.” Willow said with a shrug. She couldn’t understand why they were questioning her.

Xander asked the witch worried about the change in her, “We don’t need to kill them. Since when have you only cared about killing?”

“Its safer for everyone that way,” Buffy said not liking the man’s tone.

“You’re not going to kill them. Its not right.” Xander snarled causing Angel to move to his side knowing a fight was very likely.

Taking his cue from Angel, Spike reached into his coat and pulled out his trademark railway spike. Wesley and Cordelia moved to Xander’s side, waiting to see how Buffy would react. Xander was one of them and they protected each other until death.

Buffy said scornfully, “Who’s going to stop me, you?”

“Oooh, bad move.” Cordelia commented seeing the calm look on Xander’s face.

Spike shivered at Xander’s expression, it was cold and calm, too calm. When someone looked like that all you could do was get out of the way before you ended up dead.

“Yeah me.” Xander said with a smile.

Buffy sneered and tried to rush him. Xander calmly traced a pattern in the air and murmured a word. Buffy suddenly fell to the ground pain coursing through his body.

Bending down to her Xander said, “I’m not going to kill you. If you *ever* go after harmless demons or if you ever hurt mine, I will hunt you down. I will kill you and everyone who helps you and I’ll make it last months.”

Everyone apart from Angel shivered at Xander’s voice. It was death and everyone knew it. Standing Xander smiled and wrapped an arm around Angel’s waist.

“That was marvellous, love.” Angelus said proudly as he came to the surface.

Xander responded with a flippant grin, “Thanks. Its all because I had a good teacher.”

“Good teacher?” Angelus commented in mock-outrage.

“Sorry, wonderful teacher. Let me show you just how sorry I am.” Xander said leaning in and capturing his mate’s mouth.

Their tongues duelled passionately as they groaned ad tried to get impossibly closer to each other. Xander gently traced the vampire’s fangs with his tongue knowing how much it aroused his lover.

/Wish we were alone/ Xander thought to his mate with a groan.

Angelus gave a wicked mental grin, /If we were I’d slowly peel those clothes off you and lick every inch of your skin until your begging for me./

/Then would you give me what I wanted, needed?/ Xander responded groaning as the images formed in his mind.

Angelus gave a smirk as he answered, /Next I would run my hands over you, teasing your body until it sang for me. When I am all you can think of, I’d finally give you what you wanted. I’d turn you over and fuck you. Hard and fast, so you’d feel it for the next month./

/Gods, you think we can get rid of everyone?/ Xander said his body burning with desire.

Angelus grinned, /No. I guess we’ll just have to wait until we’re alone./

“Want to go and check out for those Nix?” Wesley suggested knowing the sooner they found them, the sooner they could go back home.

Looking at the blonde Xander said, “Yeah. Coming Spike. I need to talk to you.”

“Sure.” Spike said following the LA group out of the shop leaving behind two very angry women and one extremely confused Watcher. *******

“Where’s Tara?” Xander asked with a grin.

Spike shrugged, “She doesn’t get involved with any of the Slayer’s plans or patrols. She doesn’t approve of what they do but she loves Red too much to leave.”

“Want to come back to LA with us?” Angel offered to his childe not liking the Slayer he had seen.

“Yeah. The Hellmouth has become a little boring.” Spike answered with a smile.

“Why didn’t you come to LA years ago?” Xander questioned knowing it would have been the safest thing for the blonde.

“I knew how much you liked helping the Slayer. I guess I was doing it as a tribute to you. Anyway my Sire tried to kill me last time I saw him.”

Angel said apologetically, “I was a little insane then. Since Xander came into my life and my soul and demon have merged I’m sane again. You’re more than welcome in LA. We both love you, Will.”

“So how come you’re a spell-caster, pet?”

Xander smirked, “Destiny. A prophecy was created saying that the man would die by the hand of a friend and be resurrected as the Warrior’s Warlock. He would bond with the Warrior and the pair would forever fight for the forces of Light. I guess I just got lucky.”

“So you two are going to live forever?” Spike questioned in a mix of awe and pity. What would it be like to live forever? To see everyone you cared about die?

Angel sighed, “The oracles haven’t said anything. It could just be that when we’re reborn our souls will continue the fight together.”

Xander continued, “It doesn’t matter though because we are together. That’s all that matters, whatever time we have together is to be cherished.”

Spike nodded as they walked falling into silence. As they patrolled the blonde couldn’t help but wonder what was his place in their lives. Both Angel and Xander had made it clear that they wanted to have sex with him but was it on a sincere offer or just a pity fuck because he didn’t have anyone.

End Part 2