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Immortal Bonds

Author: Stephanie M

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Rating: PG-13?

Pairing: Angel/Xander.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters featured in the story. The Buffy characters are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, 20th Century Fox, WB Network and the rest. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.

He will be downed by the hands of a friend,

He will die alone without fear of the hereafter,

But he will be reborn as the Warrior’s Warlock,

Before four moons have passed he will emerge,

He will meet the Lone Warrior of Light,

Together these two will stem the tide of darkness,

They will be the Immortal Warriors of Light.

Giles looked at the prophecy again and whipped his glasses as he considered the likelihood of the prophecy occurring. As much as he hated to say it the odds were quite large. All the astronomical signs pointed towards the fact that a very powerful event would happen soon and he had to find the soon to be Warlock until it was too late.

The Warrior’s Warlock had been whispered about for centuries but few believed it but Giles knew better. The prophecy had been found in Ancient Greece in the temple of Hecate the Greek goddess of magic, who supposedly had the gift of prophecy. Other prophecies from her temple had started to come true in the last two centuries so it seemed just as likely that this prophecy would happen too. Giles only hoped that they could find the mystery Warlock before it was too late.

He looked at his watch and realised that it was just after 2 am. Buffy and Xander were late from patrol, which probably meant they had run into some new demons, just when the hellmouth had been quiet too.

In the Sunnydale Cemetery Buffy and Xander were indeed in a spot of trouble. A group of ten vampires had decided that they would try to take out the Slayer, yet again and unfortunately for Xander he was stuck in the middle of the vampires.

Xander stiffened as he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard something growling in his ear. Once again I’m the demon magnet Xander thought to himself as the vampires’ hands around his neck tightened.

“If you let me go Slayer I’ll let this one live.” The vampire said, his voice confident that the Slayer wouldn’t want a friend killed. But in the vampires’ grip Xander knew that it was his fate to die today, he had felt death breathing down his neck all day so he was simply waiting.

“Buffy, just get rid of him, remember the children.” Xander said, reminding Buffy of the children held in the clutches of the other vampires.

Buffy smiled at him in apology as she fired the crossbow, carefully aiming for the vampire. But before she could hit the leader Xander was pushed into the path of the arrow in the chaos that followed the vampires left, forgetting the children, in their haste to get away from an unstable Slayer.

Buffy kneeled beside Xander, seeing the crimson blood starting to seep through his shirt, were the crossbow bolt had pierced his heart. The children around her just sat huddled in a group, their faces white as the watched the terrifying picture before them.

“Buffy get the children away from here.” Xander said, straining to speak as the blood flowed from his body. He coughed bringing up more blood as Buffy moved towards the frightened children. Her eyes betrayed the fact that she knew it was the end for her friend.

Xander smiled as he watched Buffy lead the children out of the park, he was ready to go now. The children and his friend were safe, he could die now. As if knowing what he had decided a dark robed figure came towards him and reached for him.

Xander held out his hand and suddenly found himself floating in a beautiful sea of peace. He could feel someone was there but could see no one.

“Are you ready? Will you accept your fate?” A voice echoed in Xander’s head. The voice had no trace of a sex and no accent.

“I’m ready. I accept my fate whatever that may be.” Xander replied, his voice quaking a little as he considered his possible fate.

At the same time in Sunnydale Buffy was sitting in Giles’ living room in a fit of tears. Giles hadn’t yet managed to get to the cause of her tears. He passed her a tissue and held her hand gently while speaking.

“Buffy, what’s wrong? Why are you crying and Where’s Xander?” At the mention of Xander she just started crying even more. Making Giles realise that something was obviously wrong with Xander.

“Xan...Xander is dead. I killed him but it was an accident. I killed him Giles.” Buffy said, her words barely understandable through the tears. But Giles heard her and knew how she must be feeling.

“I know how you feel Buffy. I..I’m going to miss him too” Giles managed to get out before he started crying. The Slayer and Watcher held onto each other as they cried for their friend, and for the guilt they would feel for the rest of their lives.

Two days later Giles, Willow and Buffy stood silently at the gravestone of Alexander Harris, the boy who had been a friend to each of them.

Giles stood thinking of all the times he had ignored Xander or sent him out to buy donuts, thinking that the boy was no more than a fool.

Willow felt guilty for not being with him when he died and for forgetting Xander while she was in college.

Buffy was feeling guilty for always thinking of him as the Zeppo and for firing the shot that killed him, why did she take the shot Buffy had asked herself a million times in the past two days.

Each placed a white rose on the grave before walking away in silence to mourn their friend.

That evening there was a sound of humming in the air as a figure appeared above Xander’s grave. The moonlight hit the figure revealing that the figure was indeed Xander Harris.

Xander quickly looked around and quickly walked on the way out of town. He had used a spell to get out of the grave because he wasn’t at full strength Xander wouldn’t be able to use a spell at least until he got to L.A. the only problem would be getting there.

For that he would have to use the old fashioned method of hitch hiking. Luckily as he arrived at the town borders a truck stopped that was on the way to L.A.. Xander knew that the driver was a shapeshifter but also knew that this demon would not hurt him. He was one of the demons working for the PTB.

While he had been “dead” Xander had actually been in a deep sleep. His sleep had lasted for 51 hours during which he received all the information he needed about Angel, demons, the duties of the Warrior’s Warlock and discovered how to use magic.

It would be his job for eternity but he had to work with the Warrior, which meant he had to work with Angel. He could do most magic without any kind of spell book or focus. He didn’t need to pray to a goddess he simply had to call on the power he possessed, a power that was both dangerous and wonderful.

Xander was pulled out of his thoughts by a tingling inside his body. Looking up he realised that they had just entered the city limits. Soon he would meet Angel and introduce him to the new Xander Harris, one who was powerful, in control and wouldn’t be ignored.

He smirked imaging the look on Angel’s face when he told the vampire that they would have to spend eternity together. Xander quickly got out the truck, saying goodbye to Loaroth, the driver in Loaroth’s language surprising the demon.

Xander looked at the building before him that was home to Angel Investigations and wondered what kind of reception he would get. The whole reason why he had hurried was because Angel would be in danger until the pair went face to face as Xander thought this he felt a sense of wrongness.

Something or someone evil was nearby and was after Angel. Not caring about the possible dangers Xander quickly muttered a teleportation spell under his breath teleporting into Angel’s apartment but invisible.

Xander watched as two Relsarktha demons held Angel while a third was happily preparing what appeared to be very sharp needles and stakes doused in holy water, which were a popular way of torturing vampires who almost died from the pain alone.

Xander knew that there was a mage at play here, he could feel the power in the room. Deciding it was time to show himself, Xander sent a ball of flames at the two demons holding Angel before starting a barrier spell to stop the mage leaving the room. He wanted to have a little fun with the mage who had dared to try and attack his Warrior not that Angel knew he was his.

The two demons that had been holding Angel were now running around in balls of flame. Angel was fighting the last demon as Xander stood in the middle of the room waiting for the enemy mage to appear. After a couple of minutes a robed figure appeared before him and smiled.

“So you’ve cast a barrier spell. That was a very stupid move young one. I can tell that you’re only young, tell me how to you expect to beat me the great Senrea.” The woman said, looking Xander in the eyes but Xander didn’t care she had given him what he needed her name. Despite what some people felt names were power.

Xander said full of anger and pity, “I can’t believe that you have tried to destroy the Warrior, Senrea. I must now deal with you, it’s a shame that you’re so out of reach I would have liked to let you live. I call on the Powers That Be to hear me. I ask to banish the woman Senrea from this plane. She has taken lives in life but has taken more in death. I hereby banish her to the demon dimension were she will have no powers. As I will it so mote it be.”

He watched dispassionately as Senrea screamed at him trying to get to him but he had cast a shield spell in front of him. After the spell was complete a red glow surrounded the woman who quickly disappeared, her anguished screams echoing in the small apartment.

Xander turned to find the apartment empty except for himself and Angel who was looking at him in shock. A small smile appeared on Xander’s face at Angel’s speechless look, he wondered just what had shocked the vampire.

Feeling dizzy at casting such a large spell so soon after discovering his powers Xander said, “Hey Deadboy, long time no see. Have you got someplace to rest I’m feeling a bit drained?”

Before Angel could reply Xander’s legs started to fall from under him but before he could reach the floor he found himself being held. Feeling a sense of safety Xander surrendered to sleep and the chance to recharge.

He awoke to hear voices nearby.

“Who was that you carried downstairs and why have you called us in?” Cordelia said, sounding both angry, concerned and irritated.

“If you don’t mind Angel, could you please tell us what is so important during the day for gods sake.” Another voice said, this one sounded British and familiar, then Xander remembered the identity of the mystery speaker-Wesley.

Before Angel could reply Xander groaned indicating he was awake and Angel rushed to his side surprising everyone most of all himself. Angel briefly wondered why he was worrying about Xander Harris for god’s sake the boy hated him.

Xander was wondering the same thing, why was Angel helping him when the vampire clearly hated him? But he guessed it was just part of being their bond.

His voice like steel making it clear he would accept no arguments Xander said, “Hey Deadboy, Delia, Wes. Its good to see you all. Look I know you’re surprised to see me but right now I need to talk to Angel alone.”

The others quickly left leaving the two former enemies looking at each other in a mix of amusement and worry. Xander wondered just how to say what he had to say while Angel was thinking something entirely different.

Unbeknownst to Xander, Angel had been in love with him since he had been Angelus, through his time in hell Angel had come to accept that he loved Xander as well.

The reason he had left Sunnydale was that it was too hard to be around Xander knowing that the boy could never love him in return. Angelus had merely lusted after the boy, seeing him as someone would make the prefect vampire. The demon had acknowledged that the boy was a worthy mate, strong, loyal, fierce and had a lot of darkness inside him.

Angel felt Xander was perfect and wanted to help him experience true love. He had spent a lot of his time just watching the boy as both Angel and Angelus. Even when he first met Xander he had considered the boy to be attractive but he when he was in hell he held on to everything about Xander. Xander’s wit, smiles, jokes and the very thought of him had helped Angel get out of hell but he had never told anyone.

“Its good to see you, Xander. I heard you were dead.” Angel said softy, a smile gracing his features for a view fleeting seconds.

Xander said with a small smile, “That’s kind of what I need to talk to you about. It turns out that I’m the Warrior’s Warlock, which means that I’m to work with you. We will spend eternity together fighting the forces of darkness. So that’s everything apart from a few small things.”

He had decided not to reveal the fact that he was gay nor the fact that they were supposed to be bonded in every sense of the word. Xander was sure that Angel would be less than happy with that little bombshell.

Angel said, “I’ll have to speak to the Oracles but until then why don’t you sleep with me…I mean in my apartment.” A blush gracing his features at his mistake, while he wondered just why Xander hadn’t run out of the room by now.

“That’s great. If you don’t mind I’ll just lie here while you explain things to the others.” Xander replied, knowing that he would have to sleep soon.

Angel quietly left the inner office, smiling as Xander lay down on the sofa. He wondered just what to tell Cordelia and Wesley. He knew that he would have to tell them something but he didn’t want to reveal everything before he even told Xander.

“Its nice to see that you can fit us in.” Cordelia said, her voice annoyed at being excluded from the conversation between Angel and Xander.

“Xan’s going to be living with me a while. It turns out that he is an immortal warlock and that he is going to work with me.” Angel quickly said before leaving the room once more to gather Xander in his arms.

As he left the room Cordelia looked at Wesley in surprise and spoke, “Since when has he called Xander, Xan? I’m getting the feeling that we’re missing something here.”

“Yes, quite.” Wesley replied with a small smile. He wasn’t going to tell Cordelia his suspicions about the pair. The last thing he needed was to spend the day with a moping Cordelia.

Xander looked up at the sound of someone moving nearby, opening his eyes he discovered that he was in a dark room but the door was open, allowing a sliver of light to flow in. Stretching he got out of bed, surprised to see that he was completely naked, who had undressed him. Had he been unconscious while Angel undressed him? Looking around for clothes Xander was relieved to find a red silk robe waiting on a chair. Putting it on he walked out of the room in search of Angel.

Xander watched unnoticed by the vampire as Angel read what appeared to be a book on demons. ‘Does the vampire never relax?,’ Xander thought to himself as he coughed to alert the vampire to his presence.

Angel spun round alarmed, then smiled as he realised that it was Xander. Patting the seat next to him on the couch he waited for Xander to sit down. As he did so, Xander wondered just how he was going to explain everything to the vampire.

“How are you feeling, Xan? Do you need anything?” Angel asked, seeing that Xander was nervous, at the same time worrying what he had done to make the man afraid.

Hoping Angel wouldn’t hate him when he told the truth Xander said, “I’m fine, Angel. I guess I need to talk to you about what happened. You heard that I was killed, right? Well while I was supposedly dead I was simply asleep, learning what I need to know for my new role. There’s something you have to knew about me...”

“You can tell me, Xander. I promise I won’t hate you or be angry.” Angel whispered as he moved to hug Xander, surprising both of them.

“Angel, I’m gay.” Xander said, not telling Angel that he had been in love with him for years.

‘He’s gay, Xander’s gay. I might have a chance with him,’ Angel thought to himself, not realising that his silence was worrying Xander.

“That’s great!” Angel finally said, causing Xander to raise his eyebrows in surprise.

“What I mean is that its great that you feel comfortable enough with me to tell me.” Angel said seeing the look that Xander was giving him.

Xander smiled letting Angel off the hook, at the same time knowing that Angel was hiding something. Xander stood and quickly walked over to the kitchen in search of something to eat.

Angel barely noticed Xander leaving the room, the vampire was too caught up his thoughts. A small part of him was whispering that he should admit his feelings now while the rest of his mind insisted that Xander could never love him.

Angel looked up in surprise when he felt someone touch his shoulder. He found himself staring into Xander’s brown eyes, eyes that he could happily lose himself in.

“Angel, I know your hiding something. I don’t blame you for not trusting me but you should know that I won’t hurt you.” Xander said as he sat down, looking Angel in the eyes.

Angel knew that he would have to admit his feelings, otherwise Xander would assume he had done something wrong. From the past he knew that Xander always assumed that everything was his fault.

“I trust you, Xander. Its just that some things are hard to say.” Angel said as he took Xander’s hand in his.

Xander smiled encouragingly and lightly squeezed Angel’s hand to let the vampire that he was there to give his support.

“Xander, I...I love you.” Angel said, looking down at the floor.

Xander moved towards the vampire, knowing how hard it was for Angel to admit his feelings. He gently gripped Angel’s chin, forcing the vampire to look at him. Angel’s eyes were full of worry, pain, and love. The love burned so brightly that Xander was amazed he hadn’t seen it earlier.

Xander lowered his mouth to Angel’s, his hands moving to wrap around the vampire’s neck. Xander started the kiss gently, knowing that Angel was still a little confused. It appeared that Angel was over any confusion as Xander felt the vampire’s tongue begging entrance into his mouth. Xander opened his mouth and allowed Angel to explore at the same time running his tongue over the vampire’s teeth, knowing from his research that they were especially sensitive.

The pair broke the kiss and looked at each other with a smile, happy that their secret dreams had finally come true.

The End