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A Mistake Or Fate 8/8

Author: Stephanie M

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Summary: The gang get an unexpected visitor.

Category: Drama/Angst

Spoilers: General

Rating: R at most so far

Disclaimer: The Buffy characters are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, WB Network.

Pairings: A/X, X/S (UST), X/L mentioned.

Part 1

The vampire looked around confused, a second ago he was in his cell waiting for his Master and now he was in Sunnydale park. Something was wrong though; he couldn’t see any sign of the vampires he knew were always prowling at night.

Hearing the sound of a well-known voice the vampire known as Puppy trembled, he was going to in trouble now! He frowned when the Master appeared a strange sound filling his ears. Then the vampire realised it was a heartbeat which was wrong! Master didn’t have a heartbeat. Looking at the approaching figure Puppy wondered if it was truly his Master, on recognising the grace and unmistakable air of danger Puppy knew that despite the heartbeat it was his Master.

Slowly moving towards the man Puppy kneeled awaiting the punishment he knew would come. Looking at ground Puppy pleaded, “Master, p...please take me back home with you.”

Xander stared at the vampire at his feet in a mixture of shock and confusion. Then he remembered what the alternate Willow had said about Angel being the pet of her and his counterpart. He realised it wasn’t Deadboy at his feet, but Puppy.

Xander said gently, “Get up.”

Xander said gently, “Get up.” Seeing his tone was having no effect on the shaking vampire Xander said sternly, “I said get up Angel! You are to come with me.”

Puppy quickly stood knowing that his Master was unhappy with him but not knowing why. Was his Master going to let Willow punish him this time? He hoped not, he hated her and knew she was the really cruel one. His Master might punish him but he knew that his Master loved him not like her, Willow hated him and the relationship he had with his Master.

The pair walked in silence to a small house looking in the window Puppy recognised the Watcher causing the vampire to look at his Master in confusion. What was his Master doing associating with the White Hats? Was it part of a plan to take the group down from the inside?

Opening the door Giles asked in confusion, “Xander? What are you doing here with Angel?”

“This isn’t Deadboy, G-Man.” Xander said walking inside stopping when the vampire failed to follow him.

Giles said exasperated, “Come in, we haven’t got all day.” He frowned when the vampire only stared at the ground stubbornly.

“Not this again! Come in now!” Xander said to the vampire shocking the others who had been drawn to the door by Giles’ words.

Puppy walked inside standing next to Xander, not reacting when Willow and Buffy moved closer to look at him.

“Why is he waiting for you to tell him what to do?” Willow shouted in confusion causing the vampire to back up against Xander.

“Has he hurt you? If he has I’ll deal with it.” Buffy asked glaring at the vampire knowing there was something wrong with Xander.

“You’re scaring him!” Xander said to the others noticing the way the vampire was now as close to him as possible without touching him.

“Bloody Hell what happened to Peaches!” Spike shouted seeing his sire cowering in fear.

Xander replied to the group, “That’s why I’m here.”

Xander whispered to the brunette vampire, “I won’t let them hurt you. Come with me.”

Spike raised an eyebrow at these words wondering why Xander was so commanding and tender at the same time especially to Angel. As far as he knew Xander hated Angel as much as he did.

Puppy nodded at the command and followed Xander, taking his customary place at Xander’s feet. The others sat down not remarking at the unusual seating arrangement knowing Xander would explain everything.

Xander said calmly, “I found him in the park. I figured you might know some reason why he’s here.”

“I’ll look for some prophecies, but I can’t think of anything.” Giles said seriously.

Willow offered cheerfully, “He can stay with me until we find out how to get him home.”

The dark haired vampire started shaking only imagining what would happen to him when she got him alone. He knew this must be his punishment, looking at his Master Puppy was shocked to see that there wasn’t a trace of anger in the man’s eyes.

“Is that okay with you?” Giles asked Angel figuring that he should ask seeing how everything was probably confusing for the vampire at the moment.

Puppy said submissively, “If my Master wishes it to be so.”

“Who’s your Master?” Buffy asked confused.

Moving his head to look at Xander Puppy answered, “He is and always will be.”

Dawn asked eagerly, “What’s your name?”

“Everyone calls me Puppy,” Puppy replied before turning to look at Xander, “Do you wish me to go with her Master, as punishment?”

Xander asked shocked, “Why do you think I’m punishing you?”

“Whenever I upset my Master he gives me to her. She tortures me until he comes and gets me.”

Knowing he had to carefully word his response so it was something Puppy could understand Xander said seriously, “You’re not being punished. You’ve been good.”

“Thank you Master,” Puppy said happily.

“Don’t talk to Angel like that. He’s not a pet!” Buffy spat at Xander.

Puppy growled and grabbed the Slayer by the neck, intending to kill her for talking to his Master like that. No one was allowed to treat his Master with such disrespect!

“Let her go!” Willow said angrily trying to push the vampire away from Buffy but the vampire was too strong.

Puppy asked Xander, “Do you wish me to kill her for you, Master?”

“No. Come with me, Angel!” Xander said holding one hand out for Puppy not noticing the look of joy on the vampire’s face.

“As you wish, Master.” Puppy replied dropping the slayer immediately and taking the offered hand.

The pair left the house with Xander taking the lead not noticing the look of shock and amazement on the faces of the others.

“What just happened?” Willow said looking at the others in confusion.

Giles explained, “We just met Angel’s alternate. At least Angel's not here to confuse matters further.”

“Xander’s treating Puppy like a pet,” Buffy whined.

Spike growled at the stupidity of the Slayer, “He’s only treating him the way Puppy needs to be treated. Got to say, I always knew the whelp would make a good vamp.”

“What makes you say that?” Dawn asked curious.

Spike explained slowly, “To control a master vampire and make him submissive as his counterpart has done with Puppy, you have to be very powerful, ruthless and evil.”

“When did you last feed?” Xander asked as he locked the front door.

Puppy swallowed, “Two days ago, Master.”

Walking into the kitchen Xander said, “I’ll get you some blood. Don’t call me Master.”

“As you wish, Lex.” Puppy replied happy his Master wasn’t angry with him.

“Lex?” Xander questioned as he poured a bad of blood into a pan and slowly started heating it.

“What I call you when we are alone,” Puppy explained standing slightly behind the man.

Xander said seriously, “ Call me Alex, I’m not my counterpart so you shouldn’t call me by his name. What did my double call you when we are alone?”

“Lus short for Angelus.”

Xander was confused; his counterpart had a weird relationship with Puppy. The fact that they had special names for each other was obviously a sign that they cared for each other beyond the obvious Master/slave relationship.

“Do you have a soul?” Xander asked wanting to know if the vampire was a threat.

“My soul and my demon live together and I switch between the two as needed. Is that a sufficient explanation, Alex?”

Placing the heated blood in a wine glass with a smile Xander said, “Yeah, here’s your blood. Can I call you Angelus, instead of Lus? That’s my counterpart’s name for you and I’m not him.”

“Of course. Can you tell me a little about this dimension? Angelus said with a grin.

When it was just the two of them, Angelus behaved differently than how he acted in public but Xander liked the way Angelus acted when they were alone. Angelus didn’t seem afraid of him, more awed Xander felt.

“The main difference is that Buffy came to Sunnydale. Here Buffy, the Slayer, killed the Master and stopped his ascension so I was never turned.”

“Is there another Angel here?” Angelus asked anxiously.

Xander nodded, “Deadboy used to live here but he’s in LA now. He lost his soul when he was with Buffy and tried to kill us all.”

“Are you involved with this Deadboy?” Angelus asked worriedly, he had hoped that he would be able to be with this Xander. He liked this mortal Xander a lot more than he did the vampire Xander from of his own universe.

Xander laughed, “No, Angelus. He was seeing Buffy and she literally sent him to Hell after he lost his soul. As a result the relationship ended and he moved away.”

“Can we go to the pond?” Angelus asked feeling more relaxed with this Xander than he felt with his own Master.

“Sure. It is one of my favourite places in Sunnyhell. I used to go there when my parents...”

“Hit you.” Angelus finished the sentence before continuing, “So did the Xander from my dimension. He’s a lot like you, sure he was cruel, but that’s kind of expected when you’re a vampire.”

Xander said thoughtfully, “It seems the only difference between the two of us is that he was turned and I wasn’t. It’s kind of weird to think that I can become him.”

Angelus nodded, “I guess. Are we going now, Alex?”

“Sure. Let me get some supplies,” Xander said placing a couple of stakes in the belt of his jeans knowing better than to go out in Sunnydale without taking precautions.

Five minutes later they had arrived at the pond, the place that had always been Xander’s sanctuary. It was a place where he could rant, and shout without fear that someone was going to overhear him.

Xander said half to himself, “Today has been weird. I feel like something important has started but I don’t know what.”

“Maybe you’re not supposed to know,” Angelus said helpfully from his place on the ground.

“I guess, I’ll find out when I need to know.” Xander said with a shrug smiling at the vampire.

Angelus asked with a small growl, “Why Spike is with you, Alex?”

“Earlier there was a group called the Initiative who experimented on demons. They put chips in the head of demons to stop them from attacking humans, Spike’s got one.”

“What happened to the Initiative?” Angelus said wanting to punish these humans for what they had done to his childe.

Xander snarled, “They were destroyed. It was barbaric, what they were doing! Demons are only acting according to their nature. Anyway, Spike can’t protect himself from humans. Spike works with us, even though he’s tried to kill us a couple of times.”

“He tried to kill you?” Angelus asked in shock.

“Yeah. To tell the truth, I feel sorry for Spike. Deadboy has ignored him, and Dru’s disappeared so he doesn’t have anyone.”

Angelus smiled, “He has me. He’s my childe and I protect my family.”

Xander’s eyes glowed green, “I understand. Its normal to want to protect your Pack.”

“Pack?” Angelus looked at him bemused, Xander’s words were confusing.

“Yeah. I was possessed a couple of years ago, by a hyena. Like your soul and demon live together, my hyena, soldier and soul live together.”

“So you understand,” Angelus said with a smirk.

“Yeah. Want to come to the Bronze?”

Angelus nodded, “Yeah. In my world we used to go hunting there. It was fun.”

Xander ordered quickly, “You can’t kill anyone!” Watching the vampire’s face fall Xander continued, “But you can feed, I guess. Just don’t tell anyone that I let you bite humans? The gang will freak if they find out.”

“Thanks. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure no one sees my face.” Angelus said with a grin.

Part 2

“Having a good time?” Xander drawled as he looked at the vampire.

Angelus looked up from the girl he was tracking and grinned. This was *fun* and a lot like he used to do with his family. There was no other feeling in the world like the rush you got from tracking and destroying your prey, in some ways it was better than sex.

Angelus answered as the girl left The Bronze, “Of course.”

Xander said, “I’ll distract her. Follow us and once we’re away from everyone you can feed.”

Xander led the way out of the heaving club into the cool night. The girl was outside waiting for someone by the look of things. She was about twenty with long black hair, and reminded Angelus a lot of his Dru.

“Are you okay?” Xander said charmingly.

The girl looked at him, “I’m waiting for a friend.”

Xander said with a charming smile, “Oh, you’re Karen? Lucy asked me to give you a message. She said that she would see you tomorrow, she left with some guy.”

“Again? Thanks.” Karen said with a groan as she looked around.

Ignoring the amused vampire behind him Xander said, “Do you want me to walk you home? It’s not safe to walk home alone around here at night.

“That would be great!” The girl answered and the pair started walking.

They had been walking for about ten minutes when Angelus moved out from the shadows. His Master had done very well, better than he had imagined seeing how it would be the first time this Xander had hunted.

Angelus grabbed the girl by the neck and pulled her into the alley. With a grin, he’s fangs descended and he bit into the inviting flesh. The blood was everything he had thought it would be. It tasted of fear, anger, hope and desire. Remembering his orders not to kill, he withdrew his fangs and let the girl fall to the ground.

As he fell into step with Xander Angelus commented, “You were very good, Alex. Done this before?”

Xander grinned arching an eyebrow, “Leading someone into the arms of a vampire? No but its not that much different to hunting with the Pack.”

“Where are we going now?” Angelus asked as they walked through one of Sunnydale’s many graveyards.

Xander sighed, “Home. Can’t risk Buffy finding us. She’d stake both of us if she found out I helped you feed.”

“Why don’t you leave? We can go somewhere else.”

Xander’s eyes glowed, “I can’t abandon my Pack. They’re mine and I protect what’s mine.”

Angelus said thoughtfully, “You know this hyena seems to bring out a lot of the traits your double had. Maybe in this dimension you were possessed by the hyena, instead of becoming a vampire.”

“It’s possible. The universe works on a system of balance.” Xander said ending the conversation.

Doyle groaned as the vision hit him, a jumble of images he couldn’t understand. Gasping he looked over at Angel, “We have to Sunnydale. That guy Cordy used to date, Xander? He’s in trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?” Angel said worried. He had always liked Xander. The mortal was the only one with the guts to stand up to him and to Angelus. It was something you had to admire.

Doyle said confused, “I saw a vamp biting his neck. The vamp was saying something about his master. There was some sort of meeting and then a demon attacked.”

“Is he going to die?” Cordelia asked as she grabbed the car keys.

Doyle said apologetically, “Maybe. We have to get there and save him.”

“I’m not letting Xander die,” Angel announced as the three left the office.

“Where am I sleeping?” Angelus asked hopefully.

Xander looked at the vampire who was staring at the floor again. Shrugging he asked, “Where do you normally sleep?”

“With Lex unless I’ve made him mad.” Angelus said honestly.

Xander said thoughtfully, “You can sleep with me. Don’t steal all the covers or try to bite me. I will hurt you, if I have to.”

“I won’t hurt you Master.”

Xander ignored the vampire’s term of address figuring it was ingrained and he wouldn’t be able to break Angelus of the habit yet. He remembered that any pet had to have simple rules, and wondered what rules Angelus was given.

Xander said seriously once they were both sitting on the bed, “What are the rules you were given?”

Angelus grinned remembering this game. Master always made him repeat the rules so he would remember them. He said quickly, “Do as you say. Always tell you the truth. Never attack you. Only kill with your permission. Never embarrass you. Only answer to Puppy to everyone but you.”

Xander was shocked that the rules were so reasonable. He had expected the rules to be worse for some reason, maybe he was just being a little cynical. Grabbing a T-Shirt and boxers he walked to the bathroom intending to shower and change.

Xander walked out of the bathroom twenty minutes later to find Angelus staring expectantly at the bathroom door.

He had thought Angelus was capable of being independent, or at least that’s what the vampire’s earlier behaviour had told him.

Xander took a black T-shirt from his drawers, “You can wear this for bed. Are you injured anywhere?”

“Yes Master.” Angelus answered looking at the floor.

“Where and who did it?” Xander asked growling slightly. The vampire was *his*, no one had the right to hurt what was his!

Angelus said calmly, “My back and Willow. She was angry when Lex stopped her feeding from me. Lex went out to save Spike and Willow got me. The other vampires were too afraid to stop her. Lex killed them when he came back, he was going to fix me up and then I ended up here.”

“Take your top off. I’m going to fix your back up. I won’t hurt you.” Xander said taking the first aid kit from its place under the bed.

Doing as he was told Angelus answered, “I know, Master.”

Xander gasped as he took in the marks on Angelus’ back. Willow had obviously spent a long time torturing Angelus. The vampire’s back was covered in whip marks and what appeared to be burns. Xander started to clean up the wounds. He winced in sympathy when he had to clean the deep gashes with antiseptic but Angelus didn’t react. Xander’s eyes widened when he saw the scar on Angelus’ shoulder, it was an X in a circle.

Xander said seriously before leaving the room. “Okay, get changed. I’ll go and heat up the rest of the blood.”

Angelus did as his Master instructed and waited. He had detected the increase in Xander’s heartbeat, and the scent of anger. He just hoped Xander wasn’t angry with him, he had tried to be good.

“Here you go. In future tell me right away if you are injured.” Xander said giving the vampire the large glass of blood and placing the jug of heated blood on the bedside table.

Angelus nodded, “Yes Master.”

“I’m going to bed. Finish drinking *all* the blood and you can join me,” Xander said before getting inside the bed.

Angelus drank quickly, eager to get into his Master’s bed. It was the only place he felt truly safe anymore, probably the only place he would feel safe. Getting inside the covers, he waited for his master to tell him what to do. He smiled when Xander wrapped one leg over his body, Angelus closed his eyes finally home.

Angel carefully approached the girl, not wanting to do anything to startle her. If he did, it could mean his death. He grinned when she spun around, a stake in her hand.

“Angel, what are you doing here?”

Angel smiled, “Doyle had a vision. How are you, Willow?”

“Angry and worried. Your alternate, Puppy turned up today,” Willow sighed.

Angel frowned, “That could be why I’m here. I guess we should go and see Giles.”

“Sure. Does Buffy know you’re back?” Willow said as they approached the Watcher’s home.

“Not yet. How is she?” Angel said concerned.

“She’s a little angry. Puppy tried to kill her. I think she blames Xander.”

Angel knocked on the door and waited. He grinned when Giles opened the door looking decidedly annoyed.

Giles gave an exasperated sigh, “Angel, I take it Buffy is in danger?”

“No, Xander is.” Angel said ignoring the gasps *that* little announcement caused.

Giles said, “Damn, I was hoping I was wrong.”

“What do you mean?” Willow asked her eyes pinning Giles in place.

“Puppy might turn Xander. It would be understandable given the circumstances.”

“We have to go and save him!” Angel said worried.

Willow smiled, “Puppy is afraid of Xander, he won’t hurt his master.”

“His master?” Angel asked a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Yeah. That’s what he called Xander.” Willow said wondering how Angel would react.

“Shit!” Angel shouted running from the house.

He only had an hour before sunrise to get to Xander and save him. He remembered what Doyle had said about whoever bit Xander talking about his master.

Giles and Willow looked at each other before running to the Watcher’s car intending on getting to Xander’s place to save their friend.

Angel knocked on the door loudly, thankful that his contacts had kept him informed of the exact whereabouts of the Slayerettes. He continued banging when he received no answer, mildly surprised that no one else in the building came to see what all the noise was.

In the bedroom, Xander woke to find his arms full of a shaking vampire. He immediately tried to calm Angelus wondering what had scared the vampire so much. Hearing the loud banging, he growled gently running one hand over Angelus’ chest possessively.

“Stay in here until I come back for you. I’ll deal with it.” Xander said his eyes glowing angrily.

“As you wish, Master." Angelus said worried someone would hurt his Master and he would be alone.

Picking up a sword as he headed for the door, Xander growled unhappy that whoever it was had scared *his* vampire. A part of Xander realised that it was a very bad idea to get possessive about a homicidal vampire but it was too late to worry about that.

Looking through the peephole he saw it was Angel. All thoughts of restraint left his mind as he remembered what Angel had done to Spike, Xander’s Pack member.

“Get the fuck away from me, Angel” Xander yelled the blade at Angel’s neck. He smiled at the shock in the vampire’s eyes.

Angel’s eyes widened in a mix of fear and arousal as he said, “I wanted to make sure you’re okay. Doyle had a vision that a vampire was going to bite you. The vampire mentioned his master, so it makes sense that its Puppy.”

“One, Puppy won’t hurt me. Two, I see you again and you’re dust. Get the idea?” Xander said deadly calm.

Angel begged, “Xander, you don’t understand! Puppy’s dangerous!”

Xander growled as all the different facets of his personality got angry. He snarled, “Don’t talk to me like that. I’m not an idiot. Puppy is not a danger to me. If I were you I’d be more worried about someone dusting me.”

Xander stopped, sniffing the air for a second he realised Willow and Giles were about to arrive. He didn’t have time for them right now, he had to go and help his Pack member.

Giles turned the corner and stopped shocked to see Xander holding a sword at Angel’s neck.

Willow questioned, “Xander? What’s going on?”

“Nothing, I’m going back to my apartment. I recommend you take Deadboy somewhere, the sun’s coming up in 29 minutes and fifteen seconds.”

Xander closed the door with a bang, knowing they wouldn’t give up. Carrying the sword, he walked into the bedroom unsurprised to find Angelus on the floor, staring at the door and shaking.

Wrapping his arms around the vampire Xander whispered, “Everything will be okay. I’m here, Angelus. I’m not going to leave you.”

“I was scared. I thought you were going to be killed,” Angelus confessed nervously.

Xander explained gently, “I’m sorry but I couldn’t risk someone hurting you.”

“Could you stay with me a while? I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

Xander smiled, “I know you won’t hurt me. Come on, this would be a lot more comfortable on the bed.”

Xander stood and gently directed the vampire to the bed. Carefully placing the sword so it could be reached from the bed, Xander sat down and gently patted the spot next to him. Angelus sat down and hesitantly reached for Xander’s hand. He stopped afraid that his attentions could be unwanted.

Xander simply took the vampire’s hand in his and lay down, grinning when the vampire copied him. He realised he was going to have to be the aggressor in their relationship.

Angelus wouldn’t touch him unless Xander gave a sign that it was okay. He placed his head on the vampire’s chest and possessively wrapped his arm over pale chest.

Xander said suddenly, “Listen to me. I’m adding a new rule to the ones you already have.”

Angelus looked at the mortal expectantly, he would obey the new rule as his master asked.

Xander smiled reassuringly, “If you want to touch me, you can. However if I tell you to stop then you stop right away. Do you understand?”

Angelus said seriously, “Yes Master. Don’t worry I’ll obey.”

“I know you will. Now we can spend the day relaxing.” Xander said with a contented sigh.

Neither noticed Giles watching them through a window in a mix of shock and dread. He had to get Puppy back before his presence changed Xander further. He didn’t want to see Xander become cold and unfeeling like vampire counterpart, Giles would kill Puppy before he’d let that happen.

Part 3

Giles said calmly, “We have to find a way to send Puppy back and Xander will be safe.”

“What’s wrong?” Buffy asked as she ran into the room.

Angel answered her, “Puppy is going to attack, and possibly kill Xander. We need to save him.”

“I’ll stake him and that’ll take care of the problem,” Buffy said with a happy grin.

Remembering Xander’s reaction to the vampire Willow said, “I don’t think there’s any need to kill him. All we have to do is send him back to his own dimension.”

“We have to kill him. That way he can’t hurt Xander.” Angel said reasonably.

“I fear it won’t be that easy. Xander won’t hurt him and Puppy has a soul.” Giles interjected used to being the voice of reason.

Buffy said moodily, “Okay, no staking but if Puppy even looks at Xander wrong, he’s dust.”

Spike strolled in wanting to watch Xander, the whelp was always fun to watch and the way he had reacted to Puppy was interesting.

It made Spike think that he might have a chance with the mortal, something he had wanted since he had seen Xander as a soldier on Halloween.

“Peaches, what are you doing here?” Spike snarled at his sire.

Angel said quickly, “I’m here for Xander.”

Seeing the anger on Spike’s face he continued, “Doyle had a vision that a vampire, apparently Puppy is going to bite him. I’m not going to let someone hurt Xander.”

Spike laughed, “Puppy bite Xander? That’ll never happen.”

“I’ve told them already but they won't listen.” Xander said causing everyone to look at him.

Xander was at the doorway, Angelus at his side. The gang looked at Xander in alarm when they realised that he had one arm around the vampire’s waist. The room gaped as they took in Puppy’s appearance.

The vampire was wearing black jeans and a tight black mesh top and a black leather jacket. On his neck was a black spiked dog-collar, his whole appearance radiated submissiveness. The vampire was just looking at Xander not caring about their audience.

“Hello Pet. How’s Puppy?” Spike asked as he walked over to them.

Xander smiled cruelly, “Spike, he’s mine and you will treat him with respect.”

Angelus just smirked at his master’s attitude, it felt good to see Xander defending him. It felt as if Xander really cared. He liked it.

Seeing that the others wanted to speak to him Xander ordered, “Go and discuss what we were talking about with Spike. Get something to eat, I’m here if you need me.”

“As you wish.” Angelus said before moving away, and letting Spike show him to someplace a little more private.

Willow asked as soon as the pair had left the room, “What was that about Xander?”

“I’m looking out for him. He won’t hurt me and he doesn’t deserve to get treated like a rabid dog.”

“Puppy attacked me, or have you forgotten that?” Buffy shouted outraged.

Xander said seriously, “I haven’t but he was just doing what he was told to do. Protect me.”

“No, protect your alternate.” Giles countered seeing Xander could have an identity crisis if the situation lasted much longer.

Xander said angrily, “He’s in this dimension now so he automatically accepted me in place of my alternate. Can you just accept him? He’s not going to hurt me, he knows not to.”

Angelus ran into the room, detecting the increase in his master’s heartbeat. He searched the room for any possible threat, growling at Willow's closeness to *his* master.

Hearing the growling Xander said, “Angelus!”

“Yes, Alex?” Angelus questioned noticing the others had adopted a defensive stance.

Willow said fearfully, “Angelus? But he’s going to kill us all!”

Xander looked at Willow saying, “He won’t kill you, unless I tell him to.” He grinned at Angelus, “She’s not a threat. Have you talked to Spike?”

Angelus answered honestly, “No master. We have just finished eating.”

“Do you want to stay here or go and talk to Spike?” Xander questioned, he would prefer to keep the vampire close to him.

“I would like to stay with you.” Angelus answered waiting for orders.

“Okay, you can stay.” Xander said smiling.

As Angelus was walking over to Xander, Buffy attacked.

She kicked the vampire in the stomach before punching him in the face. Angelus flew across the room and hit the wall with a thud.

Xander howled in anger.

Xander entered the fight, intending to protect his vampire and mate. No one was allowed to hurt what was his. He quickly hit Buffy across the face, causing her to fall to the ground.

She quickly jumped back up and Angelus delivered a kick to her chest, while Xander kicked her legs. Buffy fell to the floor, her head hitting the floor twice.

Willow immediately ran over to Buffy. Giles simply raised an eyebrow at the pair wondering just how close Xander was to the vampire.

“Angelus, come here!” Xander said praying the fight hadn’t hurt the vampire.

Angelus did as asked and sat down next to his master. At Xander’s request he took off his shirt, already knowing he had reopened the wounds.

Xander hissed seeing the blood pouring down his vampire’s back. He said annoyed, “Fuck! You’ve opened them again. I’ll clean them up.”

“I’ll get the first aid kit, pet.” Spike said going to the other side of the room.

“Thanks.” Xander said taking the first aid kit, he looked up in surprise when Angel gave him some hot water.

Seeing the wounds Angel asked his counterpart, “How did you do this?”

Angelus looked at Xander wanting to know if he should answer. Xander said, “Tell the truth.”

“I didn’t do them. I was punished,” Angelus said with a shrug.

“By Xander?” Spike asked confused by how the vampire could let Xander attend his wounds if they had been inflicted by his doppelganger.

Angry at the accusation against his master Angelus said growling, “No by Willow.

“Were you trying to escape?” Giles asked seriously, seeing a chance to get the vampire away from Xander.

Angelus laughed at the very idea, “Why would I want to escape? I love my master.”

“Why did Willow punish you?” Spike asked annoyed at Angelus evasiveness.

Angelus explained carefully, “My master, Lex, threw her across the room when she tried to feed on me. She was angry with Lex, as she couldn’t attack him she attacked me. It was the quickest way to hurt him.”

“Why would it hurt him? You’re only a pet.” Angel said scornfully.

Angelus smiled. “He loves me, has done for about two years. When he first captured me it was about control, power and prestige. Then something changed and he started telling me things about him that he didn't tell anyone else and just spent time with me.”

The vampire calmly continued, “Lex had gone to save Spike who had been captured by a demon hunter called Wesley when Willow had some minions deliver me to her room. She whipped me for about two hours, then she poured holy water on me.”

“Did Lex find out?” Spike said excitedly imagining the bloodshed.

Angelus nodded, “He came in when she was about to beat me up. He staked her, then he unfastened my chains and took me to my cell.”

Giles questioned, “You were hurt and he dumped you in a cell?”

“My cell was like a normal room. The only thing that made it a cell was that I wasn’t allowed to leave unless my master was with me.”

“What happened then?” Spike asked wanting the story to be finished.

Smirking cruelly Angelus answered, “He set the minions who had helped Willow on fire. He carried me to his room, he left to get the first aid kit and then I ended up here.”

Xander smiled at the vampire in his arms, “Angelus, I’ve finished cleaning you up. I’ll get some more blood for you then we can leave.”

“I’ll get it.” Angel asked as he left the room.

“Why aren’t you trying to kill us all if you’ve lost your soul?” Giles asked confused.

Xander growled at Giles, “He hasn’t lost his soul. No more questions, he’s hurt.”

Angel gave the blood to his counterpart noticing the way Xander would growl at anyone who looked at the vampire. He started to realise he might have been a little hasty in his assessment of the relationship between the pair.

“We’re going. Coming with us, Spike?” Xander asked as he stood up, ignoring the way Angelus had placed an arm around his waist.

“Yeah. Still have to hear about my double don’t I?” Spike said with a smirk.

The three walked out the room Angelus as close to Xander as possible while Spike walked on the other side of the mortal. The vampires looked at each other, both communicating the idea that Xander was to be protected at any cost.

Angel watched them leave, jealousy burning in his veins. The worrying part was that he didn’t know if he was jealous of Angelus’ relationship with Xander or because his childe was with Angelus not him.

As the trio left, Giles realised that if he did kill Angelus he would have Xander after him. He was sure that Xander would kill anyone that hurt the dark vampire. Xander had publicly claimed the vampire as his so he would protect Angelus with his life. Giles was just concerned that Xander would embrace the dark side of his nature to become the master Angelus needed and expected.

Part 4

“How are you feeling, Angelus?” Xander asked worriedly as he locked the door of his apartment.

Spike arched his eyebrows at the human’s tone. He had never heard Xander sound so loving and worried at the same time, not even with the ex-demon. It appeared that Xander truly cared for Angelus, confusing as that may be.

“Angry, anxious and aroused.” Angelus replied honestly.

Xander smiled noticing the vampire had told the complete truth without hesitating, “Thank you for telling me. We’ll do something about that later.”

“Sit down, Spike. Angelus isn’t going to bite.” Xander said with a grin as he sprawled out on the sofa, reaching up to pull Angelus down next to him.

“What did you want to talk to me about, Angelus?” Spike drawled to the older vampire not commenting on the fact that Xander was running one hand up and down Angelus’ arm. It was safer that way, even if he did want to rip off Angelus’ arm and hit him with it.

Angelus smiled, “Alex told me what happened. I wanted to tell you that I consider you my childe and that I’ll always be here for you.”

“Whatever (!) Now tell me about my alternate.” Spike said ignoring the glare from Xander at the hurt look on his sire’s face.

Angelus smiled fondly, “Will came to Sunnydale when he heard I was with Lex. He was worried Lex would take advantage of me.”

“What happened when Will met Lex?” Xander asked with a grin, knowing his alternate’s first instinct would be to destroy anything that threatened his chosen.

Angelus shrugged, “He tried to kill Lex, and I stopped him. I think Will was a little shocked when I did, he didn’t think I would do that to him.”

“You mean Lex went to save Will after that?” Spike commented arching an eyebrow.

“We are *family*. I love both of them but Lex will always come first.” Angelus said knowing the pair would understand.

Spike smirked, “Do they know that Lex is more important to you than Will?”

“Yeah, they understand. Will is with Faith so I don’t have to worry about him being alone.” Angelus said smiling widely.

“What about Dru?” Xander asked confused that she hadn’t been mentioned.

Angelus said sadly, “She took a walk in the sun. She told Faith that the stars told her she had to die so that her family could be together and that Faith had to look after Will.”

Xander said quickly realising a change of subject was needed, “How did Faith know Dru? In this dimension they know of each other but they aren’t close.”

Feeling like he had let his master down with his explanation Angelus said, “She is Dru’s child. Dru found Faith after the stars told her to turn the Slayer. She makes a great vampire, and is very powerful.”

“Thanks for explaining everything, Angelus. Anything you want Spike?” Xander said grinning.

“Why did you attack Slutty earlier? That’s not like you, pet.” Spike said confused as he had always felt Xander would never attack his friends.

Xander snarled, “No one is allowed to hurt what’s mine! She broke the rules so I had to deal with her.”

“You staying tonight, Spike?” Xander asked changing the subject.

Spike smirked, “If you want, pet.”

“You can sleep on the couch.” Xander said leaving the room to get the some bedding.

“Don’t even try to take him from me!” Angelus snarled to his childe a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

Spike gasped out, “He’s not yours. I’m just going to show him what I have to offer.”

“He is mine as much as I am his.” Angelus replied calmly letting go of the blonde when he heard Xander approaching.



Lex sighed as he looked over at his childe who was angrily pacing around the room. His beloved had disappeared from the room, and no one had any idea how to get him back. All Will wanted was to go and destroy whoever had taken his sire. Lex wanted to kill whoever it was but right now that wouldn’t help.

“Have you found anything yet?” Lex asked looking up at the blonde.

Tara looked up, “Yes, sire. He is in an alternate dimension.”

“How did he get there?” Spike snarled in confusion and anger.

Tara said seriously, “I think there was some kind of spell on him.” Smiling she continued, “You want me to get him for you, sire?”

“No. Faith and I will go, if he has been captured we might need her skills.” Lex said with a small growl of anger.

“There may be some other spells on him. I will accompany you, Sire. If I may,” Wesley said looking at the ground.

Lex nodded and started giving out orders, “Will and Tara are to stay here and look after everything. I need you to find out who put the spell on Lus. Do anything you want to them. Don’t kill him, that’s my job.”

“Of course.” Will said with a bloodthirsty smirk.

“Let’s get going.” Lex ordered.

Tara started creating a circle, the spell would simple transport them to the same plain as Puppy. She would have to take care not to accidentally send them to the wrong dimension. She waited for the three to enter the circle and started chanting, feeling the power course through her.

There was a flash and the three disappeared. The remaining occupants of the room simply smiled and started on their duties.


Lex growled as he took in his surroundings, he was in Sunnydale Park. He knew immediately that he was in another dimension from the absence of the vampires and demons that were present in his own world.

Lex asked looking at his family, “Is everyone okay?”

“Five by five.” Faith said with a smirk.

Wesley said quickly, “Yes. The hellmouth is closed, there must be a Slayer here.”

“If she has hurt him, I will make her beg for death.” Lex said growling at the idea of someone hurting his love.

Lex froze when familiar feeling flowed through his body, “The Slayer is coming. You two get out the way, I can deal with her.”

“Are you sure we should leave you, Sire?” Wesley asked nervously.

Lex nodded, “Go to the white hats. If they have Lus, they will kill him. I’ll meet you at the mansion in two hours.”

Faith quickly pulled Wesley in the direction of the high school ready to find her grandsire and bring him home. She nodded respectfully at Lex as she left, knowing he was risking his life in the hope that they could save Puppy.


Buffy said angrily, “Xander, I hope you are going to apologise! Why did you attack me over him? He should be dust.”

Lex stayed silent figuring he should let the Slayer talk, figuring he might be able to find out something from her.

“I hope you’ve tied him up! Angel said if we don’t stake him, Puppy will hurt you!” Buffy ranted oblivious to the growls from Lex.

“Where is Puppy?” Lex snarled grabbing the Slayer by her throat and squeezing.

Buffy gasped in horror, “You’re a vampire! Don’t worry we will do the soul restoration for you! I will save you, Xander!”

“My name is Lex, not Xander. Where is my mate?” Lex said throwing her across the park.

Buffy smiled seeing the chance to get rid of Puppy get everything back to normal. Standing she said sweetly, “If you let me live, I can take you to him. I just want you to take him back where he belongs.”

“Fine but if you betray me, I will kill you.” Lex said with a shrug. He would kill her once Lus was safe, no matter what she did.

Part 5

Lex allowed the Slayer to lead him to a small apartment block; he inhaled and immediately detected the scent of his mate and Will’s alternate. Hidden from sigh the vampire watched amused as the Slayer paced up and down before stopping at a door.

As she banged on Xander’s front door Buffy shouted, “Open up, Xander! I need to talk to you!”

There was silence before a growling Xander opened the door, a sword in his hand. He looked at her expectantly, scenting the air he glared at Buffy as he realised just what he was detecting.

Xander froze saying, “I know you’re here, Lex. You may as well show yourself.”

Lex turned the corner and looked at his double with a smirk, noticing the Slayer looked shocked at the behaviour of his alternate.

“How did you know he was there, Xander?” Buffy shouted shrilly both worried and angry.

Xander silenced her with a look and spoke to his alternate, “I guess you are looking for Angelus. He’s inside. If you even look at him wrong, I’ll stake you.”

Lex’s judgement of his alternate changed, he was impressed that the man would treat him in such a way. He knew his alternate would know exactly what he was capable of. Maybe he should turn his alternate before leaving?

Knowing how hurt his mate had been before his disappearance Lex asked anxiously, “Is he okay?”

“He’s healing, Buffy attacked him earlier.” Xander answered opening the door for his double to enter.

Lex roared in outrage, “She WHAT?”

Xander smirked, “I’ve dealt with it. Come inside, Lex.”

Lex walked inside, kicking the door shut. He waited to see what the situation was, knowing it wouldn’t be safe to attack without knowing about the enemy. This Xander had said Lus was safe and that was all that mattered.

Angelus ran out intending on ensuring Xander was safe and gaped at the pair. Now that both Lex and Alex where here, how could he chose which one to be with? He loved both of them, and didn’t want Alex to be lonely.

“Are you okay, Lus? I’ve been so worried about you!” Lus shouted as he tightly hugged his vampire. He growled when he realised that Angelus wasn’t returning the embrace, breaking the hold he looked at the vampire.

“Who else has come here?” Angelus asked trying to delay the inevitable.

Lex narrowed his eyes recognising the tactic for what it was as he answered, “Faith and my new childe, Wesley. He’s still a little clingy so I couldn’t leave him behind.”

“Slutty the Vampire Layer will bloody kill them!” Spike exclaimed walking into the room.

“Not if we go and save them.” Xander countered, it would give his alternate and Angelus the chance to talk.

Knowing what his double was up to Lex grinned, “Thank you. Tell them you are there to retrieve them on behalf of Lex the Master of North America, they will listen to you then.”

“Master of North America? You did good, pet!” Spike said admiringly.

“Thanks, Spike.” Lex said seriously as the pair started to leave.

“How are you?” Lex asked his mate once the others had left.

Fearing Lex’s reaction Angelus answered, “Alex has been taking good care of me. I’m fine. How did you get here?”

“Tara did a spell and Wes is going to cast another spell so we can go home.”

“I don’t want to go back yet.” Angel answered looking at the floor.

“Why not?” Lex questioned, thinking that if someone had taken his lover away from him, he would kill them.

Angelus shrugged, “I like it here. Can we stay for a couple of days? I want to make sure Alex is okay before I leave.”

Lex grinned. “We’ll have to find somewhere to stay. I’ll talk to my alternate about it when they get back.”

The pair fell into a comfortable silence too caught up in their thoughts to speak. They spent days without talking to each other; they didn’t need to talk. A look was normally enough to convey their thoughts and feelings.

Xander sighed knowing Buffy had followed them. He hadn’t reacted simply because he wanted her to see that there was a whole family of vampires willing to destroy her if she hurt one of their members. He was sure Wes and Faith would want to kill Buffy after they found out what she had done to Angelus, vampire clans were close that way.

Xander whispered, “Stay close, Fangless. Buffy’s not too happy with either of us at the moment.”

“Nice to know you’re worried about me, pet.” Spike retorted with a grin, thinking that maybe Xander did have feelings for him.

Xander shrugged, “Who else would listen to me rant about Buffy?”

Buffy waited until they entered the mansion before leaving to tell Angel and Giles what she had found out. They would be so happy that she had managed to get rid of Puppy and that she had managed to find out where some vampires were hiding.

Silence descended as they entered the dark mansion, both immediately detecting the two vampires hiding. Xander always knew when a vampire was nearby; the scent of death clung to them.

Stopping Spike with a look Xander held his hands up in the air to show he wasn’t armed as he said, “I’ve come to retrieve you on the behalf of Lex, Master of North America. I know you are here Faith and Wesley. Angelus or Lus is with us. He’s safe with Lex now but the Slayer is on the rampage and I want you to come with us to safety. Lex and Lus are staying with us.”

Faith walked out from the shadows one arm around Wesley, the four slowly assessed each other as they waited for someone to make the first move. Getting tired of the posturing Xander started to walk out with Spike at his side, leaving the others with no choice but to follow.

“Have you fed recently or do we need to go hunting?” Xander asked as they walked down the street.

‘I like this human,’ Faith thought with a grin as she answered, “We had a bite on the way here. Is Lus okay?”

Xander nodded, “He was injured when he first came here but the cuts have healed. It was only that bad because he hadn’t fed for a couple of days.”

“What is the Slayer like?” Wesley asked Spike, not wanting to talk to the human.

“Very gung-ho about killing vamps. She still slept with two of us though,” Spike said with a shrug.

Xander commented, “Maybe she just has a thing for dead guys?”

“Sounds like an interesting girl.” Faith observed before the four stopped at an apartment block.

Xander laughed, “That’s one way to describe her.”

Opening the door of his apartment Xander said, “I invite you inside, Faith and Wesley. We’re home, everything okay?”

“Hi Alex.” Angelus said hugging Xander with a wide grin, not noticing the murderous rage in Lex’s face.

Xander broke the hold and placing his jacket on a coat hook he said, “Hi Angelus. Have you fed yet?”

Angelus shook his head, “No, I was about to heat some blood.”

“I told you to drink to make sure the cuts heal properly. I guess you should heat enough for everyone.” Xander said as he walked into the kitchen taking a raw bloody pigs heart and eating it calmly.

“Why are you eating that?” Angelus asked stirring the pan of blood heating on the stove.

“Oh, my hyena likes to eat raw bleeding hearts. Actually its better if you can eat them fresh out of a corpse but I don’t kill. My soul wouldn’t let me, this will do.”

Angelus nodded in understanding, “Don’t you miss it? The thrill of the hunt? Chasing and catching your prey?”

“I hunt the vampires and demons who attack my Pack. I just kill them, not experiment on them like the Initiative.”

Angelus nodded and asked the group of vampires watching them closely, “Anyone want some heated blood? We couldn’t go hunting in case the Slayer found us. She’s already out for my blood.”

The vampires all shook their head while Lex voiced the question the alternate dimension vampires wanted answering, “Why is she trying to kill you?”

“The Angel in this world lost his soul and the Angelus that emerged was insane.”

Xander smirked, “She thinks he is going to be like this version of Angelus and try to kill us all. She even said Angelus would kill me.”

“She never has been clever, pet.” Spike said with a laugh.

“What makes you say that?” Faith questioned confused at their reactions.

Xander explained with a grin, “He was going to turn me, not kill me. Apparently he thinks I’m capable of true evil, I took it as a complement.”

Spike nodded, “He wanted to turn you because he’s wanted you since he first saw you. He always said he was going to make you into one of us so that he could have a mate as cruel as him.”

“Why are you not with this Angel then?” Wesley asked knowing how great Lus and Lex were together; he would have thought their alternates would be the same.

Xander shrugged, “He’s so broody, it’s annoying. He’s always so serious and maudlin.”

An idea forming in his mind Angelus answered, “Maybe he just needs the right person to make him see how great life can be.”

Part 6

“What’re you planning, babe?” Lex asked his lover with a grin as they watched Xander and Spike arguing about whether the Spiderman was better than Gambit.

Angelus smirked, “I thought we could get Alex and Angel together. I love you and you love me, who’s to say they can’t be as happy together as we are?”

Seeing the flaws in that logic Lex grinned, “Its not that easy and it looks like Spike has feelings for the human. He’s not going to just let Angel steal the man he loves.”

“We’ll just have to make it work. I’ll make a play for Alex and then Angel will act. Jealousy is a great motivator!” Angelus said seriously already formulating a plan.

Lex gave a dramatic sigh, “I’ll resist tearing Xander to pieces then for even looking at you. Although if he thought Xander was in danger, Angel might be forced to reveal his feelings.”

“Thank you. Do you think we should talk to the others about it?” Angelus asked as he looked at his lover.

Lex just nodded knowing his childer would find out anyway, and they could never resist the temptation to cause trouble. Maybe it would be fun? He knew the whole family deserved some downtime after the fiasco with Willow.

“What’re you planning?” Xander asked seriously noticing the hushed talk.

Lex did his best to look harmless, “Just talking about the differences between this world and our own. I’ve noticed that people have the same personalities as in my world. The only difference is that the majority of people who are vampires in my world are alive here.”

“You’re not planning on changing that are you? Buffy’ll be out for blood and I would like you to get home safely. At least one version of me will be happy that way.”

“Not really. Aren’t you worried that we’re going to attack you while you sleep?” Lex said amused.

Xander shook his head, “No. I trust you. I haven’t done anything to warrant you killing me, yet. I know only minions go around killing indiscriminately. If you try to kill me, I will fight back.”

“I wouldn’t expect any different.” Lex said with a smirk.

There was a loud knock on the door causing Xander to roll his eyes in annoyance. Who was it now? Whenever he had the chance to relax there always seemed to be some sort of chaos and he was tired of it. Surely the others could handle everything once in a while.

When Xander opened the door Angel said, “Hi Xander. Can I come in and talk to you?”

“No. You’ve already upset me by trying to kill people I care about and totally ignoring Spike.”

“Please. It important.” Angel said desperately.

Xander sighed, “Fine. Come in but don’t even think about attacking anyone.”

Angel followed the human into the house stopping in shock as he took in the fact that five vampires were sitting in Xander’s lounge talking. He was amazed Xander was still alive was this an hallucination?

“What is he doing here, Alex?” Angelus asked pasting himself to Xander.

Looking at Lex to make sure his vampire counterpart wasn’t about to freak Xander answered, “He said there’s something he needs to tell me. Probably about how dangerous you are.”

“Actually I need to talk to you in private.” Angel said quickly wanting to get his alternate away from his Xander. He was shocked to see that Lex hadn’t attacked, the behaviour was certainly strange for a vampire.

“I don’t think so Peaches.” Spike said angrily.

“Chill. We’re going for a walk. If I’m not back in forty minutes track Angel down and kill him.”

“With pleasure, Pet.” Spike said with a smirk as the two walked out the apartment. He waited for five minutes before grabbing his duster intending on following them.

“That won’t work. He’ll sense you before you get anywhere near them. You should just wait here with us.”

“Wait? While Xander is with my poof of a sire?” Spike shouted in outrage.

“Yeah. I’ll go and make sure he’s okay.” Angelus said with a smile.

“That’s a good idea.” Lex said with a nod seconds before his mate left the house.

As they walked through Sunnydale park Xander asked curious, “So what do you want to talk to me about? In case you haven’t realised we’ve never been close, Deadboy.”

“I know. I just wanted to make sure you are handling everything okay. It’s a lot to take in.”

“Since when have you cared about me? In case you’ve forgotten you’ve always hated me.”

“I don’t hate you.” Angel said quickly unable to believe Xander still felt that way.

Xander said wryly, “What would you call it? You always ignored me or treated me like I was worthless.”

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to make sure you don’t let your guard down with Puppy. He’s still a killer.”

Xander said with a small grin, “So are you. We’re all killers. He won’t hurt me. Neither will any of the others.”

“Why are you letting them stay with you? They’re still soulless vampires.”

“I know but you don’t need a soul to be capable of caring and loyalty. Just look at Spike.”

“Yeah. Are we ever going to talk about what happened after I lost my soul?”

“Not much to talk about. I took it as a complement, that he was interested in me.”

Angel shook his head at Xander’s naiveté, “He wanted to turn you. That isn’t a complement.”

Xander countered, “It is because he wanted to make me his childe. You know how rare that was.”

“You’re not involved with Puppy are you? It’s just Lex might not be too happy with it.”

Xander laughed at the understatement, “I’m not really involved with him. Lex wouldn’t come after me. He’s promised not to although he’s thinking of turning me. In his place I would probably do the same.”

“You don’t realise how fucking stupid this is! Get them as far away from you as you can.” Angel shouted as he shook Xander trying to make the man understand.

There was a loud growl as Angelus appeared gripping a stake in one hand. The vampire quickly approached his counterpart looking angry and bloodthirsty. Xander stepped in front of Angel, figuring he should at least find out why Lus was ready to kill.

With a smile Xander said, “What’s up, Angelus?”

Angelus said calmly, “I thought you might need some backup. He doesn’t appear to be treating you very well. He shouldn’t have grabbed you, I’m going to kill him for it.”

“I was just trying to make him understand.” Angel protested weakly.

“You can’t kill him, he’s needed here. I’ll come back with you, what did the others say about you following me?”

Angelus shrugged, “Spike wanted to come but we decided he should stay in case there were any more of those soldiers about.”

“Thank you for looking out for him. Lets get back, Spike’s going to be restless by now.”

Angelus said with a smile, “Yeah. I’ll join you in a second, Alex.”

Xander nodded and started walking towards his home slowly grinning when he imagined the look on Angel’s face when his doppelganger started stacking. He knew Angelus was protective of him and that the vampire was attracted to him. The problem was Xander didn’t know if the vampire was truly attracted to him or his counterpart. He wasn’t going to deny he was attracted to the vampire but he wasn’t going to let himself be hurt because of some unrequited love. He wouldn’t let himself be used again.

Angelus snarled at his counterpart, “Don’t *ever* touch Alex like that again! If you ever hurt him, I will make you pay!”

“Don’t call him that! His name is Xander. Since when have you cared about him? I thought you’d be happy now that your Lex is here?”

Angelus laughed lowly, “It doesn’t concern you. Alex is very special to me. So special I am going to ask him to come back to my dimension with me.”

“NO! He would be killed there and he belongs here!” Angel said both angry and afraid at the possibility of losing the mortal.

“He would be one of the most respected people on my world. Why would he stay here? Here he is unloved and treated like shit!”

“He isn’t! We look after him. He’s happy here!”

“You know I really think you believe that (!)” Angelus said pityingly as he looked at his counterpart. How could the vampire be so clueless?

“Even if you take him with you won’t your Lex kill him?”

“No. He likes Alex. I’m going back in two days and taking him with me.”

“Not if I can convince him otherwise.” Angel said angrily as he walked in the direction of Xander’s house.

Angelus watched the vampire go with a grin. It was going to be interesting watching the inevitable fall out, now he could go home sure Alex would be happy. Spike and Angel obviously had feelings for the mortal so there would be someone there for him.

Angel wondered just what he was going to say when he found Xander. How could he explain he had always been attracted to the mortal but hadn’t pursued the relationship for fear of Xander getting injured? The answer was simple, he couldn’t.

There was no proof Xander would even return his feelings although the pain in Xander’s voice when he spoke about Angel hating him showed the mortal had some feelings towards him. With that in mind he headed back to the hotel, to practice everything first. He didn’t want to mess up possibly the only chance he was ever going to have with Xander.

“I’m back.” Xander said with a smile as he opened the front door.

“Hey Pet. Did you have a nice little talk with my Sire?”

“Yeah. He said I’m an idiot for letting everyone stay. He seems to think you’re all going to torture me or something.”

Spike smirked, “I’m honoured. Did your Angelus find you?”

“Yeah. He’s dealing with Angel.” Xander said as he sat down wondering where all the others were hiding out.

Spike said worried, “Why? That poof didn’t hurt you, did he?”

Xander grinned, “Nah. He was just trying to convince me to believe him, he seems to think I’m incapable of thinking for myself.”

Spike said determined, “I’ll take care of it, Pet. The chip only stops me hurting humans so I can deal with him.”

“Don’t worry about it, Angelus is sorting it. I like Angelus, he’s a lot more relaxed than Angel.”

Spike stilled for a moment to get his thoughts in order before saying, “It’s because Angel broods too much. He’s too focused on trying to atone that he forgets the good things that make existence worthwhile.”

Xander mused, “Maybe someone needs to remind him. If it wasn’t for all the brooding, he would be very attractive.”

At Spike’s look of shock he continued, “Don’t even try to pretend you don’t know I’m gay. You knew I was into guys from the minute I walked into this place after spending that weekend with Lindsey.”

“Enhanced senses make it impossible to hide anything like that.” Spike said with a shrug knowing the man had figured that out years ago.

Still caught up in the memory of his and Lindsey’s time together Xander said with a smile, “Are the others in the spare rooms?”

“Yeah. How come you’ve got two spare rooms, Pet? I didn’t think you made so much money.”

Xander shrugged as he passed Spike the bedding, “Good properties are always available for very good prices in Sunnyhell. One of the few benefits of living on the Hellmouth. You can sleep on the couch, it folds out into a sofa-bed.”

“Night, Pet.” Spike said as the human walked into his bedroom leaving Spike alone to contemplate how he was going to make Xander his.

Part 7

Xander woke slowly reaching out with his senses so he could check everything was fine, frowning when he heard his counterpart, Spike and Angelus arguing. Knowing it was probably a bad idea, he got out of bed with a sigh.

He asked with a groan, “What’s wrong now?”

Not wanting the man he was becoming attached to leave Spike said quickly, “Xander tell this lot of fucking idiots that you’re not going to leave. Tell them you don’t want to go back with them.”

“What are you talking about Fangless?” Xander asked with a muffled yawn.

Lex looked at his mate before saying, “We were going to ask you once you were properly awake, if you would consider coming back to our dimension with us. You would be treated with respect there and our family would welcome you openly.”

Shocked Xander could only whisper, “Can I have some time to think about it? It’s a big move and I wouldn’t be able to come back.”

Angelus nodded, “Of course, Alex. We are leaving at 11 p.m. We need your answer by 9 p.m. tonight so we can prepare everything.”

“You will have it.” Xander promised honestly.

Angel paced around the mansion for a couple of minutes before deciding to make sure Xander didn’t leave him. Thankfully he could pretty much get everywhere thanks to the sewers running under the town. All he had to do was make sure he ended up close to the mortal’s location.

Looking at his watch the vampire noticed that it was almost noon, meaning it was too dangerous for him to move now. He would have to wait and bide his time, just as Angel had finished practising what he was going to say there was a loud knock on the door.

“Angel?” Cordelia questioned as she walked inside the dark mansion worried because she hadn’t heard from the vampire.

“I’m here. What’s wrong?”

Cordelia said with an arched eyebrow at his depressed tone, “Nothing but we’re a little worried about you. What’s happened?”

“Xander might be leaving.” Angel said gently.

“He’s going on another road trip?”

Angel said with a wry laugh, “Not quite. He’s been invited to go to the other dimension, apparently Lex and Angelus want him to join them.”

“We have to stop them from taking him.”

Angel nodded, “That’s what I’m thinking about. He’s got nothing to keep him here really, and he cares for Angelus.”

“When is he leaving?”

The vampire shrugged, “No idea but I’m going to stop him. He’s not leaving me.”

“What did you mean by that? You sound like a jilted lover.” Cordelia said with a laugh.

Angel smiled, “Not too far from the truth, actually. I love him.”

Cordelia backed up in worry, “Oh. Should I worry about Angelus getting lose?”

Angel shook his head, “No. There’s so much I have done in the past that I’ll never achieve total happiness.”

Angelus questioned with a smile, “Have you come to a decision?”

“Yes. I’ll come with you.” Xander said with a small nod.

Lex nodded having suspected the decision the mortal would make, “Okay, I’ll let the others know. You won’t regret this, we will make sure you are truly happy. You might even take a liking to one of the people we’ve recently brought into our family.”

“You’re setting me up already?” Xander said in amazement.

Lex grinned, “Why not? You are more than welcome to join Lus and I, if you want. We honestly care for you, we wouldn’t ask you to come with us if we didn’t. Why would we ask someone to come with us that we hate?”

Xander smiled, “I know that you care about me, but it wouldn’t feel right to interfere in your relationship. I can see you two belong together. I only wish I had someone who loved me as much as you love each other.”

“We might have to move the little plan up, unless you want to explain everything to the rest of the White Hats.”

Xander said thoughtfully, “They wouldn’t understand. Spike is going to take it hard, that’s why I’m not telling him. I’ll leave a note for everyone.” Angelus nodded in understanding, “That’s your choice. We’ll leave at exactly one hour after.”

Looking at his bedroom where Spike was currently sulking with Sex Pistols playing loudly Xander nodded, “I’ll be ready. Can I take some bags with me? I’ll ask Spike to go out and pick up some blood for you so he’s out the way.”

“Only one and it can’t be too heavy.” Wesley said as he walked into the room.

Xander nodded before disappearing to pack his bag, there wasn’t much he wanted to take with him but he wanted to be ready. They couldn’t afford to be late, he didn’t want to have to explain his decision to the others. It would take too long and he wasn’t sure they would believe he had made the decision to leave of his own free will.

“Everyone stand in the circle.” Wesley instructed before he stepped inside himself. They were holding the ritual in Xander’s bedroom which they had locked as a precaution. If the spell was interrupted it could kill all of them, so they had to be careful.

Xander picked up his bag and placed a box of letters on his bed. He felt a little sad at what he was doing to the others but he honestly felt it was the right thing to do. He had no real ties in this reality, there was no significant other and most of his friends would ignore him.

The only problem was that Spike could get dusted so Xander had left a letter detailing how to remove the chip, along with an address for Spike to go to. He was sure that his ex-lover could make sure Spike would be safe, Lindsey had promised to always do anything Xander asked of him. Just as Wesley started the spell there was the unmistakable sound of howling just outside the bedroom door. Xander stiffened when the door flew open to reveal a very angry large demon covered in fur with an eye on its forehead.

As the demon spotted him it spoke, “Xander Harris, you are the one I seek. You are the one who I must return to my master.”

Realising the others wouldn’t be able to leave if the demon broke the circle, Xander jumped out of the circle just before Wesley started chanting. His double held out a hand towards him but Xander ignored it as he battled the demon, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck go up as the vampires in the circle disappeared in a flash of light.

Remembering the demon could only be killed by iron piercing its heart, which was located just above its stomach in its side, Xander reached out and grabbed the nearest sword. Seeing him the demon jumped on top of him, sensing the end was near Xander moved so that the knife was sticking in the demon’s side just as the creature ripped into his stomach.

It was to this scene that Angel walked in, blood pooling underneath Xander and the demon. Without having to look the vampire knew who most of the blood belonged to, just as he knew Xander was dying.

Kneeling next to the mortal he said, “Oh god, Xander. I don’t want you to leave, that’s why I came over.”

“T…turn me.” Xander pleaded, eyes shining.

Angel shouted in a mix of anger and shock that Xander could ask that of him, “NO!”

“Demon’s master will open Hellmouth.”

“That’s no reason for me to turn you.”

“I need to tell the others. You turn me and I can.”

Angel said desperately, “Xander, I can’t. I’m not going to condemn you to an existence like mine. You don’t deserve it.”

Xander shook his head his voice trailing off, “Have to tell them. Its my duty. I have to save my Pack.”

Angel could understand where Xander was coming from as both a friend and a fellow fighter for the forces of good. The only problem was that he knew he wouldn’t be able to stake Xander, just as he knew what kind of vampire the man could become, thanks to Lex’s visit from the other dimension.

“There’s no time to explain everything. Turn me.”

Angel nodded reluctantly before gently kissing the mortal, taking in Xander’s life’s blood. When Xander reached the threshold between life and death, the vampire bit into his wrist and offered it to Xander. For a second he thought the human was one of those few who resisted at the last minute, who died in slow agony.

Suddenly he felt it, the unmistakable feeling of Xander sucking hungrily at his wrist, taking his blood and accepting the inevitable change. When Xander had taken enough to turn him the vampire pulled his wrist from Xander’s mouth. He sat waiting in a mixture of fear and anxiety for the mortal Alexander Harris to die and the immortal life of Xander Harris to begin.

Almost an hour later, Angel felt it. The hum along his spine that spoke of his childe awakening, he looked down at Xander in worry. He had never known of a vampire to wake so soon, it was a worrying sign. It meant that his fears were well founded, his childe was indeed going to be a very strong vampire, one who would terrify continents of mortals and demons alike if he turned to evil.

Xander opened his eyes and looked at his Sire adoringly, this was the one he belonged to, who was the beginning and end of his world. He purred as his Sire smiled at him, he tried to focus on what the older vampire was talking about but the hunger was too distracting.

“Xander, how are you feeling?” Angel asked worriedly as he searched his childe’s face for clues.

Xander smiled at the centre of his universe, “I feel good, free. I…I’m hungry.”

“I know. Come with me and we can go back to my mansion. I have blood there.”

Xander sneered, “I will not drink blood from a bag! It is below those of our line!”

“Childe! You will not contest me on this matter. You will do as I say!” Angel shouted in a mixture of shock and regret. What had he done? Xander Harris was gone, ripped away and destroyed by the demon inhabiting Xander’s body.

Xander snarled as he realised how weak his sire was, he wouldn’t allow his Sire to live in such terrible conditions. He would have to bring his Sire what he deserved, a young human to feed on and use as he choose. His Sire’s actions weren’t his own, he knew that his Sire was at the mercy of the guilt-ridden soul. If his Sire’s actions were his own, they would have gone out hunting together and shared everything as was the custom between Sire and Childe

With that thought in his mind, Xander changed into his demon visage before regretfully pushing his Sire. He was care to only use enough force to push the other vampire away. He wouldn’t hurt his Sire, when the vampire was in such a weak condition, poisoned by the soul.

“WAIT!” Angel shouted in anger as he watched the vampire get run out the door. He chased Xander as quickly as possible. He got outside just before Xander was about to turn the corner; thinking quickly Angel shouted, “Childe, come back! I order you to come back.”

“I’ll be back, Sire. I’ll make you strong again.” Xander promised his eyes flashing gold before changing into a bright green. He then ran off into the night, knowing he couldn’t return until he had the means to make his Sire how he was supposed to be.

After Xander had disappeared Angel whispered, “That’s what I’m afraid of, Xan. If only you knew how easy it would be to become what you need.”

Part 8

Angel slowly approached the Magic Box knowing he had to tell the others what had happened. He wouldn’t blame them for dusting him in light of everything but his intentions had been good when he turned Xander, he had wanted to help everyone but most importantly help Xander. He had to make sure they cast the soul restoration spell before it was too late, before Xander made his first kill. The only problem with that particular scenario being that Willow was on a magic detox and he didn’t know if this Tara would be powerful enough to cast the spell.

“Angel, what on earth’s wrong?” Doyle asked on spying the vampire, he had never seen that expression before.

Angel swallowed before saying slowly, “It’s Xander. He….he’s been turned.”

Buffy snarled, “Who did it? I swear whoever it is will be ashes before the sunrises!”

Willow exclaimed, “Was it Puppy?”

“Is he still here?” Cordelia said wanting to know if there was any chance of him coming after them.

Doyle said quickly, “Can we cast that spell on him?”

“I was dreading something like this.” Giles said sadly.

Angel said sadly, “It wasn’t Puppy. I did it and, yes Xander’s still here.”

“Do you hate him, hate me that much?” Buffy shouted at her ex in outrage.

“I don’t hate him or you. I went to his place to try and convince him to stay.”

“What do you mean?”

Cordelia explained, “He was leaving, going to the other dimension with the others.”

Angel nodded saying, “When I got there it was too late. He begged me to turn him, saying he had to give you information. He said it was his duty and there wouldn’t be enough time for him to tell me everything. The master of the demon that attacked him is planning on opening the Hellmouth. I refused but he begged and I gave in.”

“It was amazing, the relief that came from him when I agreed. I drank his blood, when he reached the point between life and death I cut open my wrist and placed it at his mouth. Nothing happened, I thought he was one of the ones who refuse at the last minute but then I felt his mouth sucking at me hungrily. Then he died.”

“A hour later he woke. He looked at me as if I was everything to him. He said he was hungry, I told him that I had blood. He growled saying it was unfitting for someone of our line to drink from a bag, I agree with him. Xander pushed me away but even then he was careful;. I could see he didn’t want to hurt me. No, it was more like he couldn’t hurt me. He ran out onto the street so I ran after him. I called for him to come back and he grinned promising that he would come back to me.”

Giles snarled, “How could you do that? Didn’t you realise what he would become?”

“I knew but if I turned him there was a 75% chance he would keep his soul and I was desperate. Can you cast the soul restoration spell, Tara? It must be done before he kills. If he does then I don’t know what will happen when he regains his soul.”

“He would kill himself. He couldn’t live with that guilt.” Willow said her voice sure and solemn.

“You’re right. I should go and get him back.” Buffy said reaching for her coat.

“Buffy, he’ll kill you.” Willow said seriously as she grabbed the blonde’s shoulder.

“What? He’s only just been turned! There’s no way he would be that strong!”

Giles explained angrily, “Buffy you don’t understand. The council ordered me to kill Xander if there was any chance of him being turned. He woke in less than an hour, have you got any idea what that means?”

“He’s stronger than a normal childe, right?” Buffy said looking at the other occupants of the room in confusion.

Angel said sharply, “It took The Master two hours and took Angelus four.”

“Shit. We’re sitting ducks then.” Doyle said accurately summing up the situation.

“Maybe not. He doesn’t seem to be bothered about killing you, if he was then he would be here.”

“How do you suggest we stop him?”

Hoping he didn’t sound as worried as he felt Giles said, “We do the soul restoration spell, I haven’t got an orb here. You will have to go LA to get one, Tara.”

“Have we got that long?” Willow asked biting her lip.

“We don’t have any choice, Willow.”

“Giles, something strange happened when I turned him.” Angel said hesitantly unsure as to whether or not he would listen.

“What do you mean by strange?”

“His eyes, they glowed green. I remember them flashing as he pushed me out the way and again when he ran away from me.”

Giles cursed, “The Hyena, I’ve always suspected it wasn’t completely removed.”

“I think I can distract him. He’s not going to hurt me.” Angel said seriously knowing he was right.

“Angel, don’t be ridiculous! He’s a vampire, a hungry vampire. He’s not going to listen to reason.”

“If he wanted to kill me then he could have when I was in his bedroom. He never, in fact he was careful not to hurt me.”

Buffy said angrily, “Fine. We’ll let the message get out that we want to make you dust because you killed Xander. He should come and rescue you then, if he truly cares.”

“He’ll help me.” Angel said seriously knowing it was true.

Two hours later Angel froze as his face changed to his true visage, the demon was clamouring for control knowing that his wanted was waiting. On instinct both his friends and colleagues moved back somehow recognising the inner battle. Angel was still trying to subdue the demon when he felt Xander nearby.

Xander’s voice whispered into his ears, “What is wrong, Sire?”

Hearing the worry and anxiety Angel grinned, “Your friends aren’t too happy with me right now. They want to dust me because I turned you.”

“I’ll take care of it, Sire.” Xander purred soothingly.

Minutes later the occupants in the room gasped when Xander walked in. Xander grinned and allowed them to take a close look at him. Dressed completely in back leather, he carried a sword on one side and a gun on the other.

Xander smiled cruelly, “Now because we were once friends I’m going to give you one warning, let my Sire go and you shall live. If you don’t release him then you will die in torment.”

“XANDER, it’s me! You don’t want to hurt me.” Willow said looking the newly turned vampire in the eyes refusing to believe the man she loved was gone.

Xander smirked, “Wrong answer! Now I’ll teach you what happens when someone attacks my Pack.”

“NOW, Giles!” Buffy shouted as she launched into her attack kicking Xander in the chest twice.

Smiling Xander grabbed the hand heading to his throat commenting, “You really shouldn’t have done that. Now, I’m a little pissed off, Buff. ”

Xander then traced an obscure sign in the air grinning when the living occupants in the room where frozen in place. Casually he walked over to his Sire and smiled before casting a spell causing the chains on the older vampire to break apart saying, “Want to get out of here?”

“What did you do to them?”

Xander said reassuringly, “Nothing serious just as paralysis spell. They’ll be fine once it wears off.”

“When will that be?”

“Around four hours, I think. It depends on the individual.” Xander said with a shrug. He had more important matters on his mind and had already set it up so that no one with hostile intent would be able to enter once he and Angel left.

Angel accepted the answer realising Xander didn’t intend hurting them, “How long have you known magic?”

“I’ve known for years. I’ve only started focusing on the offensive stuff since I spent the summer with Lindsey. He wanted me to be able to protect myself.”

Angel question in disbelief, “Lindsey? Didn’t you see how evil he is?”

“He’s not evil. We had a good time, he found me another teacher when I came back.”

“How did you manage to leave him and live?” Angel asked in shock, he had never expected anyone to survive such an encounter.

Xander shrugged, “He knew all along I wasn’t going to stay with him. It wasn’t the right for us.”

“So what’s your plan now?”

Xander grinned, “Simple, we’re going to see him. I’m sure he’ll have something that can help. I’m going to get you to him no matter what I have to do. If I have to hurt you then I will but I’ll try not to cause too much damage.”

Angel said nervously, “What about that demon’s master? I thought he was going to open the Hellmouth?”

“It’s not happening. The master is dead, it would have wrecked my plans if he had control over delightful old Sunnyhell.”

Xander grabbed hold of his Sire’s arm and pulled him out of the store to his waiting motorcycle. Angel followed knowing he couldn’t fight a vampire as skilled in magic as his Childe. With his demon screaming for his childe, Angel knew he wouldn’t have the concentration and stamina to win the fight.

Spike was frantic, having arrived at Xander’s home only to find a pool of Xander’s blood and no body. On the slim chance that one of the man’s friends might know where Xander was the vampire had decided to check out the Magic Box. If that failed, he might have to resort to asking his pushy Sire.

The uneasy silence hit him the moment he walked inside the store, something had happened. Something had happened to the mortals! He could hear their heartbeats but they sounded slow, as if the humans were all asleep.

“Slayer, what’s happened to Xander?” Spike shouted angrily as he walked inside the back room.

He stopped in shock at the sight of the humans frozen in place, he could tell they were alive because of their heartbeats but couldn’t see a way of getting them to move. Spike kicked the nearest object with a growl, which turned out to be a table that smashed into pieces. Spike jumped back quickly as the shards of wood went flying in all directions.

Spike snarled as he looked around muttering, “Magic, should have known this would be behind everything. Looks like I’ll have to find some way of getting you active again or I’ll never find out where the boy’s got to.”

“Let’s see….paralysis. Where’s the index in these fucking books? What’s it doing at the front. Okay, it wares off in about 3-6 hours. Not much help, maybe an undo spell? Here we go, pets. You’re lucky I know French.”

Spike said the spell carefully not wanting to make a mistake because he wouldn’t know how to fix it, “Sur ce six un charme à paralyser a été placé,

Je demande à eux être libre,

Permettre le charme de ne pas être.”

It was a rather short reversal spell, which made a change since normally they were difficult to cast. As he said it Spike translated the spell, thankful for Angelus’ determination to give his favourite Childe an education. Roughly translated the spell read,

“On this six a charm to paralyse has been placed,

I ask for them to be free,

Allow the charm not to be.”

Within seconds there was a reaction from the two witches who started moving their hands. Five minutes later all the previously enchanted individuals were free and glaring at Spike.

Ignoring their angry looks Spike asked, “What happened?”

“Angel turned Xander but then Xander went evil.” Cordelia said looking at the floor.

Spike snarled as he paced the room, “How dare that Poof! The boy was supposed to be my childe!”

“You were going to turn my best friend into a vampire?”

“He knew all about my plan. Idiot made me promise only to do it if there was no chance of science saving him. Guess having Angelus after him made it a little easier to get used to.”

“ANGELUS? What’s he got to do with Xander?” Cordelia questioned in disbelief, Xander had been dating her at the time.

“He was planning on turning him. Xander’s his mate.”

Buffy said stubbornly, “No he isn’t. I’m his true love.”

“No, you were Angel’s salvation. I was talking about Angelus the demon not the soul.”

Spike explained seriously, “When the Poof lost his soul Angelus recognised just who Xander was. He’s the reincarnation of Angelus’ true love from centuries ago, apparently Darla killed him the first time. Angelus made a wizard cast a spell so that their souls would always be together, where one would be so would the other. He was waiting for a chance to get his mate back.”

“So why didn’t he turn him?” Buffy asked nervously.

The vampire ignored the interruption, “He was planning on turning the boy but he killed Rupert’s witch. Xander refused him. Angelus had killed his first teacher but my Sire didn’t know that.”

“Do you know why Jenny was teaching him?” Giles asked in shock.

Spike shrugged, “Xander said that she knew he would need his magic in the future. When my Sire killed his teacher Xander refused him, if Angelus had turned him anyway it wouldn’t have worked. You must give your consent to be made into a true childe.”

“So in turning him Angel gave Angelus what he wanted. Xander must be planning to release him, that’s why he’s gone to Lindsey.”

Spike didn’t say anything knowing it was probably true. He knew Xander had trusted the lawyer and still saw him. it would make sense seeing how Lindsey was so connected to some of the darker elements of the demonic underground.

Willow said worriedly, “We’re going to this Lindsey’s place. You think Wesley will know where it is?”

Doyle nodded, “Of course he will. Are we taking the Not So Big Bad with us?”

“Yeah, he might be useful.” Buffy said seconds before everyone headed out to the waiting vehicles.

Xander stopped his motorcycle and manhandled his Sire taking care not to cause any serious harm. He was going to get his true Sire back, this was just a shell of his Sire and Xander wanted the older vampire strong again.

Angel didn’t react to being dragged towards the apartment, he knew who lived there even if he had no idea exactly why he was there. There wasn’t any way to remove his soul, he had already checked all his sources out because he was afraid of it happening. He really didn’t want to know what Xander would do if his plan failed.

“Why are we here? He hates me, he’ll dust me.”

Hearing the frustration in Angel’s voice Xander grinned, “Really? Well, he doesn’t hate me. He will help you if I ask him to, I know he will.”

Opening the door of the apartment Xander walked inside with a grin. He didn’t need an invitation because Lindsey had assured him that his home was there home for as long as Xander needed it.

“Linds? I need your help.” Xander said calmly before turning to his Sire and saying, “Come in Angel.”

Angel stepped inside and shivered slightly as Xander grabbed hold of his waist again. The older vampire knew that his Childe would know about his feelings now, the pheromones he was sending in Xander’s direction would make sure of that.

“What’s up Xan?” Lindsey asked as he walked out of the bedroom.

“I’ll let you know when you’ve got rid of whoever’s in your room.”

Lindsey nodded before yelling behind him, “Get out of here, Eric.”

Seconds later a tall blonde with a deceptively slight build walked out of the bedroom. He didn’t even react to the sight of a Angel with his hands bound together. Picking up his coat from the floor Eric left without a word.

“He’s gone. What are you doing with *him*?”

“The brooding one turned me. I want Angelus back to normal so we need to deal with Angel.”

Lindsey smirked at his enemy before smiling at his ex, “I can do that for you, Xan. An old friend of mine came by a couple of days ago with some ancient spell books. One of them has a ritual to return control to a demon that’s cursed. The only problem is that we need Angelus’ true love. We’ll have to find out. I know its someone with dark hair and dark eyes.”

Xander smirked, “Look no further, I am he. I figured it out from some things Angelus said and from my dreams. What do I have to do?”

Lindsey didn’t react to the revelation saying calmly, “You must drink from Angel four times, each time calling for Angelus. On the fourth time you have to give him your blood. Angelus will remain free as long as you living or undead as in this situation.”

“I can do that. Just the normal cleansing?”

“Yeah. I’ll set everything up for you. You have two hours.” Lindsey said seriously before heading to the phone.

Xander smiled as he looked at his Sire, he would not rest until the older vampire was strong again. It was how everything was supposed to be, Angelus was meant to be strong and free. Now Xander understood just how much was taken from Angelus when the older vampire was cursed.

“Can you keep watch for us? Buffy and the others are probably coming to kill me.”

“I’ll stand guard. Just be careful, I know you’re skilled but if this goes wrong I can’t predict the consequences.”

“I know. We’ll be okay.” Xander said with a grin as he took his place inside the circle next to Angel.

The two vampires were now completely naked sitting inside the circle Lindsey had drawn for them. Arranged in a pentagram were black candles, the lighting highlighting the beauty of both the silent vampires. Angel hadn’t spoken a single word since hearing about the ritual, privately hoping someone would appear before the ritual could be performed.

“Angel, before we do this I want to tell you something. Its honestly nothing personal. The curse was twisted. This spell will restore the balance of power between the two halves demon and soul.”

“You want to destroy me and its nothing personal (!)” Angel spat out in disbelief.

Xander said passionately, “I don’t want to destroy you, I want to return you to how you should be. Demons can live in harmony with the soul, it is normally something that’s only realised with age, but Jenny Calendar told me the truth. She foresaw my death and rebirth, it was her who cast a spell on me to make sure that I can’t be overtaken by a demon. Please don’t disrupt the spell, it could destroy both of us or worse if it is interrupted.”

Angel nodded not seeing any way of escaping without hurting Xander and he didn’t want to do that. Xander was his love and his Childe, he couldn’t hurt hum. He listened in silence as Xander started the ritual.

Xander said seriously, “I, Alexander Harris call for the help of Hades, God of the Dead and the Netherworld. I ask for his help in restoring one of his vampires, I ask for his help in removing the curse on Angelus.”

He then gently bit down into Angel’s neck swallowing the intoxicating blood quickly. He could taste the power, desire, anger and love. He had never felt so connected to another being before and probably never would again, the one time a vampire ever truly felt complete was when drinking the blood of their Sire.

“Hear me, Hades! Grant my plea and help return Angelus to his true self!” Xander grinned reassuringly before letting his fangs descend into Angel’s neck. He could feel the power burning through him, reassuring him that something was happening even if he didn’t what.

Lindsey looked at the door anxiously, a quick look at the circle informed him that Xander was just about to perform the most dangerous stage of the spell. If someone interfered now it could kill both of the vampires, with this in mind Lindsey took out his gun and knives ready to meet any intruders head on.

“My Lord, I ask for Angelus to be free. I give him my blood and take his as a sign of my promise and devotion.” Xander shouted seconds before he bit down into his wrist and placed it into the older vampire’s mouth knowing Angel’s instincts would do the rest.

As he felt Angel feed Xander gently took his Sire’s wrist and bit into the tender the flesh. The blood flowed between them making the pair forget everything but each other. Time seemed to still as they drank their surroundings disappeared as the pair clutched each other desperately.

Xander asked hesitantly, “Angelus, are you free?”

“Yes, my boy. I’m finally with you again.” Angelus said with a grin seconds before he attacked Xander’s mouth with his own.

The kiss was hungry, desperate and passionate. They kissed as if trying to make up for all the time spent apart, all the years they had been searching for each other without realising it. The vampires both started purring sub-vocally as they broke apart to just look at each other before falling into each others arms again.

“I guess the spell worked, Xan?” Lindsey said in amusement as he turned to look at the obviously tired pair.

“I guess so.” Xander said with a shrug before turning to his Sire and asking, “Do you feel a little more in control now? I figured out that the curse amplified the negative traits in both you and Angel. In you it increased your hunting and predatory instincts with your soul it strengthened the guilt and insecurities Angel felt.”

“I feel a lot better, now I feel just whole. Instead of feeling like I was missing something I feel whole, I never realised it was the soul I was lacking.”

“Neither part of you is angry with me, are you? I was only doing my best to make you back to normal. I didn’t hurt either of you, did I?”

“I’m not angry at you, Xan.” Angelus said seriously his posture and voice becoming less arrogant as Angel said, “I’m not angry with you either, Xander. I knew you wouldn’t hurt me.”

Xander grinned not really knowing what to say now, he wanted nothing more than to just bury himself in the arms of the older vampire but he didn’t know how his intentions would be interpreted. The relationship between Childe and Sire was sexual but Xander didn’t want to sleep with Angelus or Angel because the vampire was his Sire, he wanted to sleep with both parts of the vampire’s psyche because he loved him. He loved Angelus and Angel equally somehow he would have to show it.

Lindsey smiled at them saying, “I’m sorry for interrupting your little domestic scene but it sounds like we have trouble coming.”

“Okay. You may as well let them in. I need to explain everything to them.” Xander said quickly.

Just as Lindsey was opening the door Angel growled as he pushed the other vampire to the floor smudging the paint that marked the circle. He kissed Xander trying to reassure himself that now he truly had the one he had wanted for years, that HIS Xander still existed and wasn’t ruled by the demon.

Buffy approached the apartment warily not knowing what she would find there, surely Xander must know she would come after him. She smiled as she looked at the six other people who had agreed to help her with this fight. Willow and Tara were standing next to her holding hands a determined look on their faces. Giles and Wesley were both carrying crossbows staring straight ahead intent on winning this battle. Doyle was expressionless as he mentally prepared himself for the battle knowing they couldn’t lose.

It was Cordelia who shocked the Slayer the most, the ex-cheerleader was carrying a stake and a gun but the look on her face was pure anger. Buffy couldn’t help but wonder why the brunette was angry was it because Xander had kept so much of his life secret or because Angel had turned her ex-boyfriend?

When they reached the door the band of fighters were shocked when it was opened for them by a smiling Lindsey, "We’ve been expecting you. Xan was going to let you in but he’s getting mauled right now so you’ll have to make do with me.”

“Getting mauled what’s happened?”

“Come and see for yourself, I’ll even let you keep your weapons.” Lindsey said with a smirk as he held the door open waiting for them to walk inside.

The friends couldn’t make any forms out at first the only light came from three candles sitting on the floor in the centre of the room. Slowly their eyes adjusted causing them to gasp in shock.

In the middle of the room Xander was lying on the floor arching into the touch of Angel who was straddling the younger vampire. Xander’s whispered something causing the other vampire to smirk before savagely biting into Xander’s bared neck.

Xander howled at the feeling seconds before he changed into his vampire visage and bit down into Angel’s neck. The pair stayed like still blissfully exchanging blood until Buffy moved forward causing the vampires to break away from each other and snarl at her.

“Buffy. To what do we owe this pleasure?” Angelus questioned with a smirk as he stood reaching down to help Xander up.

“I’m here to take both of you back to Sunnydale so I can perform the soul restoration.”

Xander shook his head, “There’s no need to do that, Buff. We have our souls. If we didn’t then you would be dead by now. Believe me there’s nothing more my demon would want than to kill you but I’m holding him in line for now.”

“That’s not possible,” Giles said seriously looking at the vampires in disbelief and anger.

“Jenny cast a spell years ago to make sure my soul would never be removed completely if I was possessed. It is because of the spell that my soul and demon are balanced. Most vampires with both a soul and a demon try to help humans and only feed on the criminal element.”

“You can’t have your soul. If you did you would never take Angel away from me!” Buffy said seriously as she gripped the stake even tighter.

Xander said annoyed, “Linds, I’ll call when everything has settled down.”

“Just call and I’ll give you anything you need.” Lindsey said seriously understanding their reasons, why stay when your friends thought you were a monster?

Angelus nodded, “We know. We’re going away, Buffy. Don’t try and stop us.”

Xander nodded at his Sire wrapping one arm around the older vampire’s waist seconds before smoke filled the room. When the smoke cleared the two vampires had disappeared in the spot where they had been standing was a note.

Willow picked up the letter and looked at it in shock. It was written in Xander’s slanting script.

Guys, I’m sorry you couldn’t open your eyes to the truth. Neither of us want to hurt you. We’ll be thinking of you.


Xander and Angel.

Breaking the shocked silence Lindsey said, “Now that you’ve alienated two of your friends, there isn’t really anything left for you here. If he wanted to hurt you Xander could have destroyed you all in a second, he’s a warlock. You have no idea of the power he has but instead he let you live and tried to explain the truth to you. Your hatred and your ignorance has cost you your best friend.”

The seven walked out in silence not believing what had happened, if Xander and Angel really were on the side of good they had just made a massive mistake. What was stopping the pair from turning evil now they had been betrayed by their friends? The force of good had lost two fighters but more importantly seven people had lost their friends all because of their stubbornness.

Dru laughed manically as she watched the scene in her crystal ball. The stars had been right, by calling for her Daddy from the other dimension she had helped make her Daddy strong again.

Looking down at her doll she said with a grin, “Come Miss Edith. We have to go and greet our new family. We’ve got two strong Daddies now, we should thank Anya for that spell. It was very nice of her wasn’t it? She made us a family again!”

“It was a gift child. Xander got his happiness.” Anya said with a grin as she flashed in.

Anya had given the spell to the vampiress because she had honestly cared about Xander. She was only a demon again because he had blackmailed the Powers she owed him so she had given him what he had always wanted true love. She had suspected the other dimension Angelus would make Angel realise his feelings and go after Xander. It had happened even if everything went a little weird.

Three Months Later

Spike took one last look at the Sunnydale and walked over to his car. His life in Sunnydale was over now. There was no reason to stay Buffy didn’t care about him, Dawn wasn’t allowed to get within five feet of him but most importantly Xander wasn’t there.

The beautiful boy was the one that had caused Spike to reconsider his plans to skip town months ago. Now he was going to move onto the next stage of his life, and woe betide anyone who tried to get into his way.

As a present Xander had sent the blonde vampire, a spell he had created designed to disable the chip giving Spike the chance to reclaim his position within Supernatural society. He would become someone to be respected and feared again even if it took the rest of his life. Once he had achieved that he would return to Xander.

Spike was all to aware of the infatuation and love every Childe felt towards their Sire but he also knew the feelings faded once the pair got out of the honeymoon stage. He hoped that Xander would someday return his feelings, the blonde cared about Xander. No, it was more than that, Spike may lie to others but never to himself. He loved Xander and he would find some way to get the brunette even if he had to kill his Sire to do so.

“Watch out world! I’m back and I’m hungry.” Spike said with a small chuckle as he got into his waiting black hearse. Throwing a cigarette behind him the vampire started the car and left Sunnydale for good.

“NO!!” Cordelia screamed in a mixture of denial and anger. It couldn’t be true! Why would the Powers send her a vision of death? It was the first vision she had received since Angel and Xander had disappeared in a haze of smoke.

Wesley asked anxiously, “What did you see?”

“Death is coming. The wrong choice was made and now the world shall pay.” Cordelia declared emotionlessly, as words came through her not from her.