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Lokie! Lookie!! I'm nominated for Warious Pairings Best PWP on the Fancy Me Yours Awards!! yay! Go me!! *happy dance*

Title: Bathtime

Author: Tequila Worm

Fandom: Buffyverse

Pairing: Xander/Spike

Rating: NC-17 all the way, baby

Disclaimer: Does it LOOK like I own them? If I did, I'd be in the bathtub with them, instead of writting about it. Joss and Mutant Enemy has that delicious honor.

Author's Note: This is part of a campfire story I'm in on, but it seemed appropriate for you lot. That's why the bit about the invitations in there. No, you aren't missing anything. :-)

Dedication: To the Bat Pack, cause they're helpin' me get over my phobia, and to MasterJ, because I'll be punished if I don't

Warnings: unbeta'd, so any mistakes are my own.


Xander sat in the tub full of warm water and bubbles, eyes closed, arms wrapped around the cool body pressed against his. His mind raced with all the thoughts and memories that the invitation opened hours earlier had started. He couldn't help but wonder why his past was coming back now, the one that he had tried hard to forget. Buffy, Willow, Tara, they were still his friends, though Buffy wasn't the Slayer anymore. She had retired the fifth or sixth time she had died, when the newest Slayer, Jordan, had been called. Spike, of course, his lover, his mate. Angel, Cordelia, Wesley...all of these people, ones that he had grown up with, or met and grew to love as a teenager and adult. His past...coming back.

Spike's eyes were closed as well, but his thoughts were more on the warm body he was leaning against, on the heart beat her could hear, could feel, pulsing agaisnt the back of his head. His nose was filled with the scent of Xander, of Xander's blood, skin, and arousal. How much did he love this human, this living breathing being, that he was willing to stay with him, watch him age, and probably die, unless something happened to prevent it.

Xander's eyes opened, the resolve firm in his mind to forget the invitation for now, and, instead, to focus on his, and his lover's, pleasure for the evening.

"Spike?" he whispered, trailing his fingers across the wet, cold skin, tracing idle patterns around the pale nipples.

"Hmmm?" mumbled Spike, already hardening in anticipation of what was coming, of what always happened when they took a bath together.

"I think that it's time to start washing, don't you? You're skin's warmer than usual, which means that we've been in here a while." Xander's fingers slid over Spike's slightly pebbled nipples, and twisted them, gently, yet roughly, rolling them between his fingers.

"If my skin's warm, yours must be pruny, Xan-pet. Perhaps we should...oh? What's this? Been hidin' somethin' from me?" Spike's hand had been traveling backwards, and now wrapped around Xander's own hardened length, caressingly gentle.

A moan was his only response, causing the vampire to grin in delight. He sat up, releasing Xander's cock, eliciting a groan of disappointment from the human, which quickly turned to a yelp, as Spike flipped him over, pulling him, Xander, against his, Spike's, body.

"'re warm...oh lord..." Xander's mumblings were already approaching incoherant as Spike lazily pumped his mate's cock, knowing that it would drive the human wild. Spike tilted his head forward to nibble on the side of the delicions neck before him, causing Xander to cock his head to one side, allowing the vampire better access.

"Cor, luv, you taste so good," growled Spike as he lapped at the skin, hand pumping Xander faster.

"Gonna...good...glad...gonna 'splode, Spike," whimpered the human, who could feel his impednging explosion building rapidly.

"Good." and the vampire slid his blunt teeth across the faintly salty skin, before sliding into game face and sinking his fangs into his love's neck.

Xander came with a howl, shooting thick ropes of cum into the water, body tense under Spike's teeth and hands, as his hot, sweet blood pumped into the vampire's mouth. He trembled, suddenly collapsing back against his lover's chest, panting lightly eyes closed, as he rolled down from his orgasm, cock still half hard.

Spike removed his fanges from the side of Xander's throat, laping gently at the wound to close it, before pushing at Xander's back.

"My turn, Xan-pet," he said, gently turning the still dazed human, until they were face to face, Xander straddling Spike's lap. The human leaned down for a kiss, gently sliding his tongue into Spike's mouth, shivering at the lingering taste of his blood in the vampire's mouth. Over the years, he'd gotten use to the taste, even liked it, but it was still a shock to have the coppery tang hit is tongue.

Spike groaned, hands sliding down Xander's back, clutching at the human's ass, as their tongue's dueled for dominance, sliding in and out of each other's mouths, caressing and sucking with steadily increasing passion. Spike slid one hand along the perfect asscheek it was resting on, until it was stopped by the perfect, pink rosebud at the enterance to Xander's body.

Xander whimpered, fingers sliding from Spike's neck up into the blonde's hair, sliding his tongue even further down the vampire's throat, if that was even possible. In response, Spike teased the ring of muscle until it relaxed, sliding a finger inside Xander's body, causing him to stiffen briefly, then melt against the cool chest.

"Spike..." he groaned, wriggling back, trying to get more of Spike's finger inside his body. "Need more..."

"Gladly, pet," and Spike quickly prepared Xander for his entry, before impaling the human quickly, in one solid thrust of his hips.

Xander all but screamed, head falling back, exposing his throat once again to the vampire's hungry gaze, thanking all the gods he knew of that they could go bareback with no worries.

Spike vamped again, in response to the tight heat surrounding his erection, pulling Xander's torso to him, sinking his fangs into his human's neck once again, one hand sliding down Xander's chest and abdomen to encircle the, once again, hard shaft that was poking him.

Xander tenseed his thigh muscles and lifted his body, pulling himself almost comletely off Spike's cock, before slamming down again, causing both of them to groan in ecstasy. Xander repeated his motions again and again, driving them both closer and closer to the edge, before the combination of Spike's cock in his ass, and his hand around Xander's length were too much, and pushed him into his second orgasm.

Spike growled, biting deeper into Xander's neck as the human's muscled clenched rapidly around his cock, pulling the vampire's own orgasm from his body, his cold seed spilling into Xander's body, making the human whimper.

As Xander came back to earth, he gently pulled away from Spike, the vampire sliding his teeth out of his mate's neck, returning to his human face. Xander lifted himself off Spike's softening cock as well, sliding backwards to lean against the otherside of the large bathtub, bubbles surrouding him once more.

"We really should know by now, not to fill the bathtub so full when we're bathing together," said Xander, looking around the bathroom, which looked as if a small, soapy tidal wave had washed across the floor, soaking everything in it's path.

"At least we remembered to put the towels on the rack this time, Xan-pet," mumbled Spike, who had learned after the first twenty times the towels had been sopping wet when they got out.

Xander started to chuckle, remembering too, when the phone rang. "Now, who in the hell could that be?" he grumbled, heaving himself out of the tub to go and answer the persistant ring.

"Whoever you are, this had better be important," he snapped, clutching a towel around his waist.

"Were you and Spike fucking again?" came the gentle voice of his best friend. Sometimes, Xander had trouble with hearing little Willow use words like that, but then, he had trouble thinking of her as anything other than the girl who had kissed his boo boo's when they were six.

"Yes," he said, sighing. "We were. Is this really important? I still have a horny vampire in the bathtub."

Willow laughed. "No, not important at all. Farbeit for me to interupt bathroom sex. I'll call you later." and she hung up the phone.

Xander returned his own receiver to the cradle and headed back to the bathroom, shedding his towel along the way. He had a perfectly good vampire lover sitting in the tub, and he was aching to make that cold skin hot again.