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What is Witta?

Well, by now you are probebly wondering what witta is. Am i right. I thought so.So now i geuss you want me to tell you hu? Well ok i geuss i will.....

Well for the most part witta is wicca simplified. The biggest and most important beliefe, is the beliefe that a witch(wittan) must connect and work lovingly with anture.This leads to a beliefe that rituals and such are sencondary to ones love for and connection with nature. The gods dont need rituals we are the ones that need them so ritual takes a back seat to worship of the gods.Worship you may think must be done as a ritual so how can it take a back seat(rituals that is).Well wittans believe that worship is an on going thing. it happens 24/7 every thing one dose should be in honor of the gods. Hence wishing to live a good and happy life.Most wittans dont do big high fufu rituals and usually are not even likely to be the kind of celtic pagans to use mythilogical references every othe sentance.We are more conserned about how it works in our terms. Witta you must remember was the religion of the PEOPLE not the piesthood. And the people were not very conserned if what they did in ritual was magickaly "correct". They where much more conserned if it was what they as a person believed.


The next biggest beliefe of the witta is: the wittan rede. Now i am not going to lie to you the rede is not old. it is very new. It was invented by gerald gardner in the 50's.But none-the-less it is useful and it is a good rule of thumb.No more no less.The rede runs as so: ' An ye harm none,Do as thou wilt.' which means do waht you will so long as you dont hurt any one as you do it. I personaly hold more stock on the rule of three.What ever you do will come back to you three times better or worse.But thats just me.

Divity wise wittans believe in a god and a goddess.We choose our god names from the irish celtic pantheion and most choose Brigid and Lugh. I prefer Dana and Daghda.Most believe that the goddess cam first and then created then god and the world. The mean difference from wicca is here.Wiccan views the god as ruling over winter and the goddess over summer.In witta and all celtic paths this is reversed. There is your main difference.