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The Hearth Side

One-Hundred-Thousand Welcomes!

to my keltic kottage!I am so glad you have chosen to come here! I dont get many visiters right now so i enjoy the company of any one whom may choose to darken my door.

Now you may be wondering what sort of things you will find here at my haerth side.Well when i was little i lived in a house that had a hearth.(a rare thing now a days) and every one liked to site and talk there.When i got older and i met other pagans i found this was even more prevalent amogst our pagan kin.So chose this spot to be my place to exchange information with you.Such as info on what Witta is and how it is practiced and other information that may be useful to you.

I hope for this to be a place where ppl can come for strat forward information on celtic pagansim.But a bit needs to be sadi about what kind of paganism i mean.Well i have already said its going to be celtic and one can surmise as much from the title of my site. But there are alot of kinds of celtic pagansim so i feel i need to be spacifice.This will be a "wittan" site.You will find my information is largly baised on historical fact but you will not how ever find reconsturtionalism here.Though i will provide links to such sites for those of you who may seek that path.Well now with that out of the way why dont we begin.

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