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Angels in the Rain

The rain relentlessly poured down onto the city sending even the most hardened night lifers scurrying indoors including a young D.A. who if he had a choice would still be trying to drink his life away. But the bartender had cut him off and he was now sloshing his way home. Thankfully his bar of choice was down the block from his apartment preventing him from driving and risking anymore damage to his already destroyed life and soul.

Spike hunched his shoulders as he buried his hands in his pocket, “Damn it,” he muttered as felt the rain seeping down his neck. Earlier when he had headed out there had been no indication of the rain that had started as he left the bar and he hadn’t brought any coat or umbrella with him. His pace picked up in an effort to reach home before the chill sobered him up anymore.

“Hey, baby, wanna have some fun?”

He shook his head certain that the whiskey was fucking with him when he heard a noise and looked to his left. There huddled in a doorway was a young blond girl thoroughly soaked from the rain. Mascara streaked her cheeks while her hair hung in matted tangles. He laughed as he looked her over. How could she think anyone would want her much less pay for her in her present condition?

“What’s your name?” He found himself asking then wondered why the hell he hadn’t just kept going and headed for the warmth of his apartment.

“Buffy, my name is Buffy,” She smiled invitingly as she pushed her coat back and rested her hands on her hips.

His interest in her perked up some as she revealed her barely covered body to him. She was dressed in a torn t-shirt that clung to her flesh leaving nothing of her perky little tits to the imagination. His eyes broke free to travel further downwards to where a short skirt made of a stretchy material barely covered her ass. Spike was sure that the front of the skirt was probably just about even with her nether lips. Finally he looked back up at her face as he felt his cock stir in interest.

“How old are you?”


Spike laughed again and moved closer to her. He leaned against the wall effectively blocking any attempt at exit that she might try. It was then that that he saw the innocence that still lingered in eyes that showed too much knowledge for one so young. Somewhere in this tiny girl there was still a minute amount of hope still remaining and he felt sad in the knowledge that her life was only going to be hell before she died. Statistically it would be within the next couple of years before she even had a chance to reach the twenty-one years she claimed.

“Seriously, Buffy, how old are you? I like ‘em young,” he lied. “So, you can tell me the truth.”

He almost walked away as he saw the nervousness in her face but something kept him there waiting for a reply or a show of interest.

“You a cop?”


“I’m eighteen.”

“It’s young enough.” He didn’t argue anymore but knew that she still wasn’t telling the truth because her gaze was anywhere but on his face but he tried to convince himself that it didn’t matter. She wasn’t an innocent virgin and probably nobody cared about her anyway. “How much?”

“$50 an hour.”

“Anything I want in that hour?”

He wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or not as she quickly looked him over then met his eyes and nodded her head.

“Anything but kissing.”

Putting a finger out he slowly outlined her already hardened nipple while he contemplated whether or not to take her with him. It had been so long since he had been with anyone and for some reason this child was making him horny as hell. As her body responded to his caress he sighed and knew that she was coming with him. If nothing else he couldn’t leave her out here to drown.

“Come on,” he told her as he took her hand and led her toward his place. As she willingly came with him he was thankful that she wasn’t a chatterer filling his ear with bullshit he could care less about. All he wanted was a hot cunt to pump his cock into instead of his hand for a change. He smiled as he thought of her enticing little body and hoped that his body would cooperate so that he would be able to fuck her several different ways before his time was up.


Buffy huddled behind the stranger as they rode the elevator up to his place. Going to a john’s apartment was usually forbidden but tonight she was just thankful to get out of the rain. Maybe her luck was changing as she stared at him. He was better looking than most of her customers and as a bonus he smelled better than most of them too.

Glancing around him she noticed they were on the way to the penthouse and her eyebrows arched up as she wondered if somebody was on her side tonight. He didn’t say anything as the elevator doors opened so she just followed along behind him. After inserting the key in the lock he held the door open for her and she stepped into his apartment.

“It’s empty,” she commented in surprise.

“Yeah, it was her stuff. She took it and put it in storage instead of letting me have it.”

He was kicking his shoes off and Buffy followed his example. Better safe than sorry.

“I need the money first,” she whispered in hope that he wouldn’t get pissed off.

To her relief he just nodded his head and reached for his wallet. “How many men you’ve been with tonight?”

“Three. I only do safe sex though.” Buffy blushed as she felt shame having to leave herself open to this man who probably had no idea of the kind of life she really led. Tonight had been slow and usually by this time she had done at least double that.

“Here,” he said as he handed over a one-hundred dollar bill. “Follow me.”

He was already half way down the hall by the time she realized what he had said and she trotted to catch up with him. She found herself in his bathroom as he thrust towels at her then rummaged under the sink before handing her a new toothbrush. Of course he would think she was dirty because she was. That’s why Liam wouldn’t make love to her anymore because she was just another filthy street whore. Tears burned at her eyes as she refused to look at him and only nodded her head that she understood what he wanted.

Buffy sighed with relief when she found herself alone in the huge bathroom. Her hand ran across the towels feeling the softness then brought them up to her nose. They smelled like the fabric softener her mom had always used and the tears ran down her face as she ached for a place that was no longer there. Shaking her head she reminded herself that he wasn’t paying her for crying and she quickly undressed and got into the shower. Buffy washed her hair and body quickly but took a few moments extra to make sure that her livelihood was clean for him. He seemed like a nice guy even for a germ freak and she wanted to please him. Then after brushing her teeth she wrapped a towel around herself and went looking for him.


The sandwich would take the edge off of his burning stomach as Spike leaned against the counter and wolfed it down with a bottle of beer. It was slowly sinking into his brain that he had brought an underage hooker into his house. This was just one more thing for his already blackened soul to deal with. Then he shrugged. What was one more sin when you were already damned? And he could always look at it that he was helping her to survive. There was good in every situation if you looked hard enough but that was probably the lawyer in him.

He glanced up as she padded into the kitchen wrapped in one of his towels. Now she looked about fifteen with her face scrubbed cleaned. She eyed his sandwich hungrily before quickly glancing away and sliding onto one of the stools. Guilt hit him and he knew that he if he kept feeling sympathy for the girl he wasn’t going to get any sex at all. He grabbed the bread, sandwich meat and cheese and put it on the counter in front of her.

“Mayo or mustard?” He asked as he opened the refrigerator door. “You look like you could use a few meals and you know you want it. So don’t protest and just eat.”


Spike put it on the counter too and then turned back to the refrigerator. “What do you want to drink? I’ve got some juice and soda.”

“Water is fine.” She added that she could get it herself as she realized she was acting like a guest.

It was obvious that she was trying not to be greedy and he figured the juice would be better so he filled a glass with apple juice and put it in front of her too. Then he leaned down on the counter to watch her.

“Thank you,” she whispered as she looked up at him and he knew that it wasn’t shyness that was making her quiet but fear. He watched as she put only one slice of meat on the bread with no cheese and he snatched it away from her to make the sandwich himself. When she recoiled he knew he was right. Somebody was terrorizing her.

“Buffy, I don’t hit women. No matter what they do and especially not for eating when they’re hungry.” He glanced up to see her nod at him then returned to building her a decent size sandwich. When it was done he placed it in front of her and noticed half the glass of juice was already gone. Without asking he refilled her glass as she watched him with cautious eyes.

“So, what happens to the money you make since it doesn’t go to feed you?”

She shrugged as she took another huge bite. Already half the sandwich was gone and Spike began to make her another.

“You have a pimp?”

“I live with my boyfriend, Liam.”

“He’s the one who takes your money?”

“I give it to him. He pays the bills and stuff with it. We have food but only bologna and hotdogs and stuff like that. I haven’t had roast beef in I can’t even remember when and we usually only have kool-aid to drink. Liam says juice is too expensive.”

“Liam work?”

She shook her head no and started in on the second sandwich while Spike started calculating in his head. If she had been with three guys plus him then she had made at least two- hundred and fifty dollars tonight. What the hell was she thinking to hand that over to her boyfriend and then live on bologna and hotdogs? It made him wonder what exactly this Liam was doing with it. But then he pushed it aside as he told himself it was none of his business.

Instinctively he began to clean up the kitchen as he waited for her. Surprisingly when she was done she wiped up her crumbs and put those along with her napkin in the trash then washed her glass.

It was time. There was no more delaying as he walked over to her.

“How old are you really?”

“Seventeen. I’ll be eighteen in February.”

It was the beginning of November. Technically she was still a minor but it didn’t really matter though because he was going to have her anyway. He decided the hell with the law, society’s rules and his own damn morality because he was going to fuck her as much as he could before he let her go again. Sometimes human contact, any human contact, was worth risking things for and his hand rested on her waist as he pulled her toward him. Besides it had to be right, she had been waiting for him, ripe for the plucking, right under his very nose.

“What do you want?” Buffy whispered as her hands rested on his hips.

“For my wife to come back,” Spike told her bluntly. “What do you want?”


“To never have to do this again,” she whispered as her hands softly kneaded his hips. There was a feeling of anticipation swirling in her stomach as she waited for him to make the next move. Her head tilted back so she could see the expression on his face and looked into the most tortured pair of eyes she had ever seen besides her own. He remained staring at her for a moment as the lust clouded out whatever else she thought she saw in his eyes. This she was familiar with and this she could handle. Mentally she began to prepare herself for the act about to occur and suddenly wanted to weep from it.

There was so much self loathing at having to do this. How could you like yourself and offer your own flesh up for strangers to grope at and poke at? But it wasn’t Liam’s fault that he couldn’t find steady work and someone had to pay for the apartment and put food on the table. And it wasn’t Liam’s fault that her best talent was on her back or on her knees or whatever else the customer wanted that time. There wasn’t a part of her that hadn’t been fucked in every way imaginable and if she didn’t love her boyfriend so much she wouldn’t do it. It couldn’t be his fault that she did this. It had to hers otherwise she would lose him and she would be alone.

Her mind began to push Buffy back into a protective corner of her mind somewhere. She had to be protected or she would go insane. Like with one of her regs, who was forty something and always told her how much she looked like his daughter and had her call him Daddy as he pounded into her. A tear fell across her cheek as she took a deep breath and tried to force the whore in her to take over.

“What’s your name,” she asked softly as his thumb wiped the tear away. Her question broke one of the first rules you learned. Don’t ever ask their names unless they became regulars. It created an intimacy that was dangerous. Don’t ever ask their name; keep your eye on the clock and your mind anywhere but on what they were doing to you.

She looked up into the blue eyes of this stranger and knew that tonight she didn’t want it to be dirty or shameful. Tonight she would break all the rules and fantasize that he was hers. That he loved her and cherished her and would never let her fuck strangers for money.

“They call me Spike. Name is William though. Whichever you prefer.”

“Why do they call you Spike?”

His hands felt nice as they pulled the towel away and ran softly across her waist.

“Because I’m so accurate when I question a witness on the stand.” He kissed her on the shoulder and then softly sucked on it. “I never let them go until I get the answer that I want. It was always William knows how to pin them to the seat. And Pin wasn’t really a good nick name so it became Spike.” Buffy wanted to moan as he leaned forward letting his erection rest on her belly then rubbed it gently against her as he continued to assault her neck. Her fingers unwittingly dug into him and he chuckled softly at her response.

“Let’s move this to the bedroom,” he whispered in her ear.


The floor was cold against her feet as she let him lead her down the hallway. For some reason she didn’t feel uncomfortable in her nudity as she moved through the empty apartment behind him. It was like she and the place he lived were on an equal basis. Bare and waiting for him to fill them up and make them something worthwhile again, to bring light and laughter into the echoing emptiness of their existence. And already she knew that it was going to hurt like hell when he let her go.

A small gasp was her response as he pulled her into a large room with nothing but a bed and a television in it. It wasn’t the lack of furniture that had made her react but the wall of windows that stretched along the back of the room. She let go of his hand and moved toward it watching the storm rage outside. It was amazing that it had only started to rain a few minutes before she met Spike and now it was a tempest that was making the city dwellers prisoners in their own homes.

When he sighed behind her she turned around, guilt riddling her face, “I’m sorry, Spike. Look, I’ll give you an hour and a half from here.” Her gaze returned to the storm, “It’s just so beautiful.”

Then after a last wistful glance into the night she crawled onto the bed and laid on her back to wait for him.


Spike watched her as she moved across his bed settling in the middle, comfortable in her nudity and seductive poses. Someone had trained her well as her golden hair spread across the pillows with one small hand resting next to it while the other was spread across her belly. He liked what he saw from her nose that wasn’t perfect to the pink nipples puckered from the cold to the neatly trimmed curls between her legs. Even her toenails were done in a gay shade of red.

“You’re really beautiful,” he told her as he kicked his shoes off and reached for his belt buckle. Her eyes watched him as he finished pulling his clothes off and turned toward her. He stilled for a moment to allow her to finish her inspection before he crawled up the bed. It was funny but what he wanted most at the moment was just to hold her and talk to her more but time was ticking away.

He cupped one breast, massaging it as he appreciated the softness of the mound then tweaked the nipple, rolling it until it poked upward begging for more attention. When she moaned softly he whispered, “Please don’t fake it. I’d rather you lay there limply then lie to me.”

“Okay,” she whispered then unconsciously lifted upwards toward his mouth that softly suckled at what his hand had prepared.

Turning he moved over her pushing her legs apart with his knee. They easily opened to reveal the target of the evening and the whole purpose of them being together. Her cunt dampened by habit to protect itself was covered by tightly wound curls guarding the entrance way to his pleasure and Spike wanted to worship at that altar.

“It’s going to be so good,” he told her as his mouth traveled across the soft expanse of her belly. Licking and nipping at the softness as his hands pushed her legs further apart for him. His fingers caressed and kneaded her hips as she began to squirm under his ministrations.

He was there poised above her and he sniffed delicately at her but only the aroma of a sweet musk reached him. In supplication he ran his tongue along the outer lips to catch the first flavor of her before the deep separation of the second stroke as he searched for her clit. He coaxed it out to play with him and when it did, he teased and licked and sucked at it.

When she groaned and arched up forcing his face further into her sex he growled in satisfaction that he could make a woman respond to him even if she was a dirty little street urchin who spread for anyone with the cash. His mind pushed that thought aside because he had seen who she really was; a little girl that had been hurt too much and was soon going to be too used and too disillusioned to have any hope left. Once she reached that point it would all be downhill for her until she was found dead somewhere.

He knew that she wasn’t faking her response to him. It was something that she probably didn’t get too often and a part of him was proud that he could give it to her. Adding his fingers to the game he let his mouth concentrate on her clit, nipping and sucking at it until he felt her spasm around him. As he shifted over her again her body went limp below him but her eyes were vibrant as she watched him.

“Did you like that?”

Spike wanted the verbal confirmation even though her body had let him know in so many ways. From the breathing that came too fast to the sheen of perspiration that made her face glow to the hands that clutched at his waist as she came down. Once again she didn’t fail him as she whispered, “Yeah, I did. Thank you.”


Everything around her was charged with an energy that was surging through her body. Nerve endings tingling softly as the power of his touch danced along her flesh making her feel things she had never felt before. No one had ever taken the time to show her what her body was truly capable of until tonight. And now she had been torn from the compliance of not knowing into real knowledge taking away her ability to pretend that there was no magic left in the world. Because here in this ivory tower she had been given a glimpse of what might have been if she had only believed her own heart.

Buffy looked up into his eyes as he settled between her legs then after assuring herself that he was wearing a condom she let them close as he positioned himself to enter her. Reality was slowly coming back after her orgasm had subsided and once again she told herself he was just another trick. He penetrated her slowly, inch by inch, as if he was enjoying just this moment of sheathing himself inside her walls. As if it was sacred and he was honored to be given this moment. Her hands moved to his shoulders and she clutched at him as he sank his full length inside of her.

“You are so beautiful, Buffy, so wet and sweet around me.” Spike whispered as he pulled almost all the way out then thrust back into her.

“Unnnngh,” she moaned as he pushed against her cervix and she drew her legs up so that her feet rested carefully against his hips as he fell into a rhythm that was powerful and all consuming.

“Move with me, make me so tight inside you, bury me in your hot little cunt, swallow me alive,” his words repeated over and over to her. “Never had such a good fuck, no one else like you, does my cock feel good to you?”

Buffy only pulled him tighter against her. Her mind shut down while her body awoke again as he began to grind down on her clit with each joining. Every sound was so loud around her. It was funny of all the times she had been used she had never noticed the sound of flesh hitting hers, the feel of someone’s balls hitting her bottom that was so wantonly curled up to receive a deeper thrust.

It was him. She wondered briefly if he was something other than human as he made her so conscious of her body joined with his. Her lower lip was caught between her teeth as she tried to keep from crying out but her body refused to listen to her as her feet locked together across his back. He seemed to be lost to the motion of pounding into her and she wanted to be lost with him as she thrashed beneath him and her cunt clenched him every time he filled her as if to keep him there.

Then her teeth lost hold of her lips as she begged him to, “Fuck me please. Harder. Oh God, Spike. Need you so much. Please.”

Then she shattered around him again, her body quivered and quaked, in its worship of his body’s ability to animate her like no one else ever had even wanted to. Buffy lay there as he finished finding his own climax holding him to her as if to keep him safe when he plummeted from the heights that he had achieved.


There was so much heat coming from the girl that he thought he would burn alive. Sweat covered both of them and he wondered briefly if he would slide off of her if she wasn’t holding on so tight. It was close and he made his mind go blank as he concentrated on the feel of her slickness squeezing his cock, the sensation of sliding in and out of her small passage, the strength of her arms holding him and the weight of her legs on his back. He felt his ball sac pull up into his body sending his seed pulsating up through his cock before spilling into the latex and he wished he could have deposited it inside of Buffy. To remind her that he had been there as it slowly ran down her thighs.

Regretting that it was over he pushed himself up onto his elbows and looked down into her eyes seeing the bringing down of the wall.

“You still have forty-five minutes,” she whispered reminding them both that this was a paid for performance and not two people making love. “What else would you like?”

“Give me a minute, Love. Like to get out of you and get the rubber from this time taken care of before I go on.”

He knew his words were too harsh and too crude but her rejection hurt him. It was silly to feel rejected by a whore but he did. He pulled out of her roughly and felt her wince but he told himself he didn’t care as he discarded the condom. His first thought was to tell her to go ahead and leave but he didn’t.

Spike rolled out of bed so he could take a leak. With a sigh he grabbed the edge of the comforter and threw it over her.

“Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.”

After using the rest room he ventured out to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of sodas then returned to his room. She had turned the lights off while he was gone leaving only the soft glow of the hall light to illuminate the room. The pillows were stacked on the foot of the bed so she could watch the storm outside while reclining on them.

”Is it all right? I can move them around again.”

“It’s okay.”

He handed her a soda and sat on the edge of the bed. Rummaging around in a basket next to the mattress he found an old pack of cigarettes and after lighting one lay down next to her. Buffy was sitting up now slowly sipping the soda. That was when he noticed it and reached a finger of his own to trace one of hers that was slightly bent unnaturally.

“What happened?’

She froze for a fraction of a second as if she had been caught doing something that she shouldn’t. “I was watching a movie while Liam was talking on the phone and I laughed about something. I was making too much noise and he broke my finger to remind me that I was to respect him at all times.”

“And do you?”

“Not at all.”

Spike smiled at the small show of defiance and he knew if she could hold onto it she might survive. His hand moved to rest on her back and she turned to give him a small smile.

“Why don’t you leave him?”

“Where would I go?”


Buffy turned to look at him as his hand moved to rest on her leg. He slowly caressed it as she studied him. “I don’t have a home. My mom died six months ago. It was an aneurysm. I didn’t even go to the funeral.”

There were no tears in her eyes making him wonder if she really was heartless and he had deluded himself about her. Spike shifted to one elbow after stabbing out the remainder of the cigarette and the hand now moved to play softly with her hair. She leaned into his hand and for a moment, just a moment her wall came down so that he could see all the pain that was locked away and the guilt that tore her apart and made Liam’s job of destroying her self-esteem so much easier.

“I’m sorry, pet; it seems you have gotten a lot of bad breaks.”

“It’s my destiny.” The girl appeared to have the weight of the world on her tiny shoulders and she was struggling to remain upright under the load.

”Come here,” he said as he pulled her down with him until they were lying nestled against each other. For a few minutes they lay companionable watching Mother Nature give a spectacular show as the lightening flashed across the night sky illuminating the buildings around them.

Spike realized he missed lying in his bed with a woman in his arms and the languid feel of his body in the calm intimacy after sex. Buffy seemed to fit perfectly with his body as if she was made to be there. He turned his head so that he could nuzzle his nose into her hair that smelled like his shampoo and he knew that he would miss her when she was gone.


His hand was warm against her back as he absently stroked her. In a way it tickled but it felt so welcome to her that she let it go. She had never felt so comfortable with someone before. Never had she been so welcomed into a body. Her leg was bent so that her sex was against his hip and her breasts were pressed into his side. The thought crossed her mind that if she were to die in this moment then there would be no regrets because she had achieved this. A prayer was sent to whatever God watched over girls like her to let it last a little longer. To freeze this time, this last half hour, into hours or even days that she could treasure when Liam or the world tried to beat away who she was.

Her hand moved across his stomach playing with the hairs that trailed from his chest down to his belly button to the nest of coarse hairs that grew around his penis. Buffy followed them down until she held him soft and unthreatening in her palm. Then let her fingers drift over it before leaving it where she found it to drift further down to cup his balls, her thumb gently flowing over them then squeezed them softly. Her fingernails dragged along his inner thigh and she watched while he began to respond to her again. His cock stirred then started to harden as she moved her hand back to coax it along. A finger dipped to the base above his scrotum and tickled softly then dragged along the vein on the bottom until his shaft was resting against his belly again.

He didn’t ask and he didn’t push so she gave.

Pulling reluctantly aware from her cradle she moved down his body until her face was over him. This was something that she had never enjoyed but she wanted Spike to remember this time with good feelings and this was a gift to him. She defined a gift as something that took sacrifice and this was to her. Taking him in her hand she tilted him toward her and sunk her mouth over him. Sucking softly, she began to move through her repertoire that another prostitute had told her would get a man off quickly. So, far it had worked for her and it always made this hated act go quickly by. Her mind shut down as she worked on him until she felt his hand in her hair and at first she was afraid that he would hold her down so that he could thrust into her, but then there was almost a snarl…


“Stop, now,” Spike commanded as he pulled her off of him by her hair but when he tried to let go found it caught around his fingers. In his anger he yanked his hand away pulling some of the long blond hair out and he heard her cry out. He felt like a cad as he eyed her lying back on the bed with her eyes wide in fear but then his pride took over again as he sneered at her.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “What did I do?”

“I told you not to fake it. What the hell were you doing?”

Her lower lip trembled before she sat up and hid her face behind the curtain of her hair.

“I wanted to give you something extra that you didn’t ask for.”

“And it felt like you were just going through the motions.” When he realized what he said he laughed scathingly. “But hey, what do you expect from a prostitute?”

Her shoulders shook and she looked up at him with tears streaming down her face letting him know that he had hurt her.

“Come here,” he said as he reached a hand out to her but she scurried backwards and ended up sitting on the floor. If this whole situation wasn’t so pathetic he would have laughed. He felt like an asshole for hurting her feelings and now she was afraid of him. “I told you before, Buffy, I don’t hit women. I’m sorry for pulling your hair.”


He had apologized for hurting her and told her again that he wasn’t going to hit her. It didn’t help. It would have been so much easier to bear if he beat the shit out of her. Left her body broken and bruised or even if he would force her into a degrading sexual act because those she could handle. Kindness she couldn’t. No one had been nice to her since she had left home. It was too much to handle, the food, the orgasms and now the apology and the tears turned into torrid weeping. It all made her feel so much uglier and dirtier.

“Come here,” Spike said again but this time he picked her up and rocked her against him. “Don’t cry, kitten. I’m sorry.”

“I need to go.”

Her mind was beginning to focus again and she needed to get away from him before he caused any more damage to her. She also hadn’t checked in with Liam for awhile and he was going to be pissed at her. Maybe she shouldn’t have wished for being hit because that was probably what was going to happen when she finally got her ass home.

Buffy crawled out of his arms and started to head toward the bathroom and her clothes when he grabbed her hand.

“Please stay. We’re not done.” Spike stood as he pushed her hair behind her ear. “Do you feel like we’re done here? If you leave now it’s going to be like only seeing half a movie.”

“I need to go. Times up,” she said as coldly as she could.

With amazement he pulled his watch off and slipped it on her wrist.

“It’s a Rolex. It’s worth enough for you to stay a few days but a few hours is all I’m asking for.”

Carefully she inspected it to make sure that it was real. Liam had one that was similar and the two were almost a match. Her eyes glanced up to try to read him but all she was an intense loneliness in the cerulean depths. If she was going to be beaten it may as well be for a good reason as she let Spike lead her back to bed.

This time she wanted to as she pushed him onto his back and crawled between his legs.

“I want to.”

She pushed away her distaste and concentrated on the man lying below her. She told herself that if this was real between them then she would want to do this for him and she took his now half softened cock between her lips. It twitched in the depths of her mouth as she sucked softly on it and settled herself more comfortably. Deciding to pretend this was the first time she set about exploring it with her tongue and when he moved or breathed deeper or moaned she stored it away to repeat again. Her tongue ran along the vein on the bottom before twirling around the tip. He was hard as she gently squeezed his balls and took him in again.

“Jesus, Buffy,” he groaned when he was fully sheathed in the wet warmth of her mouth and she sucked him again. Soon she was lost in giving him pleasure and when he shot his cum into her mouth she realized in horror that she had forgotten to put a condom on him. Pulling quickly back she turned and spit into the trashcan.

Her hand ran across her mouth as she stared at him.

“I’m sorry, baby, I forgot too. It was just feeling too good. You don’t have to believe me but I don’t have any diseases.”

“You pick up hookers. When was the last time you were checked?” She spat at him as he stared at her with a smile that belied his embarrassment.

“Four months ago when I found out my wife was cheating on me.” Spike sat up and turned away from her. “I was clean and I haven’t been with anyone since. And you’ll find this a real hoot. Until you I’ve never been with anyone besides her.”

“You’re fucking lying to me and I don’t appreciate it.”

“Not lying,” He said as he turned to face her again. Her heart hurt when she saw the tears on his face. He wasn’t lying. The bitch had taken everything from him.


Suddenly he was in her arms and it was his turn to sob. After months of watching his life disintegrate around him he cried. A man wasn’t supposed to cry. Supposed to suck it up and go on but it had hurt. Drusilla had been everything to him and she had left him broken behind her. Buffy cooed as she ran her hands through his hair and down his back.

For the first time in a long time he felt safe. Here in this girl’s arms. A girl he was paying to be here but the tender touch of her hands told him otherwise. There was a part of her that wanted to be here even if he wasn’t purchasing her services.

The rain beat against the window and lightening flashed as he emptied his soul of the ugliness that had filled it. Finally the tears slowed and he shifted from her breast so that he could look at her. Relief flooded him when he didn’t see pity in her eyes only a kindred spirit that knew exactly what he was feeling. He was safe here with her.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Spike nodded and pulled her down to him. This time he lay curled into her so that she could watch her beloved storm and yet her hands could continue to soothe him.

“I was a sophomore at college when I met her. I know it’s an old cliché but I had never met anyone like her. I grew up in a small town about two hours from here called Sunnydale and believe it or not I was this complete pussy boy. All academic and thought I was going to change the world. They were all fantasies. I had just asked this girl out and she had pretty much ridiculed me in front of everyone at this party. Then Dru stepped in.”

“Love at first sight?”

“She had me in her thrall from the first flash of her eyes. Promised me the world if I would be hers and I went willingly. Her father was a big shot on the city council and he took me under his wing. They both groomed me and after I graduated we had this huge wedding with more people than I think my home town had residents. I got a job with the DA’s office and went to work to right the wrongs and all that other bullshit.”

“Why bullshit?”

“Because Dru’s father made a deal to even get me the job and I didn’t know it for a long time. The seduction was real slow and sweet. We got this place, started having parties, making sure I made the ‘right’ friends. It was almost two years ago when it started. Her father had an associate who had gotten into a spot of trouble. I was asked to be loyal.”

“And you were?”

Spike nodded against her breast afraid to look at her. Afraid to see the disgust in her eyes but he was going to spill it all.

“Yeah, I was. There were a few more. Then five months ago was when the shit hit the fan so to speak. I came home from a usual fifteen hour day and found her fucking this guy on my living room couch. It was a friend of her father’s.”

“Was it a favor to him?”

“Almost wished it was because then it could almost be forgiven. We’d both be her father’s whores then. Equal again. No, this guy she wanted. He was a racketeer, a mean son of a bitch who loved to cause chaos. He left and Drusilla, my dark princess, begged me to forgive her and I did. She came back to me but she asked for help. Her lover was going on trial and she asked me to help him get off. That he would be leaving the country and would be out of our lives forever.”

“You believed her?” Buffy asked. Spike was almost too naïve for words but so had she and she hugged him a little tighter. He had believed his wife and she had believed her boyfriend and they had both been fucked over. It was almost too funny for words that they of all people had found each other in the middle of this damn monsoon. She almost wanted to ask if he wanted tea and polite conversation to finish this up.

“Yeah, I believed her. Figured if he was gone then she’d be mine again. So, I stole evidence. Got the bastard set free. Came home two days later and the apartment was cleaned out and the two of them are somewhere in South America now.”

“I’m sorry. Not pity because I understand.”

He laughed and it rumbled through him as turned to stare at the ceiling with her belly for his pillow.

“Oh, but the tale isn’t over. The apartment is only mine until the lease runs out next week because her Daddy owns the building. And get this, my bosses suspected what I was doing and they politely asked me to quit my job because they don’t have enough proof to fire me. Figure they don’t want to get Mr. Councilman pissed off either. So, I am divorced, jobless and as of next Friday, I’ll be homeless. A lot to show for my life, huh?”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“Going to go home with my tail between my legs and start over. Become what I swore I’d never be, a hometown boy with a shingle outside of a one man office.”

“Does it really sound that bad? But if you change your mind we can always put you to work with your looks.” Buffy giggled as she cupped his face and turned him to look at her.

“Yeah, but that would be a step up and I don’t want to ruin this absolutely spectacular losing streak I’m on.” Spike hesitated as he started to shift toward her. “Of course, except for meeting you.” He bent his head to kiss her and she rolled away from him. It was too tempting as she moved away from him. The thought of their lips meeting sent arousal through her again but it couldn’t be. Not that. It was the only rule she wouldn’t break with him.


The rejection wasn’t of him and he knew it. He knew why she had turned away and he backed off.

“Sorry, sweetheart, I was a very bad, rude man for doing that.” Grinning he reached for her and when she smiled at him he knew it was okay again. “Make love with me.”

The words had come unbidden to him but he realized he wanted it with everything he had. To take this tiny creature in his arms again and feel her surrounding him was the only thing that mattered right now even more than he wanted the illusion of his former life back. She came to him willingly with desire in her eyes and her touch. This wasn’t about servicing or relief anymore. Somehow they had connected and they wanted to have a moment that was truly theirs.

Buffy traced his body with soft kisses learning the secrets that each part of his flesh yielded. He gave up control to her letting his hands move over his head in a mock restraint position. The more he surrounded the more confident her movements became and it was like watching her sexual awakening as she nipped and licked and kneaded his body to suit herself. His eyes fluttered closed as she sucked his cock again then moved to the inside of his thighs. He opened his legs for her as she set him free from his pain and self hatred if only for these few hours.

“Open your eyes,” she whispered as she situated herself on top of him.


His eyes looked straight up into hers and she felt her breath hitch. Just for now he was hers to do with as she wished and she wished to give them a moment they would remember and could hold onto as they made their ways in life.

Reaching between them she slipped a condom on him then positioned his cock at her entrance letting her hands settle on his stomach. Never breaking contact she lowered herself taking him all in with one motion then ground against him so that nothing not even air could come between her cunt and his pelvis. His balls were right there against her bottom and she kneaded her fingers into his stomach. Slowly she started to move on him, taking him slow and easy, grinding down so that she could rub her clit against the roughness of his pubic hair. There was so much awareness being passed between them as he kept watching her.

The storm seemed to intensify as they sped up their joining becoming almost frenetic in their need to climax. She squeezed him when she had him fully inside her and he thrust up as if he wanted to crawl into her womb so that he could be reborn.

“Keep going, baby, don’t stop, Oh God, don’t stop,” he implored as she rode him harder.

Buffy watched every variation on his face as the passion took him over and he became lost to its power. His eyes slammed shut and his mouth opened as he panted. She felt his muscles tense before he came. His cock jerked from the force of his orgasm and she let herself relax and follow him. As she came to rest her head on his chest with them still joined a loud clap of thunder shook the building and the lights went out.


It was warm and comfortable where she was for once and she stirred from sleep slowly. Her eyes drifted opened and a smile crossed her face as she listened to Spike snore. Originally they were just to going to wait out the storm until the lights were restored but somewhere in the post coital peace they had fallen asleep.

“Oh, holy fuck,” Buffy exclaimed as she looked at the watch on her wrist and saw that it was almost seven am. She had spent the entire night here. The small crumb of happiness she had achieved here was chased away by the bowel clutching fear of knowing that she would be punished when she returned home. Liam would never let this infraction go. Racing from the bed she ran to the bathroom and pulled her clothes on as she retraced her steps to the bedroom.

“I’m sorry, Spike. I’ve got to go.” She told him while never looking at him. Later when she was washing the blood from her body she would let herself feel the hurt of leaving him. Then come tonight, even with bruises, it would be back to normal. Her body would be used as surely as people’s waste ran through the sewers and she would feel even filthier about her life after knowing him.

“Stay,” he said as he sat up.

“No, are you crazy?” Something had gone wrong. He wasn’t supposed to say that and still she didn’t look at him afraid of the truth she might see in the depths of his eyes. “Look, I don’t know what you thought but you’re nothing but a trick to me. A customer who got what he paid for. Understand?”

“I don’t believe you, Buffy. I felt it when I was inside of you. You feel the same way about me. Stay. Please.”

He grabbed her arms and she was forced to look at him. So much torment on his face. So much pain as he fought on the edge of his very sanity.

“Don’t Spike. I’m no good for you. I’m a seventeen year old hooker who can’t even count the men that have fucked me. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I don’t care.”

“You will one day. What are you going to do? Take me home to meet your mother. I’m not even old enough to date you much less be with you.”

“Quit giving me excuses. You have so much potential that you don’t even see.”

“And you do?” Buffy backed away from him but his hands still held her. “You’re not Pygmalion who can create the perfect girl out of nothing.”


“Pygmalion, the guy from Greek mythology…”

“I know who he is. I’m just surprised that you do.”

“See that’s one of the reasons it wouldn’t work. You think you know who and what I am but yet you really have no idea.”

His hands slipped from her and she ran.


He heard her stop long enough to slip on her shoes then the door banged open as she left him. She was an amazement that had brightened his life for a few short hours and made him feel something besides despair. He wasn’t lying when he said he could see who she really was. She wasn’t just another girl. Buffy had gentleness, compassion, intelligence buried in her and had shared them all with him giving him the hope he thought he had lost.

And he couldn’t let her go.

He followed her, pulling a pair of jeans on as he ran out into the hallway. He banged on the elevator doors until they finally opened and then danced around the small room as he descended back to earth. The lobby floor was cold under his feet as he sprinted across it toward the glass doors that led out into the world. Stopping only for a moment he asked the doorman if he had seen her.

“Yeah, pretty little thing headed that way but you had better hurry cause she was on the move.”

He ran down the city street as the rain continued to pour down around him. His eyes darted until he spotted a girl with long blonde hair just ahead of him. Ignoring his panting and the beating of his heart, he quickened his pace to catch up to her.

“Buffy, wait please.” He called out and she slowed for a second then she started moving even faster. There was no way he was going to lose her and he ran faster then he ever thought it was possible until he was right behind her. He grabbed her arm and turned her to face him.

“Let go of me or I’ll start screaming.”

“Just give me two seconds, Love,” he said as he cradled her face in his hands as he tried to regain a normal pace of breathing. His thumbs brushed across her eyebrows. “You and me aren’t any different and we have something between us.”

“William, this isn’t real. I don’t want to hurt you but I can’t stay with you.”

There was a flicker of surrender in her eyes though and he seized upon it. Maybe just maybe he had a chance.

“What have you got to go back to? Stay with me.”

He stepped closer to her so that her face was angled up to his.

“You got it wrong back there.”

She laughed at him.

“Got what wrong? The pretty lies I told you or your fantasies. Neither is real.”

Buffy tried to pull away from him but he wouldn’t let her go until she listened.

“Not that. What you said about me rescuing you and about me trying to create the perfect girl. You’re perfect the way you are and you don’t need me to rescue you. You’re one of the strongest people I know. It’s you that doesn’t see that.” Spike smiled gently at her as his eyes filled with tears. “I want you to stay so you can rescue me.”

Her eyes shut to hide her warring emotions and he didn’t hesitate to use her vulnerability to take what he wanted so desperately. And as his lips met hers for the first time the rain turned to a drizzle around them and the sun forced itself from behind the blackness of the clouds.

The End

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